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2009, the overall LED industry will maintain positive growth

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2009 the first half of the global economic recovery in the economy is still not clear, the strength of consumer demand is not strong, end-consumer demand for electronic products is still weak. Downturn in the global economy can not be instantaneous recovery, but the Topology Research Institute (TRI) estimates that in 2009 the overall LED industry is still positive growth, the strength of its supporting industry growth is mainly from LEDNB permeability increase.

This dark and TC74HCU04AF datasheet and unknown market conditions, the occasion, Huang Yalin Topology Research Institute that has energy saving advantages of LED industry in the government and TC74HCU04AF price and manufacturers to find innovative products and TC74HCU04AF suppliers and business opportunities for stimulation, to beat this years core industry markets ; this year, there are three LED industry will be the development of explosive, respectively, LED lights, LED outdoor display screen and backlight module using the large display market.

LED lights the most significant growth opportunities

LED light conversion efficiency, and with less power consumption, small size, light weight, long life and no mercury, no radiation of the green advantages, coupled with wide range of applications, including the partial lighting, backlighting panel construction matter (landscape) lighting, traffic lighting, lighting equipment, medical and agricultural, fishery and other livestock, is favored by manufacturers and users of the reason.

The plant to increase efficiency LED light has gradually broken through the traditional limitations of the development of light source efficiency, the current efficiency of LED light into the general lighting market has reached capacity, LED light effect in 2010 will exceed all of the traditional lamp light source, the official market commercialization stage.

In addition, the policy is a major driving force, from 2010 to 2014 as the cut-off around the world and incandescent peak of implementation of the policy is disabled, so in 2009 to follow-up by Governments to implement the policy, began to actively replace the traditional light source outdoors . China, for example, China to expand this year, "Ten City, ten thousand" program, will be in Shenzhen, Chongqing, Chengdu, Tianjin, Mianyang, Zhengzhou, 21 large and medium cities as the city approved plans, specifications and the official policy makes clear market rules defined, LED products become one of the important options.

Assessment Topology Research Institute, 2009 global LED street lamp huge market potential of 2.5 million, the annual growth of 178%, with China accounting for over half (about 1.4 million), jumping has always been the most growth this year various manufacturers is the key to the layout of much-needed positive.

But LED lighting market has officially entered into in the mainstream, the cost is the biggest obstacle in 2010 with the traditional lighting of the LED light source, there are still 10 times the cost of spread, fear before 2020, after the LED fluorescent lamp to achieve the same with the mainstream lighting costs, to make LED lighting down to the competition with the existing lamps like the price, the manufacturers still depend on the costs.

However, due to the popularity of LED is a general trend in this industry should start before the LED LED light source characteristics best suited to play a niche market, import, and then gradually expand to general lighting applications.

LED outdoor display waves

2008 Beijing Olympic Games a big show of LED display screen refreshing for the demonstration highlighted the role of technological power in China and promote the development of Chinas semiconductor lighting industry, Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai World Expo Group signed with LED lighting project cooperation, looking forward to 2010 Shanghai World Expo LED lighting and outdoor large display screen can be more widely used.

Look forward to this year, each manufacturer in Shanghai, China Expo clubs poised to bring new market opportunities, Huang Yalin forecast 2009 output value of Chinas LED display will reach 13.7 billion yuan, the annual growth of 37%, a number of applications for the LED market opportunities in the most specific projects.

LED backlight potential bursts

Of NB products, LED and CCFL panel is currently spread only 5 dollars less, so LED backlighting gradually from high-end products to the low-end models into the last two years is very impressive growth trend to 2008 LEDNB permeability of view, although only 14%, but the Topology Research Institute estimates that the data will grow rapidly in 2009 to 60%, with each panel and backlight module factory shipments in the second quarter of the proportion of high Qicheng LEDNB above full penetration in 2010 is expected to reach 95%. If NB

average number of stars calculated 35-40, 2009, NB LED backlight on the quantity demanded of 3.721 billion, compared with 648 million last year, a substantial increase in use, the annual growth rate is leap showing 474%. As for the Monitor and import LCDTV development is less clear, Topology Research Institute continued close observation, to determine that the 2010 development trend of large-scale LED backlighting will become clear, the public can look forward to potential after the LED industry.

Note: NetBook average number of teeth calculated to 30, NB average number of teeth to 45 calculated, LEDTV average number of stars to 500 calculations.

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