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Broadcom Introduces Worlds First Wi-Fi and Bluetooth silicon solutions

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Broadcom (Broadcom) today announced the launch of 3 new Bluetooth + Wi-Fi module, so that laptops and HCNW139 datasheet and wireless Internet access have the best features of the computer. The new Broadcom InConcert module is the industrys only in the smallest form factor in (half mini-card size) portfolio standard Wi-Fi and HCNW139 price and Bluetooth silicon solutions. Broadcoms highly integrated module enables PC manufacturers to shrinking hardware design to add more wireless capabilities, while providing a unique coexistence technology to ensure the best possible user experience. InConcert

These new modules expand Broadcoms industry-leading portfolio of wireless products, Broadcom is driving Bluetooth wireless combination products, GPS, Wi-Fi and HCNW139 suppliers and FM Radio into a handheld device. Although laptop computers are generally more board space to accommodate the different modules of discrete Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips, but smaller netbooks and ultra mobile PC (UMPC) has led to the growing need to integrate the needs of higher degree of wireless solutions. By the two most popular chip Bluetooth and Wi-Fi mini-card portfolio to half the size of the module, Broadcom could help PC makers in the smaller, more affordable market-proven platform to provide wireless performance, and then seize this opportunity.

Broadcom vice president and general manager of home and wireless business Micha el Hurlston said: "We have delivered hundreds of millions of single-chip combination of products, using this experience to develop better solutions for the PC program can not be considered far-fetched. most of the notebook computer design could benefit from higher wireless performance and fewer components, but InConcert module is the most effective applications of the computer and the Internet over mobile PC. a few of our PC customers In its new design will use these modules to provide functionality to customer needs, style, and trouble-free user experience. "

According to ABI Researchs study, netbooks and ultra mobile PC in the PC market now occupy a large market share, annual sales by 2012 will reach 120 million units. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are standard features of these new platforms, as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to achieve the consumers want to receive from the mobile computer connectivity and flexibility. Bluetooth keyboard and mouse can be used to remove the connection, sync / transfer photos from mobile phone data and access through wireless headphones to play VoIP phone. Meanwhile, Wi-Fi to provide greater bandwidth, easy Web surfing, downloads, streaming media content and transfer large data files across the network.

Acer mobile computing business unit, said Campbell Kan, vice president: "Bluetooth and Wi-Fi provides wireless connectivity enable people to live and work more freely, to achieve the netbook customers want mobile applications, such as fast Internet surfing, multimedia streaming to facilitate connectivity with external devices. Our next generation of Aspire One netbook new computer is equipped with a Broadcom wireless solutions to help people in the fashion and easy to maintain connectivity will be better. "

Improve the PC users wireless experience

As manufacturers put more features into a smaller wireless computers, allowing coexistence of multiple wireless signals are becoming increasingly important, because the separation of different wireless signal and antenna space even smaller. At the same time using the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless technology, interference may cause a delay Bluetooth mouse and keyboard problems, leading to poor audio quality Bluetooth headset, the Wi-Fi connection speed reduction or even disconnected. In the introduction of new high-speed Bluetooth 3.0 + (HS) standard products, the coexistence and even more critical, because the standard the same time with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless signals to achieve high-speed, point to point transmission.

PC user has to ensure the best possible wireless experience, these new InConcert module has been designed to be very little to alleviate the isolation of wireless interference. Broadcoms unique algorithms to intelligently manage the coexistence of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi traffic, than other manufacturers to use standard 3-wire method is more effective. Better ways to co-exist in the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless modules also work to maximize the throughput of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enabling PC users to surf the Web more quickly, more smoothly and get free use of the mouse defective audio quality. In addition, Broadcoms co-existence interface is self-supply, do not need to modify the platform, which greatly facilitates the integration with the PC platform.

Technical Information

Broadcom offers 3 InConcert module (BCM94312HMGB, BCM943225HMB and BCM943224HMB), these modules provide different Wi-Fi performance to achieve with different usage patterns and prices of products. All modules contain Broadcoms BCM2070 Bluetooth 3.0 + high-speed transceiver chip, the chip is superior wireless architecture, compared with other products, can be achieved over longer distances and reliable Bluetooth connection.

BCM2070 with a variety of single-chip Broadcom Wi-Fi solution portfolio to meet the manufacturers for the cost and performance goals. Combination produces the modules include:

* BCM74312HMGB-combination of Bluetooth 3.0 and 802.11g, the economic market-tested to provide wireless capabilities;
* BCM943225HMB-combination of Bluetooth 3.0 and 802.11n, to provide reliable wireless connectivity, and thus support the most demanding 2.4GHz frequency band multimedia applications;
* BCM943224HMB-combination Bluetooth 3.0 and dual-band 802.11n, so that the bandwidth of the 5GHz band require specialized applications to achieve the same performance and greater capacity.

InConcert module

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