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Business Week: Qualcomm Challenges Intel Freescale push intelligence of the

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"Business Week" article points out that Intel (blog) plans to launch a rival called smart in this small laptop to challenge Intel and ADP3168J datasheet and Microsoft in the Internet market leader. Qualcomm and ADP3168J price and Freescale

hope that this new product can be as big as the Internet success. In order to reduce their new netbook with Intel in the gap on the market, chip manufacturers in the smart marketing on this put a lot of cost.

Mobile phone chip maker Qualcomm was smart this definition in the 5 to 12-inch screen, specifically for web browsing and ADP3168J suppliers and e-mail video clips of mobile computing devices. In general, this product is very similar with the Internet. Since last year, this low-cost small laptop computer industry began to become the best-selling products. According to investment bank Collins Stewart expects the Internet sales in 2009 will reach 3 million units, almost 3 times the sales volume in 2008. Internet and intelligent main difference is that the chips they use are different. Intel has locked the netbook market.

Qualcomm since last year in the internal use of the product name of this smart, recently built a website to promote such products. Freescale also took out a large portion of the marketing budget to promote intelligence.

A brand reflects the intelligence of the entire computer industry began a trend of such products in depth. Manufacturers are no longer satisfied with desktops, laptops and servers by simply computing devices, Qualcomm, Freescale, AMD and other vendors plan to launch a smartphone and a small range between the new laptop products.

Their intention with this type of low-cost advantages of mobile computing devices to attract consumer attention. Their main rivals from the Internet in this market, Intel has occupied 80% of the Internet the chip market, 90% of the Internet computers using Microsofts Windows operating system. Freescale effect from June 1 start of the official use of the word intelligence, the companys director of marketing for Glen Burchers said: "We used to like the word Internet, but with the name preceded the Internet more and more products They now seem to have been defined as Wintel, which includes the Intel chips and Windows operating systems equipment. "Freescale wants manufacturers producing their own chip-based and open source Linux software, this intelligent.

Burchers said: "This will be a smart consumer marketing budget this year, Freescales largest investment. It is most important that we focus on consumer products." Qualcomm has started publishing support for the brand smart print advertising. Qualcomm and Freescale did not disclose that they will invest in the promotion of intelligence of the number of budget, but marketing experts say starting from scratch build a new product category may lower the price. Kai Lege School of Management at Northwestern University Professor of International Marketing Philip Kotler SC Johnson and Son, said: "chip makers and computer makers in order to establish the Internet in this product category spent 200 million dollars, this is the most important investment. Light developed product is not enough, you must create a story about it. "

Other vendors are developing other new products, including MID, mini laptop, ultra portable computers and ultra-thin notebooks. Component suppliers and computer makers are trying to use the new product name, in order to differentiate their products.

Semiconductor consulting firm Forward Concepts president Will Strauss, said: "Its all marketing activities, every vendor wants to show that it is but me, no one capable of producing the product. If you can correctly define a product type, then you can become the market leader in the field. "Strauss said that, intelligence of the market total sales last year, about 30 million units by 2012 is expected to increase to 40 million units.

Grass is always greener consumers will choose to give up intelligence of the netbook it? The manufacturers hope to be more inclined to smart phones rather than smart computer, they will also develop expectations accordingly. Many Internet users find other computers on the Internet can not do as much work done, they have been deeply disappointed. Instead, consumers are smart phones that have no computer so much memory or computing power, can only run small applications, so they will be expected of intelligence of the relatively low number. Freescale is working with retailers to consultations in the hope placed in the smart phones of the near, as far as possible away from the computer products.

To add a new product category likely to face many difficulties. First, consumers may feel puzzled. Texas Instruments, Qualcomm and Freescale invited to join their intelligence of the Union, but Texas Instruments refused them. Texas Instruments, said: "There has been a lot of products in this market has been confusing, and we do not want to create more new product categories." Texas Instruments is currently the Internet and similar products of the chip.

Endpoint Technologies President Roger Kay said the intelligence of the smart phone sales may be adversely affected. He said: "The increase in product range, the average size of each type of product will decrease."

Kay warned that the emergence of intelligence may also give the computer the average price pressure. Intelligence about the retail price of 200 dollars, while most of the retail price of the Internet in more than 350 U.S. dollars. According to IDC, said selling this computer as the Internet, the fourth quarter of 2008, average selling prices of computer products decreased by 14.3%.

If they attack to Intel, Qualcomm, and Freescale is one willing to take risks. In selecting the name of this before intelligent, Qualcomm has launched a global survey sought the views of many people. Qualcomm Senior Director of Marketing Keith Kressin, said: "Some people even offered the name of this smart, it is more popular than the Internet."

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