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Chinas SMT exhibition event re NEPCON popular success diminished

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Asia and SN74HC139N datasheet and surface mount electronics manufacturing industry event - the Tenth China International Electronic Production Equipment and SN74HC139N price and Microelectronics Industry Exhibition / China International Electronic Manufacturing Technology Exhibition (NEPCON / EMT China 2009) fall in the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center curtain. Reed Exhibitions is once again full use of its rich resources and SN74HC139N suppliers and professional advantages, as the contrarian in the electronics manufacturing industry booster. Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems Ltd. CEO Mr. Wen Kai Ming NEPCON China 2009 affirmed: "As Chinas SMT industrys most influential exhibition, NEPCON China 2009 attracted a large number of excellent manufacturers, global technology leader and the best sales and distributors, to provide participants with a lot of growth opportunity and success conditions. "

Despite the global economic slowdown hindered development of the industry, but NEPCON Chinese exhibition industry as the SMT one of the most important event, the industry still has many well-known manufacturers strongly support, such as Samsung, Siemens, ST, security must be Ang, Mai Dete, First Technology, Panasonic, American Tec, Tokyo weight machines, electrical and mechanical skills tripod, Fuji, WKK, Agilent, Dag, Wei as the Branch and the Tamura and so on. In return for support of the majority of exhibitors, NEPCON China2009 also brings together decision makers and high-quality, more professional audience. Data: the four-day exhibition attracted 13,535 professional visitors are invited to join, including 2,911 spectators and 301 VIPs NEPCON Diamond Club members, more than 164% growth in 2008, and 822 buyers, up 284.11 percent over last year These figures confirm the exhibition organizer - Reed Exhibitions and the CCPIT another success, Diamond Club, and the number of buyers once again set a record of previous exhibitions. NEPCON 2010 Exhibition will be held in China next April 20 to 22 at the Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Centre.

2009 Nian NEPCON China exhibition shows the full range of most surface mount industry-leading products and services, exhibits ranging from test equipment to welding equipment, various types of products. The NEPCON China exhibition for exhibitors and visitors a fresh and new "customer experience", a series of innovative activities in the field NEPCON China 2009 bright scene.

Industry knowledge to provide professional learning opportunities and the establishment of effective communication platform is NEPCON "customer experience" the core content. This model was first introduced SMT production lines to fully reflect this, it provides an enthusiastic audience fully interactive learning opportunities, but also for the composition of the Yamaha model line, Lang Shi, Henkel, SAKI , Tyco, Ottoville, OK International and Air Products and other manufacturers to provide a showcase for innovative brands. WKK China Ltd., General Manager Mr. Yang Chuanxiao said: "SMT production line live demonstration model is a good idea, and the atmosphere is very active. It makes a wider audience to understand the entire surface mount production process, but also help We attract more customers. "

"3G theme day", "China Electronics Manufacturing and SMT Engineer Award", "SMT will meet members of the family" and "high-level business meetings" and a rich set of on-site series of activities in "NEPCON theater" staged one by one successfully stimulated the enthusiasm of the audiences view of development. 3G high-level meetings and theme days technical workshop brought together professionals in the telecommunications industry, to jointly explore the development trend of 3G business. ITU-TG4 Mr Feng Qi, vice president of the era for 3G network operators on the development trend of support speech, a strong response by the audience. Flextronics Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Dong Wosen invited to chair the 3G technology forum, SONY former member of the company and Mr. Jin Cilang mountains of Mr. Dong Enhui Datang Telecom, respectively, delivered a speech at the forum and to 3G mode Manufacture of communication to discuss technology solutions, on-site active participation of many listeners. This series of activities and events organizers focus on development of the industry reflects the hot topics for the visitors and exhibitors to bring effective solutions.

"First China Electronics Manufacturing and SMT Engineer Award," attracted about 100 engineers to attend. Network engineers get ten thousand popular votes. Electronics manufacturing industry as the backbone of Reed Exhibitions continue to provide the opportunity to reward the efforts of the majority of industry engineers and talents. "Best SMT Engineer" was awarded the ultimate honor of the companys Zhang to the East, he will go to Japan to visit INTERNEPCON, opportunity to learn about Asias most advanced industry technology.

SMT SMT industrys most popular forum site home for the first time held in the NEPCON "Salon & SMT Engineer will meet members of the family", the major plate Moderators have come from behind the front, together with Forum members to exchange; NEPCON think tank experts, members of the Xue Guanghui, Weizai Ling, Wu Nianzu, Dou Jia Hua, and other guest at the exhibition site, published arguments, passing on knowledge, answer inquiries at the same time, with the majority of the industry enthusiastic discussion of the future development of the electronics manufacturing industry. INEMI NEPCON jointly sponsored with the high-level business seminar successfully held at the show site, guests at the Fu Haobo who join Robert C. Pfahl, Wang Tianxi, Wei Ziling three speakers around the financial crisis trend of global electronics manufacturing industry to start talks and discussions. Genesis Electronics, General Manager Wei Ziling NEPCON given great support: "every year to visit NEPCON, this is very honored to be invited to high-level business seminars as guest speakers. This years financial crisis on the relatively large impact on the electronics industry, but also through high-level discussion of how companies will share the EMS experience in the face of financial crisis, so that the form of a very good discussion, we can work together to ride out the storm together. "

Another highlight is the annual exhibition of the same high-tech seminar organized by SMTA East, as NEPCON show long-term partner of China, SMTA China during the exhibition for the Chinese engineers to learn the power and opportunity. At the same time, SMTA China has once again pledged to continue to fully support will be 26 to 28 August 2009 held in Shenzhen, South China exhibition and NEPCON Shanghai 2010 exhibition.

E-NEPCON online sourcing platform has made a positive response, many visitors and exhibitors of products on the e-NEPCON showed great interest in more than 1,500 spectators at the "NEPCON Friends" live up to become e- NEPCON new members. Same site as the most visited portals, e-NEPCON is attracting more and more people in the industry, as vendors and visitors 365 days a year between the high-quality interactive platform. Reed Exhibitions

East China, said Josephine Lee, Vice President: "NEPCON show after 19 sessions of development, has become an important electronics manufacturing industry, communication, learning and procurement platform, and we are NEPCON 2009 Exhibition in China implemented on a number of innovative initiatives. In addition, as e-NEPCON release, we have been able to continue throughout the year for the SMT industrys services. exhibitors and visitors have a positive feedback that we are very encouraged, 2010NEPCON 70% of exhibition booths are have been booked. "

2009 Nian NEPCON show once again to many of Chinas leading electronics manufacturers gathered in one place at the same time, it once again proved he is still Chinas electronics manufacturing industrys most influential, the only comprehensive trade platform. Organizers look forward to NEPCON South China trade show can bring more power and vitality.

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