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Collaborate in the promotion of cross-strait development of LED lighting industry

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"LED lighting, industrial cooperation and OP296G datasheet and cross-strait exchange meeting" was successfully concluded on the 10th, according to the General Assembly to statistics, up to 450 guests attending, all of Taiwans participation in number of firms up to 200, 71 companies in mainland China, and OP296G price and one for 60 sessions exchange meeting of a company. And at the closing day of the two sides signed the minutes from the mainland, "Ministry of Science and OP296G suppliers and Technology Exchange Center across the Taiwan Strait," cross-strait industrial cooperation and exchange of LED lighting, Honorary Chairman of the Conference Organizing Committee on behalf of Fung Kee Chun read.

LED lighting is the twenty-first century, the most promising green energy industries, countries are actively competing to invest huge resources to research and development. In order to lay the LED lighting industry in Taiwans market leadership and strengthening technological capabilities, Ministry of Economic Affairs bypass project was June 9 and 10 consecutive Grand Hotel in Taipei held 2 days "Cross-Strait cooperation and exchange of LED lighting industry conference," This is the Taiwan solar photovoltaic industry in March, the exchange after the meeting, held in Taiwans second green energy industry exchange sessions.

The cooperation and exchange meetings, guided by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industrial Technology Research Institute organized. LED lighting from the mainlands top companies and academic research units of advanced semiconductor lighting at 80 dollars, including the top ten mainland China LED lighting business, such as Dalian Lu Ming Technology Group, Dongguan Kingsun, Xiamen An electronic, Shanghai Sapphire optoelectronics; Taiwan has nearly 350 people signed up for LED lighting-related meeting discussion.

The cross-strait exchanges in addition to LED lighting industry, senior director of research and academia, and scholars to discuss, but also invites in-depth cross LED lighting industry authority, status and strategies of industry, special reports, and another 8-bit LED lighting top companies in the mainland and experts shared norms of validation and technology experience, while Taiwan, crystal power, the electricity, Delta, Lite-On Group, and also through the "LED lighting, photovoltaic industry forum for future development," the purpose of achieving full communication.

Ye Huiqing Secretary of Energy, MOEA said that Taiwans LED production world, the worlds second output, LED lighting has considerable technical and industrial base, has been included in actively promoting the green energy industries. Mainland Chinas semiconductor lighting industry in recent years in human resources and market advantages into full play, fast-growing industry, facing competition from international companies, to accelerate cross-strait cooperation and integration advantages, will be able to create new opportunities for advanced energy efficient lighting industry, to enhance competitiveness, attack global LED lighting market.

Strait exchanges and cooperation to reach consensus on six LED industry

The exchange of a total of six points of consensus reached at the meeting, including:

1. Normalizing cross-strait industrial cooperation and the establishment of exchange mechanism, the two sides set up Action Working Group, held a working meeting on a regular basis, and jointly promote the exchange and cooperation projects; "LED lighting, industrial cooperation and cross-strait exchange meeting" held every year alternately by the two sides organized.

2. Both sides to build LED lighting industry chain, optimize the cross-strait industrial layout; to participate in "Ten City, ten thousand" LED lighting pilot project, to build an international brand of LED lighting manufacturers.

3. Both sides to build LED Lighting Industry Alliance, the same configuration technology research and development, industrial strategy to enhance research and talents, and to establish cross-strait LED lighting information platform.

4 sides to build LED lighting patent portfolio, the establishment of mutually beneficial mechanisms for intellectual property and reach a consensus and achieve win-win situation.

5. Sides to establish mechanisms for standardization work together to set industry standards for LED lighting, LED lighting standards organizations to achieve cross-strait cooperation.

6. Cross-strait common set LED lighting test verification platform, expand detection technology, testing methods and testing equipment and other research, to achieve mutual recognition of test results.

Interviews in two days in intensive firms on both sides, but also the specific cross-strait cooperation decision to sign a letter of intent, by the Taiwan Optoelectronic Semiconductor Industry Association Li Bingjie, China Solid State Lighting Industry Alliance, the Secretary-General Wu Ling R & D and signed by the General Assembly Chairman of Industrial Technology Research Institute Chung Hee Lee, Chun Kee Fung, head continental honor witness.

Specific cooperation the two sides reached a tacit agreement includes five points: to establish a credible cross-strait negotiations detection LED lighting, LED lighting patents to develop cross-strait policy and build a patent early warning mechanism, patent portfolio, patent cross license and preferred to explore sharing mechanism. Targeting the international market, division of development of high efficiency LED materials and processes of new technologies to gradually establish a Chinese LED lighting independent intellectual rights. To promote industrial investment, and studies of cross-strait cooperation in the establishment of a common world-class semiconductor lighting company. Set up a working group to establish normalized exchange mechanism.

Johnsee Lee said the two sides in the LED lighting industry with complementary strengths, a division of labor, is the opportunity to gain an advantage in the international arena, the future will promote cross-strait common form LED lighting technology and industry alliance to promote the upstream and downstream integration and division of labor to standards within a short time to promote cross-strait mutual recognition and validation laboratory and testing technical exchanges to further promote cross-strait common LED lighting pilot and demonstration projects. In addition, regular visits and jointly develop the industry in planning objectives. The success of cross-strait exchanges

not only promote cross-strait industrial cooperation LED lighting, LED products and sales for the exchange of information, expert visits and sharing of experience in industry growth. Institute of international standard laboratory lighting also contributed to cross verify the LED lighting product specifications, standards and measurement techniques to further exchanges and cooperation platform, the future, once started consistency verification platform, will help towards the international stage. Future, ITRI will assist industry and accelerate the exchange of visits across the company to help promote cross-strait LED lighting from the materials, components, components, production equipment and systems and technical exchanges and cooperation in order to construct the second phase of preparation.

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