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Concerned about the LED industry chain for Product Selection and Design

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Launched the "city of ten thousand ten" LED lighting, green lighting model for pushing, pulling LED industry. The LED industry chain Banyuetan gathered, covering standards for LED lighting technology, chip packaging, product design, testing and NC7WZ32K8X datasheet and certification and NC7WZ32K8X price and so on. Electronic Components Technology Network interviewed CREE, Lehman optoelectronics, photovoltaic De Shida, MoSo power supply, testing and NC7WZ32K8X suppliers and other testing executives of China, from product design, development, packaging, application and testing of different angles and think LED industry chain analysis LED chips, core components, displays, street lighting, LED drive power, LED product testing and standardization of deep-seated problems.

Believe many people still remember the Beijing Olympic Games, it is not only a sporting event, but also LED lighting technology event. Birds Nest from the main Olympic stadium, Water Cube colorful external landscape, to perform throughout the course of the dream "stage", color changing LED decorative lighting and actors clothing, a large number of LED application products, to the world left behind the most spectacular eye-catching Olympic event.

LED in the Beijing Olympic torch lit, it lights up the LED industry, brighter future. At present, China LED industry has formed the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Fujian, Jiangxi, led by four Northern Area and Dalian, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanchang, Xiamen, Yangzhou, Shijiazhuang pattern of seven industrial bases, including the formation of LED epitaxy film production, LED chip preparation, LED chips, LED product applications and packaging and testing, including a relatively complete industrial chain.

Business articles

Relative to the LED chip manufacturing, wafer upstream, the Chinese have more in LED encapsulation and application of downstream businesses, the financial crisis which will bring adverse effects of these enterprises should do? Netcom had access to electronic component technology to LED packaging and optoelectronic applications based Lehman, general manager of Lee Man-iron, the experience of standing in terms of market success, see an opportunity to see the problem, Lehman share successes, challenges and thinking, China the LED business to find opportunities for development and progress, come take a look at "Chinas LED business opportunities" it!

Drive power articles

LED lights meet the "energy saving" principle, become the concern of governments around the highlights. Ministry of Science and carry out the "city of ten thousand ten" LED lighting demonstration project in Guangdong Province that "ten thousand miles" scheme and so on. Electronic Components Technology Network has learned that the Governments strong support for the LED lights around the scheme, the quality of high-power LED drive power, but off high-power LED lighting that hinders the development of the short board. See the power LED drive power problems, power supply manufacturers to seize the opportunity to launch the product more reliable can win the market. MoSo power to solve the "LED lights will no longer be the driving power short-board" problem, it is worth drawing peers, it is worth the power engineers to learn, it is worth attention to LED lights enterprise ... ...

Standard articles

Whether an industry fast, sound development, the first is to establish standardized criteria for the development of market and industry. LED industry standards should be based on the product features and LED products have a certain maturity, based on the timely development of a truly consistent with the development of LED industry standards, to play a regulatory market and promote the industry development role. CREE, general manager and from the Tang Guoqing Xiong Yingxiang De Shida, general manager of the companys integration to industry standards and industry resources, the establishment of "vertical integration" of the industrial structure and insights published for the industry, pointing out the direction.

Product quality and test papers

Although the LED product testing and certification of products into the market the last link, but its products have important guiding significance to the design stage. Electronic Components Technology Network interviewed the vice president of CTI testing Niepeng Xiang Hua, shared their views on the current LED market; electronic product testing and certification of an important role in promoting product quality and product design and component selection of product reliability, failure analysis and a profound understanding of electromagnetic compatibility; "look through the product testing and product design component selection," to help engineers to re-examine the reliability of friends and the importance of component selection, the source of guidance to engineers from the design to reduce EMC problems arise and to raise product quality.

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