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De Shida optical Xiongying Xiang: Chinese enterprises need to "squatting stances" in the spirit

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De Shida photoelectric lighting technology company is Taiwans leading professional manufacturer of LED lighting, to set up factories in mainland China in 2006, is currently in the LED lamp industry has set up their own brand image, early in 2009 with the Shenzhen Institute of Peking University parties have formed an "Semiconductor Optoelectronics Laboratory", and LXT980QC datasheet and plans to invest in LED lighting, $ 12,500,000.

On May 23 at the "theme of the second LED Industry Summit Forum", the De Shida Photoelectric Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Xiong Yingxiang done "LED lighting, cutting-edge technology and LXT980QC price and global prospects of the road" speech , optical News Network after the interview was carried out.

De Shida Photoelectric Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Xiong Yingxiang Source: Photo News Network

Street standards should be as soon as possible

optical News Network: How to treat the "city of ten thousand ten" program and LXT980QC suppliers and the upcoming street standards?

Xiongying Xiang: the introduction of standards will benefit the industrys healthy development. Lights installed in the road suddenly does not shine, the reason may be that many, the problem may be the power supply, is also possible that heat, of course, also possible that the LED itself, but the general user will not go into the reasons for what happened Why, just think how bad it is, thus reducing the willingness to use this thing. Every industry has some important specifications, if the standard is too slow introduction, then the industry will not be conducive to competition, there will be the so-called bad money drives out good money phenomenon. If we can do well in this regard, then, the city ten thousand ten successful implementation of LED lights make you feel really good, the industry formed naturally.

When we set standards, we can share something with each other for common development. There is a problem in Guangdong, the development of standards is only part of the people involved, so there may be some ill-thinking place. Abroad in the development of the energy bill or the development of relevant industry standards, are not kept in a small room inside to do it, and each company has advantages and disadvantages, only advantages to all enterprises can be integrated into the standard time with better .

LED has spent the most time of darkness, dawn slowly apparent. 2009-2010 can be estimated together, the previous long-term loss of business the last two years could be greater improvements.

Prepared to allow the enterprises to be more localized

Optoelectronics News: As a Taiwan-funded enterprises, how to balance your companys R & D and manufacturing in Taiwan? How to plan the future?

Xiong Yingxiang: When we first chose a factory in Shenzhen, because Shenzhen upstream and downstream industry chain is more perfect in all aspects of business operation inside the cost will be relatively low. As a Taiwan-funded enterprises, we have been committed to localization, and Peking University jointly set up photovoltaic lab is a good example. Continental has a good R & D talent and the market, De Shida decision to the United States, Taiwans R & D transferred to the mainland side to side. Current cross-strait exchanges have been very frequent, the division of labor between the two sides can achieve win-win and common development of standards is a good start.

National enterprises should have the "squatting stances," the spirit of the

Optoelectronics News: Mainland enterprises, how to enhance their competitiveness?

Xiongying Xiang: Enhancing basic skills mainland enterprises should first do not take into account the interests of the current point, get down to engage in research and development. Start everywhere, but flashy. Chinese enterprises should have the beginning of Shaolin monks practicing kung fu stances when the spirit of the kind of squatting. De Shida several factories in Shenzhen, there are several factories in Taiwan, used to be a part of LED heat. In fact, we in the industry inside the study is quite long. From 2006 to set up factories it has received two and half years, the main focus is on innovation and R & D and extension of patent terms of layout. Now De Shida street

the forefront in Asia. Recent market companies want to enter the street find many, but not much real mass production. Without mass production, it can not increase the yield up. Companies should first lay a solid foundation, and other technologies mature and go after the factories, so what to market to ensure quality. De Shida put something in the light has not yet removed the record, because we have had a lot of repeated authentication, no problem on the factory test only after a full year run out.

State support for enterprises to increase the strength of

Optoelectronics News: Do you think the Government should play what role in industrial development?

Xiong Yingxiang: China is a talent, but technology can not keep up. Governments supportive Road needs to be strengthened, the South Korean government is that we can learn, it can guide enterprises through the integration of technology and shares, some large companies to create and international giant competition, Hyundai, Samsung is so together. Is not upstream of some large enterprises, government should select some good seedling, support it bigger.

Good results often takes time to accumulate, there is need for government support, media campaigns and the business community live up to expectations, if it can be the perfect combination of three words, "Ten City, ten thousand" is a good start.

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