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Domestic and foreign good dual Montage Technology into the memory buffer markets harvest

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Either wired or satellite, Chinas digital TV receiver chip market in recent years, impressive business when none other than the non-Montage Technology. Since the establishment of just 5 years after the start of this local semiconductor companies have won more than 50% of Chinas digital TV receiver chip market share, shipments total nearly 4,000 million, which sound like a win. However, this enterprise is not satisfied. In fact, since its inception, the "walking on two legs," the business strategy has always been in the companys operations adhere to the core strategy. Now, in the digital TV receiver chip as the representative of the "digital home" after the success of the field to the memory buffer chips as the representative of the "digital enterprise" areas will also be a pillar of the companys other business - to pay for several years in hard work, the harvest season has finally arrived.

2009 began, the Montage Technology External released two messages. First of all, by the China Ministry of Information Industry and CY7C63723C-SXC datasheet and the leading, commissioned by China Electronics Standardization Institute Center for measurement and CY7C63723C-SXC price and testing industry standard tests, for a Montage Technology DDR2 of AMB (advanced memory buffer chip) products passed all tests, so that it became the first, is also the only company certified by the specification AMB chip suppliers.

Good dual. In the new generation of DDR3 platforms, Montage Technology memory buffer chip is also doing well - the companys DDR3 memory buffer chips M88SSTE32882 obtained in the first quarter, Intels certification. Thus becoming the four companies certified by Intel. Outside North America is also the only one honored suppliers.

According to Montage Technology and CY7C63723C-SXC suppliers and chairman and CEO Yang Chong introduced, M88SSTE32882 DDR3 is the next generation of high-end computer servers and memory controller chip, mainly used for the cache address, clock and other control signaling. "Type of chip R & D difficulty is very high, except the other three North American companies, we are the only one of the main research and development in the country, and the young company founded less than five years."

Needs to be emphasized is that, compared with other companies Montage Technology has another advantage, that is, the power consumption of at least M88SSTE32882 than other similar products currently on the market by 10 to 30%.

Although until the end of 2007, Montage was the launch of its first performance since the establishment of the AMB chip. But in fact the company already has high hopes for AMB market. This is true, from the second half of 2007, in addition to product and technology research and development in the continued investment, Montage Technology has also begun to frequently appeared aimed at reducing energy consumption of Chinas high-performance computer chip, the activities of AMB.

As advantages in energy saving, high-performance computers in China Standards Committee (HPCSC) developed a "high-performance Advanced Memory Buffer chip computer (AMB) energy efficiency standards," shortly after, the company will soon get a lot of pro-line manufacturers of international gaze. In addition, although this will be a recommended industry standard, but considering the matter of "energy saving" the special nature of the subject, many people think that will become mandatory standard does not rule out the possibility.

Buffer in memory chips, Montage advantage is performance, price and power consumption. However, it is the magic of low-power lies. "In this regard, we have a lot of patent applications." Yang Chong, and that in the past few years, the Montage has developed products in the memory buffer to invest more than 1 billion yuan of funds, the companys 200 bearer Almost half of R & D team is engaged in development work in this area.

The worlds leading memory manufacturers present mainly in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, which is an advantage of Montage. "Compared to North American suppliers, there is no difference between us and the customer problem, in time for them to provide immediate services." In addition, for the U.S. market, Montage was there set up a marketing and technical support staff. "Therefore, we feel that compared to other North American suppliers, the Montage in customer support and cost control advantages are obvious."

Although the "digital enterprise" business has just started, but the fledgling company at home the goals set for themselves is not low. "We hope to be able to win in the next year the market share of 3 percent or so." Yang Chong, and said. Of course, he also has confidence in the more distant future, the memory buffer Montage business and its digital TV receiver chip business, as the 50% market share. There is no doubt, after a long-term commitment and effort, Montage "digital enterprise" business is already coming harvest season.

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