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Domestic photovoltaic industry has tremendous opportunities

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Every economic recovery after the crisis, will be accompanied by a number of new technologies and PI5V330QX datasheet and new industries of great development of the photovoltaic industry should become the core of a new round of economic recovery, one of the industry.

Recently, the National Development and PI5V330QX price and Reform Commission Ministry of Finance launched the "energy-saving products Waste Management", through subsidies, refrigerator, flat-panel TVs and PI5V330QX suppliers and other 10 categories of energy efficient products, to promote energy efficient products. Earlier, the Ministry of Finance have jointly issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction "solar PV building applications for financial assistance fund Interim Measures", though it is part of PV subsidies conditional construction, subsidies for individual residents also still difficult to implement, but still opened a prelude to government subsidies photovoltaic industry.

Photovoltaic industry, the solar photovoltaic industry. Speaking of solar energy, most people might think of is to install on the roof of solar water heaters, solar photovoltaic power generation is in fact our real life to come. Photovoltaic power generation as an environment-friendly energy industry, with a high degree of cleanliness, security, absolute, universal availability and adequacy of resources. Therefore, future energy subsidies should be more inclined household solar photovoltaic power generation industry. Especially in the current world economic development under the conditions of the corners, where the market will no doubt be tremendous business opportunities and industrial restructuring power.

From a global perspective, the photovoltaic industry, has completed the initial development and demonstration phase, is the mass production of photovoltaic products, and large-scale application development. Recently, the policy orientation, dip and raw material prices driven by factors such as technological progress, Chinas PV industry has also begun with the cost of generating electricity price close to 1 yuan / kWh of power, and this is precisely the strength of the domestic photovoltaic launched a large-scale power generation market critical point; with building roof, wall and other platforms combined development and utilization of electricity per kilowatt capital cost of PV could reach 7,000 yuan to 1 million, so they have the traditional energy and other new energy sources competitive economic advantage; if the application of photovoltaic products, home to the pan and extend all areas of peoples livelihood, and rural and urban integrated environmental management and community projects such old renovation of old buildings combined, the market opportunity is even greater.

Throughout the modern history of the world, each time the recovery after the economic crisis, will be accompanied by some new technology and the great development of new industries, thus promoting the sustainable development of human civilization. Electronics and information technology industries to promote large-scale application of the last round of global economic development, and this round of the global economy, such as to be out of the woods, which should rely on new technology and industry to promote it? PV industry based on its advanced technology, unlimited resources and environmental protection and other characteristics, should be the new round of economic recovery, one of the core industries, it should be national solutions to the financial crisis, the energy crisis, environmental crisis and other economic challenges effective way, sharp, and medicine.

In the United States, Obamas economic stimulus plan in the project involves more than half of the energy industry, almost the entire U.S. energy system and recycling, in which the PV industry investment tax credit be extended, and adjusted their investment more favorable subsidies; in Europe, the EU has developed new solar power generation targets, and announced new investment plans; in Japan, in addition to the items on the installation of photovoltaic systems direct subsidies, price subsidies and also restarted the parity Internet policy; is the energy-rich Middle East oil, Abu Dhabi is building all of the use of clean energy, "Sun City." Although the development of Guangdong

the advantages of solar energy, but its penetration is still lagging behind the national average. The reasons supporting the policy is not one system, investors, users and related products subsidy policy does not converge; Second, service and knowledge are not in place, such as worry about product quality, installation and maintenance services, etc. can not keep supporting that Solar prices are too high, the cost of the use of conventional energy sources do not care and so on. Widespread use of solar green times, is not automatically go before us, we need a visionary cry and decision-making, policy convergence and the system to participate in society as a whole.

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