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Electronic technology industry XI "gossip" event

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From time to time there are always people in the industry or the electronics manufacturers to make people understand things ... ...

Perhaps because the slump in the overall economic environment, the pressure becomes larger so that they had to gamble, but the last few months Zhezhong puzzle case seems to be growing trend of ... ... the following EETimes U.S. editors are elected by the electronic voting industry Ten "gossip" event, welcomed everyone to judge it reasonable.

1.IBM tight-lipped about the issue of layoffs

Recent months, IBM rumors of layoffs for the companys 1 million people in the news (from an IBM employee, a trade union) silence; The "Big Blue" is wrong in most cases do layoffs any comments (though the vice president of human resources, visit The New York Times has said that the company has been constantly changing, will cut some jobs will be hiring new employees.)

Unions and MC1658L datasheet and public opinion all speculation, IBM continued low-profile layoffs in the downturn of men, that in order to avoid attention; but if the company continues to do so for fear of incurring a serious counter ─ ─ When IBM laid off rumors were flying, hand, will lead to more enlarged view and MC1658L price and the trade unions do not trust.

2. Paranoid errors

In May, the EU made a move Intel (Intel) of at least eight counts, including allegations the company paid Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, NEC and MC1658L suppliers and retail companies such as rebates MediaMarkt boss MediaSaturn and, therefore, to the treatment device manufacturers to receive 1.45 billion in hefty fines. Intel claims that the hands hold

this evidence to refute the companys breach of EU competition law ... but in the end why the allegations that the company always in Europe, Asia or even the behavior of the United States was caught not picking up? This is really stupid, Intels rival AMD will not stone on their own feet; Intel always better than not fighting AMD. The next step in career planning


Apple that the company is difficult to fault-finding, which is a few times a recession can be smooth sailing in the rare high-tech companies (thanks to products such as iPhone and iPod Thanks to.) But the companys health issues in SteveJobs, but could not pass the polygraph related ─ ─ originally in early January this year, Apple said Jobs in a "hormonal imbalance" problem, but less than ten days to declare a pointer of the six people to ask months sick leave. This led to a week later

SEC (SEC) investigation, so that the medias attention to Apple that the company focus on Jobs health mystery ... ... when a decade of CEO, perhaps it is time Jobs consider passing on the baton and let all the transparency of the.

4. The former president of Samsung Semiconductor lose their jobs

Once upon a time, the former Samsung (Samsung) semiconductor business president and CEO Hwang (HwangChang-gyu) of the "HwangsLaw" theory, the industry is also quite with the "MooresLaw" keep pace with the momentum; the so-called "Hwang sLaw "refers to the capacity of NAND flash memory will be doubling every year, Samsung has introduced such a speed new products to the industry rushed to copy.

However, as also "HwangsLaw", loser "HwangsLaw", NAND continued expansion of capacity created a cheap MP3, flash drive and solid-state disk (SSD), but also be a cause of NAND excess capacity, supply Business burned the main reason. This is not entirely the fault of Hwang, but he has tasted the bitter fruit ... He not only was demoted earlier this year also left Samsung.

5.Microsemi CEOs burst scandal

Chip maker MicroSEMI found the companys president and CEO JamesPeterson academic fraud, the decision on his $ 100,000 fine, and forced him to give up the annual bonus (an average of about 68 million U.S. dollars). Peterson was found not to obtain what he claimed, the United States BrighamYoung University, bachelors or masters degree.

Before the truth was exposed, Peterson vigorously denied allegations of academic fraud, he not only questioned ─ ─ whistleblowers from the U.S. Anti-Fraud Association (FraudDiscoveryInstitute) of BarryMinkow credibility, said his school record with resemble a name confused. However, Peterson is now the manager and chief executive of Microsemi ... ...

Coincidentally, the previous Broadcom has also been found, a senior University of California, Irvine, academic fraud, this man has been fired last year. Break up with the analog business


Simulation technology is the darling of the industry, but it became a supplier of MIPS IP the pain; the company in August 2007 spent 147 million U.S. dollars acquisition of analog and mixed-signal IP Portugal, the industry Chipidea, but in May this year The analog hands will give the business sector Synopsys, sell 2,200 million.

MIPS and short-lived marriage between Chipidea maintain only 18 months, but fortunately, the divorce process so far so good.

7. Painful Taiwan "memory"

To save the island was devastated in the DRAM industry, the Taiwan government plan to all of the DRAM and into a whole plant, but suppliers are not ungrateful; officially support the establishment of the memory company in Taiwan (TaiwanMemoryCo., TMC) the current situation still uncertain, but also may encounter "Dead Before the Ship Even Sank," the fate?

8.18-inch wafer fab big dreams

Intel, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and Samsung (Samsung) in 2012 to build 18-inch (450mm) fabs "prototype"; International Semiconductor Manufacturing Alliance (Sematech) is the pioneer of 18-inch wafer fab The organization is also the occasion of the Great Depression, industrial equipment, update the blueprint for its 18-inch wafer technology ... but in a Sematechs seminar, no one would dare to say who the burden of 18-inch wafer technology and related equipment R & D expenses .

One analyst put it well: the semiconductor equipment industry should boycott the 18-inch wafer equipment development, because these suppliers in the semiconductor manufacturing into the 12-inch wafer era, the biggest losers will not be in the next grain got any circle when the size of the benefits of amplification.

9. Some people want to buy, when to sell it soon ... ...

AsystTechnologies wafer automation equipment supplier last year, refused to be AquestSystems and other M & A, but now it has filed for bankruptcy, almost have to ask for help to buy. The CEO has resigned in April, the companys stock from the Nasdaq under the United States Naz City.

Another wafer equipment supplier AxcelisTechnologies situation similar to last year, the company refused to Japanese companies Sumitomo Heavy Industries (SumitomoHeavyIndustries), but so far has not only laid off hundreds of people, also to court shareholders, had to hand one with Sumitomo Japanese joint venture company to sell all the equity partners. Axcelis shares within a year out of nearly $ 6, and now exists only around 50 cents per share (closing price on June 8.)

10. Fragmentation of the ATE Industry

Automated test equipment (ATE) has been standardized on paper, never realized in; ATE supplier who is unable to reach a consensus and mutual hatred, and even the industry organization that is not on the force. For example, set up in 2003, Association of semiconductor test (SemiconductorTestConsortium, STC), is to promote the ATE standards, but the result is the failure of the organization, the Japanese industry Advantest Intel also created a dedicated test machine.

Last year, Advantest, Amkor, Infineon (Infineon), Intel, LTX-Credence, Qualcomm (Qualcomm), RoosInstruments, Teradyne and Verigy (Verigy) and other companies formed a new organization, CAST (CollaborativeAllianceforSemiconductorTest), hope that with a drive to reduce the test cost ATE standards, but it has recently ceased operation, into SEMIs, though there be, it is unlikely to re-take care of the standardization of ATE. Fister

11.Cadence the regime collapsed (an event with the previous ranking)

Merger plan last summer, the industry MentorGraphics CadenceDesignSystems news created a hubbub, but also its MichaelFister regime crushed the last straw ... ... Fister is known to aim too high, while the M & A Mentor is an excellent example of the attempt.

The beginning, Mentor on the merger proposal is not interested, but then complain that there is no sincerity in this transaction Cadence face to face consultations; a few months later, Fister resigned, discredited the Cadence is also facing declining performance, had to start back to be valued (ratable) the business operations model. Ironically, the original Cadence bids for Mentor 1.6 billion, a figure which is working with the former 2008 fourth quarter loss of earnings figures published about the same.

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