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Google Android posterior cut into Microsoft Internet copy

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Computex Taipei, the biggest winner of the Internet unveiled a new Acer netbook AspireOneNetbook, the biggest difference is that this netbook is the worlds first use of Googles Android operating system, computer products; the worlds largest Microsoft operating system the company announced Oct. 22, will launch a new operating system - Windows7, but Windows7 can support a version of the Internet.

At this point, from the Internet in full swing has been more than a year. CCID Consulting analyst positions sword that, while integration is a general trend, but Microsofts attention and MIC29152BT datasheet and the implementation of the Internet on the slow step, to set aside a space cut into Google, Google has forced open the worlds third-largest PC vendor Acer the gateway, the product will be based on Android third quarter.

This means that Google invaded 90% dominated by Microsofts PC operating system market, Android is different from Windows, both open source and MIC29152BT price and free. This is really a case of Microsofts rivals. Google


Learned, HP, Dell also is studying the launch of the Android platform for the Internet. At this point, Microsofts Windows7 coming soon, ahead of personal computer operating system wars start. Market analysts believe that this may lead to lower Microsofts Windows7 pricing.

Alleged that Microsoft and MIC29152BT suppliers and Intel are very concerned about the Android operating system and the development of ARM processor, and the worlds largest production base of personal computer brands and on behalf of the Taiwan industrys attitude will be critical.

Alleged that on June 1, Google developed with Taiwan partners exchange views on Android platform for mobile devices. Manufacturers, including Quanta, Compal, Chunghwa Telecom, HTC, Acer, Asus, BenQ, Asus and Acer which is included in the Android phone and the Internet also can produce the manufacturers, the rest are mostly mobile phone manufacturers.

Major computer makers competing R & D An-droid Internet mean that the software has enough performance to replace Windows?

Google Android mobile phone operating system was originally designed, but with its open source, while the advantages of charge, the operating system also attracted the personal computer manufacturers. Since the launch of Android from Google, which both open source, system and third-party low-cost feature of the three degrees of freedom to re-designate the operating system sphere of influence.

Market that, Android platform One of the strengths is its powerful networking capabilities. Acer executives said that "wireless connectivity at an alarming rate." In addition, Android could make the Internet fast boot and shutdown. From these two ways, Android is the mobile phone features into the Internet.

At the same time, compared with Windows, Android license low, help reduce costs and prices notebooks. Acer said the companys upcoming Android system AspireOne using the Internet version of the price cheaper than the Win-dows, while the two products the same hardware configuration.

However, the actual ability to get rid of the traditional Windows user interface to accept the use of An-droid, and the application software on the Android platform compatibility issues will be a major challenge for the future.

Microsofts belated

Network convergence trend is reflected in the terminal on the integration of the Internet is a good example. While Microsoft in personal computers and smart phones have the layout, but on the Internet has lagged behind this.

"Is Microsofts mistake that led Google to cut into the space." Warehouse sword and says, is Linux-based Android, and other non-Windows operating system, Microsoft has decided to promote the continuous development of early release Windows7, is likely to reduce the listing prices for this .

Windows7 which can support a version of the Internet, but Microsoft only supports Intel processors stand, do not support ARM, king of smart phones in the ARM processor is a strong rookie netbooks, which indicates that Microsoft is on the Internet This is not fully liberalized.

Android is Googles Linux-based platform for developing open-source mobile operating system, now used in personal computers, the development of the Android alliance membership to 48 worldwide, including handset manufacturers, PC manufacturers, OEMs as well as other telecom operators.

In China, the most compelling products, when the number of China Mobile Android upcoming O-Phone. Lenovo Mobile is the first vendor to announce manufacturing OPhone, its first OPhone has been named as O1, the fastest third quarter this year, and is a TD cell phone. Lenovo Mobile

According to insiders, Lenovo Mobile, President Lu Yan position, "regardless of the cost of inputs, and to succeed." Allegedly, OPhone mobile terminals in China, the depth of customization is high hopes, OPhone will be built to China Mobile online application store Mobile-Market, directly against Apples AppStore.

In the future, with Internet features, meet the needs of the time integration of the terminal will become the mainstream. Peoples issues will no longer be "smart phone or laptop to choose?" But "choose a mobile terminal for my internet."

Platform wars

Although the specific business, Microsoft and Google are not in direct conflict, but they always regarded each other as the greatest enemy. The first contact with the end user who is? Microsoft and Google compete for the control of the platform and the right to speak the whole industry chain.

Android which will bring direct benefits dominance is unclear, however, Google-style, traditional success of the Internet to the mobile Internet.

Google, said Andy Rubin, director of mobile platforms, Google plans to launch this year, at least 18 models before the end of the system based on the new Android smart phones.

Because, Android platform, virtually free, has not yet become a direct profit of Google tools, so Google hopes Android phones through promotion or other mobile terminals, so that more users can use Google Mobile Web browsing terminal, and further promote its advertising business. Andy Rubin said, in essence, Google Android mobile phone operating system, the company is actually an extension of online advertising.

StrategyAnalyt-ics market research firm forecasts that the operating system Android mobile phone sales this year will grow by 900%. Because Android mobile operating system in 2009 is gradually penetrate the European and Asian markets. Android low starting point, so the growth rate of more than Apples iPhone (mobile Internet), the growth rate in 2009 iPhone will be 79%. Prediction research firm Info-netics, 2012, Google An-droid smart phone sales will exceed sales of Apple i-Phone.

But at the moment, the worlds largest mobile phone maker Nokia insist on using their Symbian operating system.

Andy Rubin, said: "Google has been in the online advertising business to create a good market model, and open source software with a natural link between the advertising business because the product itself is a kind of open-source release Strategy. "

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