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LED street lighting and solar energy combined into a hot spot is difficult

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Although the actual applications, solar LED street lights have never formed a real sense of marketing, but in the technical point of view, a few years ago it was a very popular technology industry, and NCP1200P60 datasheet and also have a product, even relatively large The demonstration project appears. However, with the LED technology is relatively more rapid progress and NCP1200P60 price and the improvement of cost-effective solar LED street lamp because the design can not be solved fundamentally, inherent defects, making the ideal of "competitive advantage" was gradually offset, and NCP1200P60 suppliers and in technology and industrial development are getting better are more LED street lighting began to develop independently, with the combined application of solar energy is no longer a technology research and industry to promote its hot. Solar and LED

need each other

The once hot, we can understand, because from a technical point of idealism, it is indeed a very attractive technology, it gives us the prospect is simply described can be "perfect" to describe: one-time investment , long life, low maintenance cost LED lamp is not the cost of laying the cable, without geographical restrictions, can be as easy as planting trees is not an inexhaustible electricity bill energy is clean and so on.

Addition to the ideal, in fact, both solar and semiconductor lighting technology hot spots, each has indeed hit it off with each other, need each other reasons:

Of solar technology, the lighting applications is not its main areas of application, nor is it best embodies the application of advantage, but as a form of energy for lighting, the most intuitive and easy to be recognized by the public known and accepted. And at current levels, solar energy technology as a high cost and low efficiency can not be avoided, especially in the monomer of lighting applications, such as not using LED technology, and designed in accordance with the volume ratio of conventional solar lighting systems, often have to face its insufficient supply of light energy conversion power of embarrassment. In this sense, LED visual effect because under the same low-power advantages of working in the inverter DC-free advantage of other, becoming the first choice with the solar lighting applications.

While the LED technology for general lighting market is entering its ultimate goal, of which the product performance characteristics, street light is the most important breakthrough. However, the application of the street, a few years ago the cost of high-power LED is very expensive, even if there is power, long life, high safety, pollution and other technical advantages, are not sufficient to offset the cost of conventional street lights in the huge disadvantage, the promotion can only be built in the "Model Application" on the basis, largely sells "concept" rather than products, there is no way to take the market route. The combination with the application of solar energy seems to be a breakthrough: First, the cost of solar energy combined with a higher despite the one-time investment, but in concept as a "selling point" of the meaning is more prominent, and the demonstration and popularization of solar energy itself has this market demand; Secondly, In combination with the use of solar energy, LED technology advantage compared to other lighting technologies, is not only a problem of power is more important features is that you can take according to their own technical means (such as current and brightness adjustment) can be further reduced compared to under the more expensive configuration of solar systems and battery costs. Defects can not avoid the practical application of

But in actual research and applications, solar LED street lamp can not avoid the shortcomings inherent in it is difficult to overcome:

Bear the brunt of the set of "green energy" as the main selling point of the system, much of its own waste problem of resource allocation. Because the lights are mandatory product standards, including the "power shortage rate" indicators, it does not allow the same as the landscape lighting products can not meet the work of rainy days. Thus, from a technical design perspective, the collection and storage of energy must be the least ideal weather conditions (sunshine time is short season, consecutive rainy days, etc.) based, so that, in most conditions of use, Most of the energy distribution (solar cells) and the electrical storage device is idle, not only is the system costs are high and the performance of the system itself to the theme of energy saving and comprehensive utilization is contrary.

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