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Market demand for components, ceramic capacitors, the highest growth potential instability

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Market demand for electronic components is still in an unstable state, the demand for almost all products are not prosperous. When the off-season into the spring and WM8714ED datasheet and summer, when there is no market demand for components, signs of improvement.

Overall, this month, the market price of components will decline slightly, but according to market conditions, it does not rule out the components of the market price would be more significant decline. The special circumstances of memory, memory prices have been lower than the cost of production, its supply chain and WM8714ED price and financial distress, the cost of storage or no down, only up.

However, the market still appears to survive, the Internet and WM8714ED suppliers and high-end mobile phones are heavily marketed, at least in the current market environment, the Internet and high-end phones already are expectations. iSuppli expects the global Internet in 2009 will reach 26 million units sold, of course, which is 100 million 60 million compared to sales of notebook computers is still a small number, but 26 million units sold still means extraordinary. Another challenge is cautious

market consumers. Consumers have become accustomed to a discount market, even in the face of new products, consumers still want a discount.

Following are various types of electronic components, iSupplis analysis of price movements.

Analog Devices

Regulator Makes the overall macroeconomic impact

electronic components market is shrinking, shrinking of the market also makes the regulator. Analog and power devices a long time supplier of high inventories in the fourth quarter of 2008, and the first quarter of 2009 the market had the impact of crucial importance.

In the past few years, the market regulator to double-digit growth. In 2009, the macroeconomic situation, coupled with inventory levels, and changes in demand, the market regulators growth rate dropped to -21.5%.

Recent consumer electronics market will look forward to more healthy growth, for example: notebook computers, desktop computers, mobile phones, MP3/PMP, and the LCD TV market. When the price erosion comes, bear the brunt of this market, but its price will be the first to stabilize. Currently, the markets growth look to emerging markets, such as alternative energy market, the next is the second-quarter mobile phone and PC markets. March 3-4, 2009, these markets have shown signs of recovery.

4 months, as demand has picked up fast enough, the regulator needs of the market decreased slightly, expected in May the market regulator, the average sales price will stabilize. In mid-2009, the market regulator, the average selling price expected to rebound.

4 months, the market supply regulator to go flat. Expected in the second quarter, the market demand will rise, which causes the market supply regulator extended.

Operational Amplifier / Interface

4 months, the price decline slightly op-amp.

Months by 2009, suppliers have a high stock prices led to the erosion of the op amp. In the first quarter last 1 month, demand began to rise. The end of the second quarter of 2009, the operational amplifier will be possible to extend the delivery period.

4 months, the interface IC product prices have declined, the price of the end of the second quarter of 2009 may be stabilizing. Expected in the second quarter of 2009, the interface of the IC supply will be extended to 5 weeks. As PC and mobile phone IC market, the market is an important support interfaces, and PC and mobile phone market is hit by the recession, the price erosion has seriously affected the interface IC market, but the current market is to pick up the interface IC, the interface IC market will also be will increase.


Ceramic capacitors

Previously, we said that in the field of ceramic capacitors have a large number of suppliers, these suppliers have pledged to increase production. Ceramic capacitor is the maximum amount to buy the largest amount of products and units. Therefore, once the market recovers, the demand for ceramic capacitors will be rapid growth. Ceramic capacitors are the maximum growth potential, which is a large number of suppliers to invest heavily in ceramic capacitors reasons. Because of this, in the foreseeable future, the ceramic capacitor is almost the risk of supply shortage does not occur. Ceramic capacitors will lower prices even more violent than other varieties, and high CV product prices will be the biggest decline.

Tantalum capacitors

Declines in prices of raw materials manufacturer of tantalum capacitors greatly reduce the cost pressures. Tantalum capacitor suppliers to reduce the production capacity, which makes the demand if there is a slight rise, the supply period will be extended. This large-size tantalum capacitor market will cause problems, because large-size tantalum capacitor market vendors less. However, iSuppli that this will not cause long-term effects. Tantalum capacitor prices will continue to decline moderately in the second quarter, the price of tantalum capacitor will increase.

In the major manufacturer of tantalum capacitors, AVX Corporations cash position of the best out of the downward trend in the market when, AVX Corporation will become more powerful.

Electrolytic capacitors

Market sluggish demand for electrolytic capacitor, changes in exchange rates makes the Japanese suppliers have been lost, but the decline in prices of raw materials supplier in Japan has been making compensation, particularly aluminum and energy prices. This situation is creating an opportunity for some Chinese manufacturers, they can to extend the sphere of influence.

In the second quarter, falling prices of electrolytic capacitors will last, and the third quarter, the electrolytic capacitor prices will stabilize.


In the Chinese market, the demand for connectors started to rise, especially in consumer electronics products even more so. This trend will be modest and will continue into the third quarter. As demand began to rise, after a sharp decline in the price of the connector will be stabilized.

Standard connector products, supply will remain at 4-6 weeks.


Since China adopted the 3G mobile phones, the demand for crystal growth.

Present, however, that this demand growth to continue into the second quarter too early to suppliers who have adopted a conservative attitude. Supply of most products will stabilize in the 9-10 weeks, but the 2.0 × 2.1mm small packages will be an exception, in the foreseeable future, a small package 2.0 × 2.1mm in supply will for 15 weeks.


SAW filter

5 × 7mm and 2.5 × 3mm package market demand continues to slump. In the first half of 2009, the entire market demand will be weak, while the 1.1 × 1.4mm, and 1.6 × 2mm products in the market demand will be stable, the price of these products have been stabilized.


Diode is widely used. Usually the price of the diode will not have much change. However, the current market situation is rare. Over time, the market will show the status of the diode in the next economic downturn will inevitably doom. As demand and average selling prices fall, is expected in 2009, and the rectifier diode market will have a 16.2% decline.

2009 Nian 2 months, the diodes average selling prices fell by 4-6%. This decrease compared to 7-9% last month to improve a lot.

In the first quarter of 2009, the diode remains stable period of supply, while in the second quarter of 2009, as demand increased, the diode will extend the period of supply.

Logic devices

Procurement in Asia continues to grow, in particular, especially China, the Chinese government encourages the purchase of household appliances and cars, to support the market demand. The North American and European markets appears to slow the recovery is expected in the second quarter, North American and European market demand for electronic components is only slightly higher than the first quarter due to slowing demand for terminal equipment, inventory, shipping time components longer . The price of standard logic devices will continue to face downward pressure, but low-end products, prices began to slow down, the market did not appear to compete for market share, the vicious competition, but rather to focus on profitability and survival. This is the market during the dotcom bubble burst very different market participants were very rich, in order to compete for market share and spend lots of money. Expected, due to rising demand for the third quarter, and suppliers who also has the ability to support this demand, therefore, the second quarter, the price of standard logic devices will be stabilized. According to projections, the third and fourth quarter, the price of standard logic devices will be a moderate rise, will extend the delivery period, the market will ensure that the equipment components supply. Under normal market conditions, when the supply of more than 14 weeks, its price will go up. However, in the current market conditions, due to too many uncertain factors, delivery of less than 14 weeks, its price will rise, which is due to the inevitable short-term customer needs to fill out. Some OEM are worried that after several years of great prices, suppliers have had a period of price correction comes, it will lead to sharp price increases, if in short supply, will lead to lack of low utilization of product shipment. Then, the relationship between suppliers and customers will be very important.

Magnetic components

As insufficient consumption, making the lack of demand for magnetic components, but the mobile phone market has remained stable demand, in particular, 3G mobile phone market even more so.

In the third quarter before the magnetic components of the supply will continue to decline, falling prices of raw materials led to the decline in market prices, but the third quarter, the magnetic components of the market prices will stabilize.



DRAM market have not changed much is expected, DRAM prices will be similar to last month. Qimonda has cut the company, which makes Qimondas users, in the second quarter, the need to seek other supply channels.

NAND flash memory

Supplier this quarter are ready to expand the memory utilization, and increase capacity, and soon there may be risks of falling prices. , iSuppli believes that the price of the first quarter of overheating, unless the global economy, rapid recovery, or, in the second quarter, price increases is difficult to reproduce the situation. As supply is difficult because the price of produce lasting.


SRAM market the products of different densities, resulting in a different price oscillation, the prices of some products, lower prices of some products, but the SRAM market this year, the main problem is that its unit sales dropped significantly. Conversion to non-pSRAM the phone, making the SRAM business has been negatively affected.


EEPROM market conditions bland, and its capacity to meet the needs of the market, or slightly more than the market. However, due to the second quarter, inventories will be updated, this situation may change. Update the inventory to increase purchases, or EEPROM market will have a mild recovery, it is difficult to predict.

NOR flash memory

The first quarter, NOR flash memory revenue declined sharply, however, has improved the structure of orders. Expected in the long run, NOR flash memory prices will continue to decline, but some NOR flash memory will be some increase in average selling prices, it is because the market from low-price mobile phone market to the relatively high price of the embedded field. NOR flash memory capacity is sufficient, the delivery period will be maintained at normal levels.


In the near future, 3.2 × 2.5mm, and 5 × 3.2mm package the product demand will continue to decline. The price of the first quarter fell 3%, while the next quarter, the price will drop. April, 3.2 × 2.5mm, and 5 × 3.2mm package delivery products will be reduced to 7-8 weeks of the second half of 2009 the supply will remain at that level. Internet ordering has been some improvement, but not enough to make orders for delivery of extension.


Weak demand, the price of copper and other raw materials prices continue to decline. Prices of raw materials in the first quarter will continue into the second quarter, the price of raw materials in the third quarter, will be stabilized. Suppliers who will continue to struggle, the Chinese market will be some consolidation and restructuring.


Rectifier widely used, usually not substantially change the price of rectifiers, but the current market conditions has brought uncertainty. Over time, the rectifier market will not be spared. Expected in 2009, due to weak demand and a decline in average selling prices, the rectifier will be 28.2% of the shrinking market.

2009 Nian 4 months, the rectifier average selling prices fell by 2%, is expected in the second quarter, the rectifier will be modest increases in average selling prices.

2009 in the second quarter, the market supply rectifier will remain stable, while the third quarter, as demand rose, the market supply rectifier will be extended.


Resistance of the overall product market slowdown in demand, while the 3G mobile phone is an exception. 3G mobile phone with a large number of 0402 and 0201 packages, consume a large amount of inventory, so suppliers have to see hope. The market supply for 5-7 weeks, the market capacity is sufficient, will not supply shortage.


Bipolar power transistors

In the application market, the bipolar power transistors are constantly being MOSFET, and IGBT replacement (such as PC, consumer electronics, communications and industrial markets.) Commercialization of the MOSFET market becoming more and more of the bipolar power transistors will fade away. Prior to this, iSuppli Corporation estimated in 2009, bipolar power transistor market turnover will decline further. In 2008, due to economic conditions, market demand will shift to cheaper switches, rather than high-performance, more expensive devices, this trend will reduce the decline in the market. The current economic situation will benefit bipolar power transistors, which will further reduce the bipolar power transistor is replaced by the speed of bipolar power transistors, but does not prevent price erosion.

4 months, bipolar power transistors prices continue to decline. Expected in 2009, the bipolar power transistor, the average selling prices will decline further in response to MOSFET in the low-end consumer products market.

In April 2009, the bipolar power transistors slightly longer period of supply is expected in mid-2009, bipolar power transistors will continue to extend the delivery period.


In April 2009, rising demand for power MOSFET, while the second quarter of 2009, the power MOSFET market demand will stabilize. Power MOSFETs market consists of two main areas: high-voltage MOSFET and low-voltage MOSFET. In the current, low voltage MOSFET has a more innovative areas, due to demand for CPU and GPU of the regulator makes its complexity in the design of continuously increasing. Current market conditions, did not benefit low-voltage market.

4 months, the power MOSFET, the average sales price rose slightly, is expected mid 2009, MOSFET, the average sales price will stabilize.

In 2009, the third quarter, as demand rose, supply of power MOSFET slightly extended.

Small signal transistors

4 months, small signal transistors and lower prices. , iSuppli believes that the small-signal transistors are signs of recovery in the second quarter of 2009, the price of small-signal transistor will go flat, or declined slightly.

Because demand is still not prosperous, in April, the supply of small-signal transistor flattening is expected in mid-2009, small signal transistors will extend the period of supply.

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