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Open Text to enter Chinese market

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on May   2, 2011

As enterprise content management (ECM) of the global leaders, Open Text has announced dimensional digital audio (China) Co., Ltd. (China-dimensional sound) signed a partnership agreement, the company is a leading "Fortune" Global 500 one-stop call center to provide services and CLC5526MSA datasheet and technology solutions provider. The partnership with SAP AG and CLC5526MSA price and a global reseller agreement will help expand the business and CLC5526MSA suppliers and the development of Open Texts customer base in Greater China.

-Dimensional sound of Chinas accession Open Text Partner Program, Open Text expands the market in Greater China (including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau) coverage and market access. China-dimensional sound for various vertical market for Open Texts ECM portfolio of solutions provide sales and support. This partnership will help strengthen the Open Text ECM in Asia to expand its market share commitments.

Open Text, Asia Pacific and Japan Graham Pullen, vice president and general manager, said: "With its solid foundation in the Chinese market, China for the Open Text-dimensional sound market strategy in China is very important significance. VXI Chinas accession For Open Text Partner Program called the crowning touch, it allows us to market these to the rapid development of enterprises and provide support and to sell. "

Open Text partners associated with program aims to discover, develop and identify the Asia Pacific region for Open Texts ECM solutions to expand customer base and achieve significant value partnership. According to an independent IT industry analyst firm Hydrasight analysis, China is facing ECM solution market is fragmented and complex risks. Forward-looking companies will realize that through the further application EC3M related technologies (integrated management of content, collaboration and communication and other functions) to promote the global supply chain efficiency will bring opportunities and benefits.

Through the full application of its market share in China will enable Open Text dimensional sound access to existing customer base, and provide more than 12 languages, real-time translation services, which will allow Open Text to a variety of dialects in Greater China area of each regional sales and support of customers. Dimensional sound

Dr. Liu Qianli Chinese President said: "We adhere to industry-leading long-term guidelines for the Chinese customers the best solution; our partnership with Open Texts relationship will continue. With the many institutions seeking to manage their the rapid increase of information and reduce costs and simplify the way, we work with Open Texts partnership will highlight our clients to provide the best solution of these commitments. We are very honored to be a global leader in enterprise content management, Open Texts collaboration partners, and to various institutions in China to provide its solution. "

Dimensional sound China headquarters in Shanghai (Pudong), the operations team located in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Taiwan and Hong Kong, designed specifically for a variety of industries and business departments including sales and marketing support, telemarketing, customer care, data analysis, technical support and customer relationship management, including a variety of services.

Open Text Channel Alliance Director, Asia Pacific Mr Chris Petersen said: "Open Text Partner Program is one of the objectives and dimensional sound of todays China, the enterprise should have a common vision of the information explosion of companies to cooperate. Open Text enterprise content management solutions enable companies to better manage and control information growth, thus improving efficiency and reducing costs. dimensional sound Chinese to join our partner program will help us expand the market coverage to more customers in China leading solutions. "

Open Text will also continue to focus on its SAP solutions focus on business development; by the Open Text products for the SAP market with a dedicated sales and support team to provide supplementary programs for partners. SAP Asia Pacific and Japan region and Open Text solutions related to revenue contribution from the last fiscal year has increased four times since.

Graham Pullen promote the growth of Open Text and SAP due to local sales force to grow strong global reseller agreement. Graham Pullen said: "Open Texts SAP in the region, sales and support team for more than three times last year. This from the new staff on transfer from other markets as well as SAP solutions, new concerns, especially for the Chinese market growth. "

Application and supporting SAP Open Text Open Text ECM solution as part of a series to sell. Rich content management capabilities to safely manage and control from the document, e-mail, Web content and video, and other institutional sources of information growth. Open Text recently ranked 2009 SAP Asia Pacific and Japan partners software solutions in the top three top achievement award.