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Promising OLED TV manufacturers choose the small size of China as a breakthrough

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foreign news agencies, at plants in 2009, the year Sony will launch a new generation of OLED TV. Sony OLED TV company said LCD screen LCD TV screen thickness of only 1 / 3, that is 3mm. More importantly, OLED displays can be folded, bent, as can be like a piece of paper hanging on the wall or in a pocket.

Two years ago, Sony has launched in Japan for 11-inch OLED TV, the first to enter this market, including Toshiba, Matsushita and MAX3232EWE datasheet and other Japanese manufacturers are also coveted in this area. Except Japan, South Koreas Samsung and MAX3232EWE price and other manufacturers are also increasing investment in OLED, the companies do not want to lag behind the emerging field of rivals. The upcoming

Sony OLED TV screen thickness of only 3mm, lighter weight, lower power consumption. Sonys upcoming TV is a collapsible, which means that as OLED technology, the future of TV will be more portable. Moreover, this display can be bent, and MAX3232EWE suppliers and for different substrate materials manufacturing. This is also the number of display are lower than the results, OLED is almost non-existent problem of viewing angle, users see a large angle, the screen still does not distortion. In addition, OLED LCD response time is one-thousandth, the screen will not display motion smear phenomenon. OLED can be adapted to more complex and difficult environment. Low temperature properties of this material to ensure it under the conditions of minus 40 degrees can still be displayed properly. Despite the many advantages of

OLED, but for the growth and development of technology in many areas of technology will be mature. The face of the industrialization of LCD, OLED development is somewhat immature. The existence of an LCD is not stable to bring OLED development, Sony 2007 was introduced in the high price of $ 1,800 after the OLED TV, LCD wave of price cuts almost OLED dream wave annihilation. While the major manufacturers of OLED

input on the LCD market has not yet reached the point of an impact, but the country has significantly increased its investment in OLED industry. In contrast, Chinese companies limited industrial base and economic conditions of instability, there is no strength in the OLED on the large capital invested, it can not be like Sony, as represented by high-profile Japanese companies to enter the big-screen OLED industry, only some inputs small, the technology is more mature as a breakthrough in the small size of the market.

By the Sichuan and Hong Visionox as represented by Chinese companies, is trying to walk on the field in the OLED development model of a small to large. In recent years the size of mobile screen is the production of OLED screens, and then to 10 inches will be developed around a computer screen.

In addition, mainland China makers are also actively seek to play in the OLED industry chain, the role of OEM, OEM for international companies the opportunity OLED lighting products. Mainland Chinas lack of patents related to the development of this technology is still one of the obstacles, if mainland China manufacturers OLED lighting manufacturers in Europe and America for strategic alliances, obtain patent licenses, technology transfer, and competitive prices with its OEM shipments, the future is expected to achieve the global OLED lighting market.

In addition, 3G era can not be ignored, a variety of terminals and CMMB mobile TV will become the dominant domestic market, in the 3G era, mobile video has become a core value. Small OLED screen play to their advantage by this machine, rich 3G era life.

Market research firm forecasts, OLED market value of about 1.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2009, is expected to rise in 2011 to $ 2,000,000,000, OLED as a new technology will eventually replace the LCD screen to become the new dominant on the field, but technology mature to take time. Sony OLED TV on the face of the success of Chinas development in this field requires profound knowledge, to fully absorb the experience from all sides, for the support of the policy, the development of products with its own characteristics.

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