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Spring by the policy of China Mobile TD Running out of wireless cities

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Attended the May 21, held in Xiamen city of TD-SCDMA wireless exchange of experience and TLE6208-3G datasheet and industry applications ("the Exchange") upon, TD wireless city market operator service platform provider of financial innovation to promote the world, President Jiang Xiaojun TD wireless city more confident.

"Quanzhou, Fujian government has decided to build a TD Quanzhou wireless city, Chengdu, Nanjing, Xiamen and TLE6208-3G price and other cities are following the establishment of a wireless city leading group, ready to TD to build the local wireless network of the city." Jiang Xiaojun said, China Mobile TD-building wireless city has expanded the company as an important measure customer business group.

The CBN reporter recently obtained a China Mobile, the internal material "in 2009 the focus of China Mobile Group Customer Plan" ("the Scheme") shows that China Mobile is urging the provincial branches, plus full use of preferential policies TD WIFI on the existing resources and TLE6208-3G suppliers and actively participate in building the wireless market to make up compared with customer business group of companies China Telecom and China Unicoms disadvantage.

This also means that the three operators was as hot taro TD, because the tilt of national policy, is competing with rival China Mobile Groups customers weapon.

Target group customers

"Market, China Mobile dominates individual customers, but customers of the Groups competitive strength of the market in a relatively weak position." Insider China Mobile, a CBN reporter pointed out that although the three major telecom operators are full-service operations, but China Telecom and China Unicom have their own systems integration company and a strong technical team operation and maintenance, access to existing mobile communication network, these advantages can be fully released, is likely to widen with China Mobile Group customers in the market gap.

China Mobile in 2008 showed a profit, the end of 2008, China Mobile Group, the total number of 2.33 million customers, customer management into the Group accounts for individual users to corporate users the proportion of the total number of 28.1%. "Plan" data show that in January 2008 ~ 10 months total revenue of China Mobile Group customers totaled 108.9 billion yuan, accounting for 31.2% share of total income; members of the Group total ARPU (average revenue per user) is 89 million, higher than the overall ARPU higher than the market value of 32 yuan, the Group sustained customer churn rate of about 1%, lower than the overall market rate of 2.22% from the net.

However, if China Mobile does not change the thinking, the rapid growth of the group last year, customers also will likely face the loss of this year.

"Plan" data show that in the 16 provinces of China Mobile Groups key customers and 10,500 China Telecom and China Unicom also signed were 41% and 38.9%; of which more than 2 years long-term agreement signed by China Telecom and China Unicom were 53.8% and 51.2%, while the moving average is only 45% of the shows that competitors have begun to erode the focus of China Mobile Groups customers.

In addition, as of October last year, China Mobile Groups line of broadband customers with only 22,000 users, the number of broadband Internet users 500 million, IDC Group, the number of users is 3173, while China Telecom has 17 million dedicated users, 53 million broadband users and 30,000 Internet users IDC. For users of China Telecom Group, including voice, internet, telephone conferences, including 34 telecom products, China Mobile only 18 products to corresponding.

Addition to the disadvantages of products and services, China Telecom, China Unicom in the organizational structure also has formed a headquarters, provincial and municipal levels organizational structure. China Mobile has 25 customers of the Group headquarters and the provincial Ministry of group clients, but all over the city and county corporate bodies is uneven. As of February, there are cities in several provinces did not set up a separate branch customers of the Group Division.

Four major projects All data

seems unfavorable to China Mobile. Fortunately, there are China Mobile, TD, and preferential policies around the TD, and perhaps not only allows customers of China Mobile Groups business to reverse the disadvantage and may even lead.

"Plan" said China Mobile in addition to the active defensive posture to hold Hexin markets, but also should take the initiative, Jiang TD, WIFI, and the combination of fixed broadband through price competition reduced profit margins of leverage to achieve the market game of balanced and competitive initiative of the control.

This end, in 2009 China Mobile Groups customer retention will be implemented to expand the project, broadband access and content syndication, the SME projects and popularization of information technology to promote projects of urban and rural information technology to improve marketing services, product planning and operational support capabilities .

The implementation of the project are the four major network coverage with the TD closely. To promote projects in urban and rural information, the "plan" specifically pointed out that China Mobile branch offices throughout the "Green City", "digital city" as the starting point, the scale of promotion of e-government, urban network management applications to improve urban management and communication, school Paper, police and farmers through ICT penetration rates and other key industries. Which the use of preferential policies and the existing WIFI TD resources, and actively participate in building a wireless city, is further promote the city an important means of information technology.

Xianran, China Mobile has the full coverage of Hu TD TD network wireless city forward as the turning point of client business group.

TD incentives

An insider pointed out that China Mobile, the wireless from Xiamen city success stories TD run, government and wireless industry, wireless applications such as wireless cities in the early development of the focus on client business group of companies have great role in promoting. Therefore, China is actively moving around the office to communicate with the local government, for the TD to build a wireless city. Chief Engineer PAPTY

Ministry of Industry, said at the symposium, wireless cities for stimulating local economic development and stimulate domestic demand and promote the livelihood of the people will play an important role in promoting. On the other hand the TD technology for wireless city is also conducive to speeding up the construction of information network construction, information services help to promote the development and transform and upgrade traditional industries, is conducive to fostering new economic growth point to promote the development of great significance TD .