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Steady growth of medical electronics as an economic recession of the safest investments

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I have an old friend, who in India and LM101AH datasheet and Eastern Europe have pharmaceutical factories. February this year, heard that he will start in the business expansion plans in Asia, I am quite surprised. But after he explained disease and LM101AH price and whether the economy there is no absolute relationship between growth, I also think it sounds pretty reasonable. Perhaps we can reduce the intake of food supplements or vitamins, but we have to take antibiotics to resist disease, or taking anti-inflammatory agents to reduce fever.

Although the medical electronics field and LM101AH suppliers and not necessarily fully consistent with this linear, logical thinking, but the market researchers believe that the development of medical electronics will not have the economic impact of the decline. For example, Databeans when released in 2008, medical electronics, optical products in the promotion of global revenue growth has been the force behind consumer electronics. In addition, in 2013, optical medical electronics market is expected to grow 13% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) continue to grow.

Frost & Sullivan pointed out during April this year, medical electronics is becoming a manufacturing and EMS companies in India to promote the growing demand for one of the mainstream market, and then also affect Indias surface-mount technology (SMT) equipment sales.

Semicast Research Inc. has estimated that industrial / medical semiconductor market in 2007, some 200 billion dollars in revenue, is expected to grow in 2013 to 330 billion U.S. dollars. The company said that although the medical electronics field is difficult to escape the impact of the economic downturn, but many developed countries, government is faced with an aging population continued ─ ─ especially the United States, Japan and the European Union and other countries ─ ─ these issues will enable the Government continue to inject in the national health care plan, especially in imaging, diagnosis / treatment and monitoring.

Semicast said, many politicians do not support national health care program the government to cut funding for any. Therefore, semiconductor suppliers, the medical field is the safest long-term investment markets. According to the investigation report Semicast, analog IC companies are dominating the important needs of medical electronics, and has about half the market share. However, the company also must pay close attention to remind the supplier of the development of consumer health care, because this area is still low current profits, and market demand this year but will face the impact of tightening consumer spending.

But in some ways, the strength of consumer slowdown may also bring new business opportunities. IMS Research recently said that the impact of the recession and the costs continue to increase in the formation of pressure for the health care industry has been wireless technology gave birth to a more positive benefits. The company pointed out that more investment in telemedicine significantly reduced the potential cost and time, especially in monitoring patients with chronic diseases or elderly people living alone time.

Continua Health Alliance is an open industry organization, from about 180 medical institutions and technology companies, the goal is to establish a set of co-operation program of the personal health care system, and is planning to adopt more wireless technologies, including Zigbee and Bluetooth.

Apples iPhone is trying to import a way for users to monitor the application of blood pressure and blood sugar in order to grab a slice of the health care market. However, the medical component is the most important prerequisite for reliability. For example, while only 0.07% error rate, may lead to the heart of medical products must be recycled.

Consumer electronics component designer must adopt some new technologies, such as using Failure Mode and benefit analysis (FMEA) to assess the potential risks of the product. FMEA help determine which aspects must be concerned in order to reduce the error rate. Meanwhile, the medical component should not be ignored to reduce power, size, and enhance performance needs.

Though, the doctors work is perhaps todays most secure career, however, once the master new technology will also be able to assist design engineers in its product design in the medical electronics market share. The most secure investment will eventually entirely up to yourself.

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