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Substrate technology advances faster than integrated into the LED industry focus on innovation

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2009 Industry Forum of Chinese LED display May 24 in the "Shenzhen Optoelectronic Display Week" held. At the same time, to recognize and CD4020BE datasheet and encourage outstanding business and CD4020BE price and technological innovation, Chinas LED industry first annual award ceremony held simultaneously.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) industry is a sunrise industry, the green industry. LED display as May 23 -26 at "Shenzhen Optoelectronic Display Week" during the biggest bright spot. In the context of the international financial crisis, many exhibition and CD4020BE suppliers and forum "cold market" or "shrink" and 24 "2009 China Summit Forum on LED display industry," has attracted more than 500 corporate executives and experts attended the LED. In a number of good policies and strong technology continues to mature, driven, LED applications, especially lighting and backlighting applications are in large development on the eve of blowout. Solid State Lighting Industry Alliance, the Secretary-General Wu Ling R & D and LED display industry in the Forum, stressed that the rapid development of the industry, we must address the issue, especially patents, standards, innovation system and other key issues. From a technical point of view, Chinas LED epitaxy, chip, in particular substrate technology has made rapid progress, some experts believe that the follow-up in the LED industry, the development, extension, chip and package for the integration of technology innovation and sustainable development to become a big industry trend.

Silicon substrate technology has been achieved industry

A long time, LED substrate technology has been Japans Nichia CREE sapphire substrate and the United States dominated the companys silicon carbide substrate. Lattice Power (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd. is based on light-emitting materials and devices Nanchang University Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education, specializing in the silicon substrate GaN (GaN) based LED epitaxial materials and chip manufacturing high-tech enterprises. In the "2009 China LED Display Industry Summit Forum", Nanchang University, Lattice Power Feng-Yi Jiang made a keynote speech, Chairman, reported that GaN-based LED chip silicon substrate technology are taking root on the route from Japan, the United States and a few other developed countries, the GaN-based LED technology is different. Currently available on the market by other companies are GaN LED on sapphire or silicon carbide as a substrate, while the optical crystal products for the semiconductor material in the first generation silicon substrate GaN-based LED chips fabricated on the crystal can photoelectric technical line with the original innovation. Currently, the Lattice Power has taken the lead in the global realization of this new product production. "Although the application of our products, the amount is not great, but its advantages have been apparent, the future development of space is still very optimistic." Jiang Feng-yi think. LED

silicon substrate technology is one of the three original technology, with full intellectual property rights, has applied for and received 52 international and domestic patents. Arguably, LatticePower have broken the current monopoly of Japans Nichia Corporation sapphire substrate and the United States CREE SiC substrate of semiconductor lighting technology monopoly situation, the formation of a sapphire, silicon carbide, silicon substrate the three pillars of semiconductor lighting technology programs situation. China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association

optoelectronic devices branch of the Secretary-General, Run Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Anhui stability and health, said President Chen in 2008 domestic to domestic LED chip wafer made of the total production and sales volume has reached about 300 billion PCS, in which high brightness chips of about 13.1 watts of power LED chips, many domestic enterprises have achieved varying degrees of industrialization of technological breakthroughs, mass production of the luminous efficiency is 50 lumens per watt up to 70 lumens in the market have a certain cost competitiveness, and intellectual property rights has also made considerable achievements.

Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Lehman Iron Man Li, general manager, said in an interview, if in 5 years ago our LED product quality and function, whether it is chips, devices, applications, and the gap of foreign leading products 50%, now the gap has been reduced an average of 10% to 20%, some products are still beyond. "In this case, no need to xenophilia choice of products. It is time for Chinas LED business bigger and stronger, and this requires the industry and society-wide consensus." Iron Man Lee said.

Sheng Chen that, technically speaking, LED epitaxy, chip, especially the substrate technology, the domestic progress quickly in the future industrial development, extension, chip and package for the integration of technology innovation has become a sustainable industry trend of development.

Be integrated innovation chain coordination

2008 Nian two "337" incident on the LED industry in China has sounded the alarm. "At present, LED products, improve our international competitiveness, the development of a complete range of property rights with independent technology and technology are our top priority, as a business, although independent research and development while strengthening protection of intellectual property rights to protect themselves to some external the feasibility of certain measures, but the core of the work or the height of the entire industry needs to do. "Chen and the students think.

13th China Electronics Technology Group, Professor Zhang Wansheng in the "China Electronics News" interview, that technological innovation and technological progress on the LED industry is essential to establish a complete innovation system, the LED industry in China and international competitiveness is of great significance. "Technological innovation and technological progress in the domestic institutions dominated by the Ministry of Science, pay close attention to implementation, LED industry by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Development and Reform Commission to the main backbone to promote the implementation of the manufacturer." Zhang Wansheng recommendations .

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Director of Electronic Information Division IC off white in the "2009 China Summit Forum on LED display industry," speech, stressed that in technological innovation, we must study, and research with a combination of strengthening of the industrial chain convergence and interaction.

LED lighting applications in the face of great development opportunity, the opportunity for domestic LED industry, not just the industrial and economic expansion, more importantly, to seize the second innovation is to build self-knowledge property rights system, a major opportunity. "Establishment of the field of lighting applications in the semiconductor intellectual property system is the right time, and the realization of this goal, must be based on industry-wide, comprehensive, continuous innovation based on science and technology. LED upper, middle and lower reaches between industries , and the need for inter-industry and the lighting more closely, up from a simple trade cooperation and technological exchanges to closer cooperation and research, take the road of development and application of market development. "Sheng Chen said. China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association

LED display applications, said branch chairman of the relevant product Zhen, technological innovation within the industry has become increasingly active, LED industry chain and promote positive interaction between upstream and downstream development of the overall product development industry growing capacity to adapt to special application requirements of technology development, technical support and technology to ensure capacity enhancement. Integrated with all aspects of production and research on industrial innovation and development.

To apply and promote the development of a consensus

Despite the international financial crisis slowed down the development of LED industry, but the market outlook remains encouraging. China Association of Lighting Tang Guoqing, director of semiconductor lighting professional members, said the indoor and outdoor general lighting market pull, the 2008 world or to maintain high-brightness LED market, more than 10% growth in GDP of up to 5.1 billion. As the markets recovery, 2008 to 2013 compound annual average growth rate will reach 19.3% in 2013 output will be up to 124 billion U.S. dollars. "At present, LED is also flourishing in the application, including street lighting, semi-outdoor lighting, indoor lighting 3 LED application large areas become the focus. In addition to these three major application areas, there are 5 small areas have begun to emerge, that is auxiliary point lighting , three-dimensional lighting, decorative lighting, intelligent lighting, scene lighting. "Tang Guoqing introduced.

Solid State Lighting Industry Alliance, the Secretary-General Wu Ling R & D and in the "2009 China Summit Forum on LED display industry," speech, stressed that the application for development is good policy semiconductor lighting industry. To this end, the ministry has launched the "city of ten thousand ten" LED application demonstration projects to promote large-scale semiconductor lighting applications. Wu Ling believes that the industry markets to be calm in the busy thinking, to discover and solve problems to make this sunrise industry faster and more healthy and orderly development.

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