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View from the cottage cottage mobile Internet: take time to replicate the success

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Summary: cottage access to the short-lived, for the time being not able to copy the successful model of mobile phone firms is due to the Internet and ICL3243ECA datasheet and mobile phone product attributes this not the same as for higher quality and ICL3243ECA price and brand requirements. At present, the whole continent of technology, design and ICL3243ECA suppliers and production levels reach the above requirements, is still dependent on Taiwan notebook industry chain, did not realize the innovation chain and localization. Of course, the most fundamental reason is that the Internet is still Wintel system monopoly, Wintel does not change the pattern of industrial chains and industrial power, there is currently emerging local / cottage manufacturers for the time being unable to grasp the Internet in this of this "disruptive innovation" opportunities. However, with local manufacturers in the downstream brand and marketing, and even upper middle reaches of the industrial chain core technology step by step, and gradually achieve a breakthrough, the Internet will give local emerging / cottage manufacturers to bring great opportunities - if only to maintain quality and brand to consumers more responsible.

"People do not understand this cottage online, though very busy time ago, but have not seen how much someones shipments, said the current market is over. This reminds me of a joke, a brother bought a Roubao Zi, the first bite did not bite the meat, mouth and bite off the second, and third port finally bite the meat, and then hand bleeding. "practitioners of a cottage on my mobile phone to participate in the" International Electronic Business, "an online seminar this site joked.

Successful cottage phone (Note: This article refers to products in the consumer market and cottage prices civilian population, and emerging small and medium sized brands and white box manufacturers, to distinguish between the traditional brands, not to license as the standard, more does not mean fake and shoddy work), so many people have high hopes for this cottage online. ASUS eePC successful demonstration in the next, since the second half of 2008, a large number of new manufacturers into the Internet in this field, the hope of recreating the myth of cottage phone. However, shipments of small, low profit margins, cycle length and risk, so that the dream of many new entrants to quickly shattered, along with the mainstream 10-inch netbook price war occurred, and shuffling, many new entrants have select Exit.

And cottage phone similar to the Internet in this cottage industry chain is also divided into chip suppliers, board design and manufacture, cottage online vendors (system integration into the business) and sales agents. However, and cottage has one-third of the domestic mobile phone market, compared to both the share of the cottage online market share and shipments are quite different.

Figure 1:2008 10 years of domestic mobile phone manufacturers (cottage background and mode dominant) Source: BNP Paribas / 200902

It is understood that the Internet company in Shenzhen line cottage shipments each month up to several thousand, but only (according to industry sources said a maximum of 3K), upstream Topstar, Powerise into, together up, complete resistance several major programs such as the motherboard vendor shipments are only tens of thousands of units, and most or the Great Wall and Tongfang for the traditional brands, the flow of cottage manufacturers are not many - in contrast to existing Shenzhen 5-10 million units shipped in the first line of magnitude there are dozens of handset makers cottage, while the upper reaches of the Dragon Thai flag and heard several major motherboard manufacturers such as single monthly shipments of 50-100 million is orders of magnitude.

That is, the cottage and the cottage online mobile phone shipments in this 100-fold difference, and global shipments of laptops and mobile phones only 10 multiples of magnitude difference. The higher price the Internet, the volume of small, but profit margins are not good. After a period of several years of profits after a large number of manufacturers make the mobile phone industry into fierce competition with, but the cottage is still 10-20% of mobile phone or even higher profit margins, and the Internet in this new cottage has been reduced below 10% profit margin .


market research firm released data show that the global notebook market in 2008, the Internet has accounted for 11% of the share of shipments reached 14.62 million units, is expected to share the Internet in 2009 will rise to 17% The market demand will more than 26.7 million units.

Figure 2: The Internet market is growing rapidly, but the traditional is still the dominant brand (source: Displaybank)

Has been short-lived in this cottage online, or it Hanbaoyufang? In the fast-growing emerging netbook market, why cottage online and not really a place, copy the cottage phone success? There are three main reasons: first, the Internet and mobile phone product attributes are different, not easy cottage; second, the Internet industrial chain attached to the traditional PC industry chain, not only pattern is no innovation, and design and production and parts supply is not local, so local cottage / few opportunities in emerging companies; the third, and most fundamental reason, as the traditional PC industry, the Internet is still the monopoly of Wintel systems, Wintel does not change the industry chain and industry structure power.

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