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08 accelerated the opening of the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair Globalization brand

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Reporter learned from Guangzhou, June 8, 2008 to 11, Chinese Export Commodities Fair Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou in 2008 to be held in Guangzhou International Lighting development. Then, will showcase cutting-edge technology in 2008 and PALCE16V8H-25JC/4 datasheet and the lighting industry and PALCE16V8H-25JC/4 price and supporting the development of the situation to the lighting system solutions. The exhibition area of 86,000 square meters, from 22 countries and PALCE16V8H-25JC/4 suppliers and regions, 1,300 exhibiting companies, will gather the domestic manufacturers of lighting products and professional exhibitors. Local lighting giant Guangdong Foshan Lighting, NVC lighting, Op lighting exhibition, also will debut. It is understood that the Guangdong lighting industry as the worlds total production capacity of 60% of the large province occupying distinct advantage in the lighting industry, with the platform, the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair has become the world engaged in the lighting and building electrical technology professionals must dos .

With the domestic construction and engineering industry continues to develop, the demand for lighting products both in quality and quantity are rising, a lot of new lighting industry reference source, will result in a large number of lighting upgrades, replacement. It is understood that the Guangdong Province as the lighting industry accounted for 60% of the worlds production of a large province, in 2008 government work report clearly will gradually replace incandescent lamps with energy-saving, implementation of green lighting projects. Meanwhile, Guangzhou hotels, roads and works will have a lot of the lighting system was replaced.

Guangzhou International Lighting Fair brought together into a global industry platform

Chinas urbanization process of rapid development, creating an electrical lighting and building technology products rose by an infinite demand for the vast space, which is the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition continued to grow and develop a good industrial base. Lighting Fair 2008 for the lighting and the construction industry together to provide a global platform, not only manufacturers and buyers together, but also provide more opportunities for the supply and demand sides, the promotion of international electrical lighting and building understanding of market technology products . Guangzhou International Lighting Fair has become the world engaged in the lighting and building electrical technology professionals must dos.

It is understood that the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair 2008 will enable eight exhibition halls, an exhibition area of 86,000 square meters. Exhibition site will be fully energy-saving lamp display, LED products, such as ceramic metal halide lamp lighting and new technologies, and the most popular lighting design style, the lighting professionals, construction engineers, designers, building contractors Receive forefront of the market information is an ideal venue. Currently, from 22 countries and regions, 1,300 enterprises have confirmed their participation in the exhibition.

Strong team of experts to provide the perfect solution for lighting

Lighting Fair has been concerned about the relationship between lighting and life, and lighting exhibition held in conjunction with the Fourth Guangzhou International Lighting Technology Forum, the organizers expected to attract about 450 professional audience participation.

According to the organization of CLC, the forum invited 11 internationally renowned industry veteran guest speakers for the forum, including from the European Lighting Designers Association (ELDA), the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), LUCI and PLDAs heavyweight speakers, as well as from China, France, Japan, Britain and other places of experts and scholars. They will participate in the forum field of 11 seminars and 7 symposia, keynote speeches and interactive discussion site aims to explore and promote the current landscape lighting, architectural lighting, LED interior lighting and the development of special status and future trends .

Focus on the audience invited audience is expected to exceed 60,000

Show last year, most exhibitors are the volume and quality of the audience was very satisfied with the recovery of the audience survey, and 90% of the respondents believed that the exhibition is one of Asias most influential exhibitions. It is understood that this year, Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt in the increased publicity and promotion efforts at the show, the invitation to pay more attention to the audience and exhibitors services. Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co., Ltd general manager of Pan Wenbo said, high-quality professional visitors and buyers to ensure the success of the exhibition, exhibitors is also the best returns.

Less than a month away from the exhibition opening time, the audience and the international tour arrangements are in place step by step, in addition to Guangya Exhibition own database system and exhibitors invited to work on the customer, Messe Frankfurt, Germany 104 branches of the companys global promotion of exhibitions, the International Association of Lighting Designers, the European Lighting Designers Association and the International Association of Lighting also organized delegations to visit the city of Guangzhou to visit the exhibition. According to the organizers expect more than 15,000 overseas visitors will reach the people, the domestic audience of over 40,000 people, throughout the exhibition period the total number of visitors and buyers more than 6 million people.

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