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2009 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition presents the major changes 6

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6 Yue 12 Ri 12 noon, with 12 Hall evacuated more than 1,000 exhibitors Pazhou Complex, "2009 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition" is also a successful to a stop. The exhibition lasted for three and MAX502BCWG datasheet and a half

, attracted from 26 countries and MAX502BCWG price and regions, more than a thousand businesses, experts and MAX502BCWG suppliers and scholars. In this exhibition, LED and energy-efficient lighting as bright spots, many companies the green light to participate in the exhibition, displaying their new products and specialty products. And compared to previous exhibitions, 2009 Nianguang Asia Exhibition presents 6 major changes:

Change 1: increase in exhibition area of the expansion of enterprise

2007 approximately 1,300 of exhibiting companies, the total exhibition area of 10 square meters; 2008, 1539 exhibitors, the total exhibition area of 106,000 square meters; 2009, 1543 exhibitors, exhibition area of 110,000 square meters. Clearly, though affected by the macroeconomic environment, the pace of development in China hold the lighting industry, but the appeal Guangya Exhibition continues unabated. The number of visitors from the entry point of view, even in the face the threat of H1N1 influenza is still obstruct the development of peoples expectations and light sub-yearning.

Change 2: LED wave Yuegua Yue Meng

Guangya at the current exhibition, the Museum of ad hoc two LED feature, the number more than 200 exhibitors. In fact, bring the number of participating companies LED products, far more than this number. Reporters on the scene, according to incomplete statistics, related to LED products, the number of exhibitors overall number of exhibitors accounted for nearly 50%.

Lighting industry leaders fully into the LED lighting is the current Guangya a highlight show. In fact, the previous Guangya Exhibition, many leading enterprises exhibited their LED lighting products. But in this Guangya show, major companies are more pragmatic, the sun, Philips, Osram, TCL and other enterprises, the LED display new home, the first extending their reach to LED interior lighting.

Change 3: scene experience model is more popular

Lighting industry in China, the scene experience is not new, previous Guangya Exhibition, there are many companies in the field experience model release scenarios, but not a pandemic. To maximize the display scene experience the fine quality of their products, reflecting the best products, more and more enterprises are keen to use to display products scene experience. Guangya at this show, Philips, Osram, Op, three male Aurora, Huo Ni Wei Er Lang products can be carried out both scenarios show, the highlight effect has also been concern about traveling merchants. Huo Ni Wei Er Lang to the booth, especially on the support applied to Wal-Marts LED lights simulate the supermarket environment. LED light in the irradiation stent, fresh vegetables, fruits, bright color, it is truly seductive, this scenario has also attracted many visitors docked.

Change 4: an increase in the domestic market enterprise

Guangya at the previous show, many export enterprises openly with the word "only for export, domestic sales declined," the name will be kept out of domestic dealers. However, in this Guangya Exhibition, many domestic dealers in the feeling: In the past not to visit the booth export business, and now also accept the generous advice and discussion of domestic businesses. Scene from the show business performance, a substantial number of firms in the domestic market rose, the number has been rejected only a handful of domestic companies.

Change 5: The enterprise product line has become increasingly diverse

Zhejiang Sunshine Lighting If you are still stuck in energy-saving knowledge of the stage lights, it can only say that you have become obsolete. Guangya at this show, the sun lighting source in addition to demonstrating its products, but also demonstrated the crystal lights, LED lighting, electrical, commercial lighting products.

In fact, more extensive product line of enterprise is not the only one sun illumination. Huo Ni Wei Er Lang could have covered the field of household electrical construction, lighting, household products Kamei show ... ... a new enterprise product line extensions have become one of the current Guangya Exhibition big change.

Change 6: Green energy concept enjoys popular support Guangya Exhibition

compared with the previous high-energy lamps in the proportion of their products greatly reduced. Major companies have played a "green energy" on the cover, and strive to share energy-saving market share.

Reporters in the East Forest Electronics booth to see, "national projects to promote efficient lighting products," the slogan successful enterprises, the top high in the booth. It is reported that other companies have also introduced a source of energy-saving campaign in different ways, with the concept of green energy to new heights.

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