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2009 and the results of the latest technology lighting industry Record Forum

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Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

Asia-Pacific region is undoubtedly the most important purchase lighting industry event, tens of thousands from around the world lighting industry, retailers, wholesalers , architects, building planners will gather in this search for products, customers, and LTC4002ES8-4.2 datasheet and new trading partners.

2009 Nian 6 9, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Guangzhou International Convention and LTC4002ES8-4.2 price and Exhibition Centre at the grand opening. The lighting industry prosperity by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt organized to carry out building electrical exhibition period. Fourteen years as a continuous holding of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, 2009, a total of 1,543 homes exhibitors from 26 countries and LTC4002ES8-4.2 suppliers and regions, exhibition area of 110,000 square meters, covering 11 halls. Two LED thematic Museum, Museum of the three brands.

"2009 and the results of the latest technology lighting industry Forum" is one highlight of the exhibition period, various experts come together to bring the best parts of the world lighting industry advanced technology and achievement, an international perspective for the audience to open the window. The forum speakers at HIGHLIGHT magazine editor MarkusHelle, Germany Ouke (ERCO) sink to Meet Manager Greater China, Guangdong Asia Lighting Co., Ltd. on behalf of a Mr.TayKC and Mr.DLSHEN, Bessie resistant lighting (Guangzhou ) Co., Ltd. Roan Dr. Cook, China Association of Lighting training delicious Fang-Dao, deputy director of China Association of Lighting Yang, name the members of the Group, Fudan University, Associate Head Lamps and Lighting Engineering, Sun Yaojie, China Illuminating Engineering Society member Shaw hui. Guests of the international lighting industry, respectively, introduced the latest technology, lighting distribution curve, the Chinese LED semiconductor lighting technology seminars, fashion lighting design, the latest technology released fluorescent, ceramic metal halide lamps, electronic ballasts, lighting control made a wonderful eight issues speech.

International lighting industry, introduces the latest technology

HIGHLIGHT magazine editor MarkusHelle "international lighting industry, introduces the latest technology" to open doors of the first workshop, on the lighting industrys overall development trend of the general statements. MarkusHelle In his speech, stressed the need to focus on LED technology. He believes that the energy consumption of traditional incandescent lamps, many countries have been disabled; the new LED technology will fill the defects and deficiencies of incandescent lamp, with its energy-saving, efficient, and the advantages of landscaping will be in the possession of a broader future lighting market. In his address he said: Because of its operational convenience, lower prices and reduce the cost of energy consumption, the role of lighting, LED lighting in Germanys public facilities have been widely used, practical applications have been a good proof. And the world economy by the financial crisis, low-power market, customers generally seek to limit the power of high energy-intensive industries is increasing, it has broad prospects for development. Finally, MarkusHelle through a number of LED application products, Philips introduced a new LED technology advantages.

Candela distribution

Entered the second Forum, German Ouke (ERCO) Manager, Greater China to Meet Topic Shen as the "refine light". In his view, light and lighting a big difference, but the electrical energy into light energy, while the lamp is the light source for the most efficient use. Mr. Shen even called: "Be lamps, light source can not be a slave!" At the same time, the LED for the current hot topic, Mr. Shen LED is not the ultimate question the direction of development, he considered only as a basic source of energy has always been, and lighting energy is transformed into these beautiful art medium. It was with the lamps, lighting only the United States. Mr. Shen also you just from a professional perspective on reflection, refraction, transmission, transfer and other optical issues are discussed and the audience did.

China LED semiconductor lighting technology seminars

Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Guangdong Asia by a June 9, 2009, "the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition," opening the favorable opportunity, in Solid State Lighting R & D and Industry Alliance, the Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and the Peoples Government of Liwan District, Guangzhou City, the strong support of the United Association of Guangdong Province, Lighting, Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd and Malaysia systems bright (DOMINANT) semiconductor company, and other related units, organized by the Guangzhou "emission reduction, jointly promote the development of new green light" as the theme, "the latest technology lighting industry and the 2009 Summit outcome," Third Session "China LED semiconductor lighting technology forum and the results of conference."

Forum features prominent focus on practical principle, there is a bottleneck around the semiconductor lighting problems and future trends of key technologies, to invite foreign experts for industrial LED technology, cooling technology, patent protection issues such as interactive discussions aim is to provide industry with technical information and technical support to enable participants to cutting-edge semiconductor lighting for domestic and international situation and development of key technologies have a more clear understanding of trends, the current research and problems in the production process to provide new ideas and references, and for the establishment of industry wide contacts and exchanges and cooperation in a positive and lay a good foundation.

Forum, a Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Guangdong Asia held a new semiconductor lighting source, new technology, new product launch results, mainly on the LED lamp, ceiling lamp, street lamps, and LED-TV backlight technology achievements and products.

Stylish lighting design

6 Yue 10 Ri into the fourth forum, anti Bessie Lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. Dr. Roland W. Koch "fashion lighting design" problem, described in his mind of the modern, lighting and design. He said: "I am trying to apply modern, lighting and design split open, but found that they are inseparable." Current art, music, literature and architecture as an art are beautiful, but the art lighting allows the building more into its art, because first of all building lighting to be seen as an art. He also mentioned that Chinas building lighting is almost forty years behind the world, we see that the lamps used in offices, and forty years ago is similar for Europe; When we arrived at the Chinese brand showcase lighting, ask your What product innovations, he heard the answer is "us and certain brands of certain products similar to the" only similarity there is no innovation, this is the lighting industry in China where the danger lies.

In his speech, Roan, Dr. Cook expressed the first reflection on the LED. He believes that LED can not be abused, the LED on the T5 or T8 fluorescent tube is ridiculous, not only can not save energy, but these devices are not appropriate. In addition, LED based lighting can not be used.

Roan Dr. Cook was a unique interpretation of light, and he used to see the light into light, the light used for examining Watch the light. To see the light, that is, basic lighting, and more for business occasions, office, school, etc.; to examine the light condenser is to enhance light and only consider the core of the lamp; for viewing the light, that is used to design light, then the behavior of design to art and design is a creative mind and design something behavior.

Tight fifth professional discussion followed, China Association of Lighting, deputy director of training the sweet side road at the "release of the latest technology fluorescent lamps." Professor Fang

first introduced the low-pressure mercury vapor discharge and low pressure mercury discharge and spectral characteristics. He believes that the highest efficiency fluorescent discharge, 63% of its energy can be converted to ultraviolet light. Therefore, as an efficient light source, in daily life is impossible without the use of mercury, mercury as a light source of the material is not produced from the historical stage. As for the mercury

health problems, Professor Fang Daoyu that can only change it to suit our human health. Therefore, in order to improve efficiency, changing the environment, Professor Fang few suggestions, such as changing the lamp; the evolution of the solid-liquid mercury in order to improve the safety of mercury; application of coating technology, phosphor coated handle, PEO, surface active dispersing agent , wetting agents, reinforcing agents, adhesion agents and exhaust other methods. The participants of the latest fluorescent lamp technology and professional knowledge are fully baptism.

Ceramic metal halide lamp

Forum sixth Session, members of the Group of China Association of Lighting Professor Yang Zhengming to "ceramic metal halide lamp" to start a professional report.

Professor Yang Zhengming details the relevant characteristics of ceramic metal halide lamp. He noted that the ceramic metal halide lamp is a new light source, is rich in red light, soaking rain and strong for street lighting. Its advantages as well as high luminous efficiency, long life, good color rendering, while the ceramic metal halide lamp or a clear perspective of whether it is the dark view, are very high luminous efficiency, is the best alternative to incandescent light sources can be used in commercial, industrial , office, road, home and other fields.

The same time, Professor Yang talked about the LEDs disadvantage. First, its luminous efficiency is too low, then bad color, the lack of blue-violet, red and green components, makes the eyes tired.

Professor Yang said the Chinese year of the worlds supply of 13 billion lamps, ceramic metal halide lamps in the area should make their own achievements, and now gold in the ceramic halogen lamp field, philip, several foreign companies are monopolies, while China will become the largest producer of ceramic metal halide lamp.

Electronic ballast

Into the seventh, Lamps and Lighting Engineering, Fudan University, Associate Head of Sun Yaojie focuses on electronic ballasts and electronic ballast part of the application conditions. Professor Sun said

now growing in the ballast circuit is simple, mainly due to reduced costs and component count reduction. Electronic ballast integrated into the development of the small stage (only single chip, low cost and high performance can be produced green energy-efficient lighting systems); high efficiency and high reliability phase stage. Finally, Professor Sun introduces us to some electronic ballasts, such as high-performance electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps, efficient HID electronic ballast.

Lighting control Illuminating Engineering Society of China Xiao Hui

director field in the eighth report focuses on how to rise to energy-saving lighting controls, the level of comfort and landscaping. Xiao Hui

focuses on the green lighting and lighting control concepts and applications. Green lighting to save energy, protect the environment as a way of lighting, which requires the body to feel comfortable (comfort and psychological effects of visual comfort), to comply with the requirements of lighting designers, to energy reduction. If the lighting is the charm of color to meet the subjective needs of people, then the lighting control is an important means of reducing energy consumption of lighting. As a result, lighting control can achieve the green light.

Traditional lighting and green lighting is very different from the switch from the static control to achieve the transformation to the dynamic control. Wasted energy of traditional lighting control, not only human discomfort, and can not achieve the designers mind. Thus, the importance of lighting control is self-evident, the traditional lack of lighting and green lighting needs require that we implement lighting control, it can create a good light environment, energy saving, longer lamp life and improve the scientific management. Professor Xiao

green lighting specifically mentioned the use of natural light - natural light control. Natural light is an inexhaustible supply of clean energy, body fitness and the best comfort and energy efficiency. Natural lighting is the use of diffuse light the sky, people like to sunlight, human health can not be separated too much sun, we should make use of natural light, to achieve a collection of buildings with natural light. Professor Xiao

lighting control is also described two categories - functional lighting control and landscape lighting control. Lighting control functions into stadium lighting control and road lighting control; and landscape architectural lighting control into night, landscape sketches, and large lighting scene control. Finally, Professor Xiao lighting control to our future prospect: in the intelligent home lighting control, intelligent building, smart cities, Digital Earth and so step by step and play its role.

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