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3D display with the green technology industry to lead the new trend

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Issues with the continued spread carbon reduction and DS90C383AMTDX datasheet and immersive images in pursuit of realism, 3D display technology, energy saving and DS90C383AMTDX price and environmental protection has long been a rivalry between the firms in the technology will fight, of course, this year the "Taipei International Optoelectronics Week" and DS90C383AMTDX suppliers and "FPD Taiwan," the focus. Especially in the display industry costs and productivity gradually escape the occasion of competition, environmental protection, energy saving and high added value and the panel technology, the display will be the development of a new generation of the spindle.

Green Optoelectronics Technology Solar energy

combination, LED and precision optical products such as energy saving as the main axis of the "Taipei International Optoelectronics Week" lively debut last week. To echo the theme of green optoelectronics, many manufacturers are live demonstrations of its carbon reduction, or LED as backlight source of related products and technologies. Diverse applications for LED lighting, Industrial Technology Research Institute showcase their design and decorating can be bent with the lighting of the AC LED lighting applications.

ITRI demonstrate its lighting design and decoration can be bent with the AC LED lighting applications. EOL ITRI

Marketing Manager Zhang Hongwen explained, "This means flexible AC LED lighting source using AC LED crystal slim, single-chip optical scattering board with thin film encapsulation technology, making it thin thickness to 2mm below the bend radius is more than

In the solid state lighting (SSL) applications, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors (OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has developed 3x3mm package size of only high-performance white OSLON SSL LED. OSRAM Langya Pacific Marketing Director Zhongjie Cong, the "use of the small size of the 1W LED Latest indium nitride (InGaN) chip technology (UX: 3), luminous efficiency can reach 100lm / W. "and thus less need to use LED, you can achieve the required high illumination.

Zhongjie Cong and said, OSRAM will be added this summer for the series of white LED brightness is less than 90lm and 85lm in warm white light than LED, to expand in the spotlight, reading with halogen and LED applications.

3M Company LCD panel enables a live demonstration of its key technologies of green graced ─ ─ Vikuiti optical films. 3M officials said the company displayed at the site, Vikuiti film can bring honor to light the lamp to increase the utilization rate of the brightness of LCD Ying Mo, so that maximize the efficiency of light output with less light to achieve the same brightness.

Credit to the introduction of Vikuiti film after a 40-inch LCD TV LED backlight lamps using only two instead of four used in the traditional lamp, estimated to be about 10 degrees can reduce power consumption savings of 25% power, "a 40-inch LCD TV power consumption of about 40 inches can be applied to a single energy-saving LCD TV, plus three energy-saving 18.5-inch LCD TVs total power consumption."

Graced by 3M Vikuiti optical films, the make a 40-inch LCD TV power consumption equivalent to saving one 40-inch LCD TV, plus three energy-saving 18.5-inch LCD TV total power consumption.

LED TV market is expected to be fermented in the second half of this year, the Friends of the LED display backlight thickness of only 9.8mm thin 46-inch LCD TV, and a range of environmentally friendly energy saving demands of LCD panels and other products. Chi Mei is the development of 42-inch high definition (FHD) TV panels, the thickness of only 12mm, the traditional CCFL panel 1 / 3, not only to provide greater flexibility in product design degree, we can achieve energy saving environmental protection demands. Chi Mei said that the full range of large-size LED TV panels to mass production in the second half. Chi Mei

energy live show demands a range of environmentally friendly low-power LED panels.

3D display technology

Naked-eye 3D display is this years "FPD Taiwan," (Display Taiwan 2009) one of the key demands, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), AU Optronics, Chi Mei, CPT and 3M and other manufacturers, are showing their Naked-eye on the latest 3D stereoscopic display research and development results.

By parallax barrier to produce binocular parallax of the images, naked-eye 3D display allows viewers do not have to wear polarized glasses to see the three-dimensional images. Coupled with the multi-view (multi-view) the design, so that viewers from different angles can see different aspects of three-dimensional images. With the increasing popularity of 3D technology in the emerging display applications, market research agencies Displaybank estimates, 3D display is expected to reach 15.8 billion by 2015, the output value of the permeability can grow to 9.2%.

Promising 3D display technology, business opportunities, the institute developed a series of 3D digital signage, 3D frame, 3D TV and video directly into the traditional 2D 3D display software applications. Display using the parallax ITRI grating tilt cut image, so that left and right eye see different images, and reduce the level of analysis of the degree of loss, the development of a higher resolution than Full HD TV 4 times (840x 2,160 p) the 42-inch 3D stereoscopic displays, the viewer can see different perspectives from 9 3D effect.

In addition, ITRI and display a 3D content creation systems, ITRI Opto-Electronics Marketing Manager Yanbo Fu said the software can 2D video to 10f / s rate is converted to 1,360 x 768 resolution 3D photos can be applied in the digital photo frame, digital camera or cell phone showed 3D images.

However, 3D displays to be affixed as a layer of special film, thus affecting the brightness dip. AUO unveiled at the exhibition venue for public display (PID) applications, the maximum size of 65 inch 3D stereoscopic display, using a 3D high-brightness backlight design, the brightness by 140%, significantly improving the parallax barrier-type 3D display brightness attenuation problems, enhance the large screen stereoscopic effect. AUO

a live show for public display (PID) applications, 65-inch maximum size 3D stereoscopic display.

Exhibited a series of CMO can be used in monitor panels, notebook computer panel, TV panel and the public display (PID) of the 3D display products. In addition to using electronic shutter glasses (shutter glasses) of the 23.6-inch Full HD 120Hz 3D display panel, with a 18.4-inch micro-polarizing glasses phase delay (micro-retarder) technology outside the notebook panel, also shows a naked-eye 47 inch barrier 3D high-definition panel. Biing-Seng Wu

CMO Vice Chairman introduced the series in the field 3D display technology, he said, the general multi-view 3D displays are usually designed to decrease the disadvantage of a resolution, and ultra-high resolution 47-inch panel, Chi Mei, can increase the resolution of 2,560 × 1,440, higher than the average high-definition video 4 times, significantly increasing the level of detail images.

In addition, emerging applications, touch technology and e-book is also a major focus of this exhibition, especially with "touch" and "e" the advantages of two technologies, but also this years show floor a popular focus. AUO developed

touch with e-books and electronic paper technology, as long as you can feed touch.

AUO has launched the e-book 16-story gray, just touch to feed; AUO executive assistant, said Chen, AUO will also develop a more advanced future of color e-book, including 3D , and e-books touch display technology innovations such as consumers look forward to a new sensory experience.

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