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Added a new family of aluminum cable RFS CELLFLEXLite

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6 Yue 18 News a few days ago, RFS RF cable solutions launched several new CELLFLEX ? Lite ; corrugated aluminum outer conductor coaxial cable products, including the ? inch specification LCF12-50JL, 1 ? inch of specifications LCFS114-50JL, and TMS320BC52PJ80 datasheet and super soft 1 ? inch of specifications UCF114-50JL.

RFS product line after the new enlargement of the family of aluminum cable products include all common sizes and TMS320BC52PJ80 price and is applicable to all types of situation, and TMS320BC52PJ80 suppliers and further enrich and improve the industrys top lightweight corrugated aluminum cable series the range of products. RFS

this several family members have experienced the latest test of many projects and was a great success, to ensure the RFS corrugated aluminum outer conductor in radio frequency cable products portfolio with todays global market most competitive.

"CELLFLEX Lite solutions have been applied in numerous cases and 2G 3G wireless deployment project received the unanimous approval of the industry, these solutions can be equally applied to the new LTE technology. And, We will CELLFLEX Lite solutions continue to uphold the companies a choice, a variety of applications of the cable laying strategies ", RFS Global Product Manager of RF cables, said the case Bernd Furche
" This means that similar to the connectors and ground parts and other accessories can be flexible and include ultra-low loss and low loss super soft copper cables CELLFLEX CELLFLEX Lite aluminum cables, etc., all of RFS cable compatible, because all of these cables are the same specifications of the outer conductor, "he added.

It Furche introduction, using this strategy can effectively eliminate the risk of errors on-site installation and help customers reduce the required inventory levels. "For example, any RFS 1 ? inch of specifications OMNIFIT connector with all 1 ? inch of specifications RFS radio frequency cable products fully compatible", Furche On Road.

Furche introduced Road, CELLFLEX Lite corrugated RFS feeder cable home to the consistent product quality, and thus avoid the result of mix and match solutions for other companies produced aluminum cable installation problems.

CELLFLEX Lite called the worlds first corrugated aluminum outer conductor, foam insulation RF cable, once the market to get a multi-praise. Today, CELLFLEX Lite series has matured, its value and advanced features, and many operators have been accepted by OEM manufacturers, has been used in a variety of cabling solutions.

It Furche introduction, the series of cable performance, lightweight construction, so CELLFLEX Lite has become a variety of short-period network engineering projects preferred solution.

CELLFLEX Lite is a foam insulation corrugated coaxial cable, with aluminum outer conductor and copper conductor, is now substantially complete its product line, has all the regular sizes. The high cost products, applicable to establish the base station to antenna RF link. Therefore, CELLFLEX Lite foam insulation called radio frequency cable outer conductor technology is another major breakthrough.

Produced using this technology all have a solid structure of the cable and advanced electrical performance, which also makes CELLFLEX Lite development areas ranked next-generation radio frequency transmission preferred solution.

CELLFLEX Lite is the most comprehensive variety of global market and the most similar products in the light of corrugated aluminum feeder series, now has a low loss 1 / 2, 7 / 8, 11 / 4, 15 / 8 inches ultra-flexible product, and 7 / 8 and 11 / 4 inch standard products to choose from. In addition, the set of products with a corrugated outer conductor can be bent without any trace of the advantages of bending.

"CELLFLEX Lite is a specifically tailored for wireless operators to discuss the product, its outstanding electrical and mechanical properties, is an alternative to copper outer conductor, foam insulation the perfect solution for RF cables. On the chemical composition , the aluminum is more stable than copper, the price is much cheaper than copper, which means that operators can adhere to product standards, rather than forced global metal market price fluctuations and changes in its strategy ", Furche emphasized Road .

"3G LTE technology ready to come after, the wireless network infrastructure change with each passing day, CELLFLEX Lite light as a smart solution that can help operators to quickly implement world-wide deployment", Furche case Introduction.

"With the deployment of wireless networks in many countries, speed, operators have to be able to provide quality mobile services and achieve better coverage, will continue to seek a more comprehensive solution Road. CELLFLEX Lite come out in due course, will by virtue of its superior cost-effective to meet all these requirements ", Furche finally added.

RFS is a global provider of cable, antenna, tower systems, active and passive RF conditioning products designer and manufacturer, specializing in wireless communications infrastructure to provide a comprehensive overall solution.

RFS worldwide wireless communications operators, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), distributors, system integrators and radio, television, cellular mobile communications, mobile communications and microwave terrestrial communications providers such as the installation of a full range of services. As a manufacturing and customer service global network of ISO certification standards, RFS can provide customers with cutting-edge engineering technology, superior field support and innovative product design, wireless communications infrastructure has become a leader in the field.

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