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Android ARM and MIPS to enter the family who will lead?

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ARM is rapidly changing his image, from the mobile handset market, the core CPU, more areas become the core CPU, which includes the digital home, entertainment, automotive and UCC3806DW datasheet and industrial markets. "A very interesting data is that we have now a new license, 2 / 3 ratio from the non-mobile phone market. Similarly, ARM in the non-mobile phone market shipments are also growing rapidly. The dual growing tendency ARM core is that the entire digital world CPU core. "ARM Jun Tan, president of China held in Shenzhen before" The Second ARM Connected Home Applications Seminar "Introduction.

Occupy the mobile phone market dominant position, CPU, ARM in recent years has been extended to other areas, the digital home is one of the most important, and UCC3806DW price and Internet application trends in the digital home, as they enter this market opportunity. "We can easily phone platform for Internet applications to come on home, such as Web2.0 has been successfully used on the ARM platform for mobile phones, we can apply these technologies in the connected home applications." ARM Ministry of the digital home market Director Jim Wallace said at the meeting, "precisely because of this reason, the traditional DTV and UCC3806DW suppliers and STB chip makers / system vendors are turning to ARM platform." he revealed, according to ARM last years authorization of IC analysis, three years later , that is, 2012, ARM core in the DTV market, the ratio will exceed 50%, a greater proportion of set-top box market. And, the latest A8, A9 core will enter the digital home before the end of the market.

"And ecosystem partners on the development of many new products and applications are the next generation of ARMs biggest advantage." Jim Wallace said.

Recently, they and ecological systems partners, and achieved good results. This includes several important cooperation: First, with Adobe, ARM

together next year ARM platform gives customers free of charge, for the ARM architecture fully optimized Flash Player10, which makes the ARM platform than the PC access to a wider range of content, while, Adobe also announced invested heavily on the Open GLES 2.0 GPU (such as ARMs Mali platform), the development Flash10 graphics accelerator;

Second, ARM, Mozilla, Adobe, and Yahoo and three other companies combined, will be introduced to the ARM platform, Web2.0, get the best performance. Web2.0 into the home device, will allow us to have a connected family.

Third is on the ARM ecosystem with open source vendors, such as ubuntu, maemo, and xandros, etc., will bring the desktop experience to the ARM architecture into the digital home; and QT (has been acquired by Nokia) cooperation open UPI, allows users to get the best of Jave and JaveScript experience.

In addition, the ARM core processor for the competitors that frequency is not fast enough accusations, ARM and EDA tool vendors, foundries, and through optimization of EDA tools, and Optimization of ARM physical IP, in 40nm process under to make a single-core A9 test chips can be upgraded to the highest frequency of 2GHz, the state has an average of up to 1.6GHz, "the worst working conditions have 1.3GHz, the technology business, you can greatly enhance the product rate. "Jim Wallace said," Our opponents are always accused the speed is not enough, this technological breakthrough will be a strong fight back against them. "Intels acquisition of Wind River


Heavily in the acquisition of Wind River Intel, ARM analysts that will result in greater impact. Jim Wallace totally do not agree to such comments. His analysis: "First, Wind River in the digital home and mobile Linux is not a leader in the field, it is only one of the Linux operating system provider in the ordinary one, and we with all the Linux vendors have a very close working relationship ; Second, after the acquisition by Intel, Wind River, Wind Rivers competitors on a good thing, because they are less of a competitor; Moreover, as a customer, they are more willing to choose a large number of open source partners ARM platform, and Wind River which is only likely to choose a supplier of Intel platforms. "

In fact, Jim Wallace that Wind River is still the main products of the current VxWorks, mainly used in communications and networking equipment market. The digital home equipment market, traditionally dominated by the Nucleus, is now turning Linux; The mobile handset market, VxWorks does not get involved. "So, the Intel acquisition of Wind River, for communications and network processor vendors on the market will have some impact." He said. Although not directly pointed out that the names of manufacturers of these processors, but the PowerPC is clearly one of the most affected processors, MIPS camp will be affected. This ARM is, but as a good thing.

Android onto the digital home devices

ARM platform to introduce the worlds first Android platform, and now, ARM to bring this advantage to the digital home. "There have been some Android partners are introduced to the digital home, such as Japan, manufacturers have introduced to the set-top box is to Android, Android Taiwan manufacturers have been introduced to some multimedia devices such as PMP and digital photo frame, etc." Jim Wallace added : "The end of the year, we will be able to see the Android into the home." He believes that Android devices into the home appliances, will bring many new applications, such as set-top boxes after the introduction of Android, when the relay race, the user points to the car, can display the type of car, price and other information. "I guess this is just an application, there are many emerging applications will be developed." He explained.

When asked recently joined the MIPS Alliance Android, Android is vigorously promoting the application of the MIPS, ARM will bring this kind of challenge, Jim Wallace said: "We are two different positions in the Android alliance, members should not be members of the MIPS. ARM support Android as the first important member of the company, and we can understand the time and the latest progress of the latest Android code. Others are different, they only publish every four months in the Android code update Time to get the new code. and now Android is still in the continually updated sound, so ARM is in a leading position than their competitors. "

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