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BOJ to test equipment sufficient reason for a new leaf

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Increasing living standards, social progress, the fact that people are not satisfied with the original way of life, or want to be better off than the original, so they find ways in the spiritual, material and FDS4465 datasheet and other aspects of reform and FDS4465 price and eliminating the old, create and FDS4465 suppliers and use the new. We can not say that this is the "grass is always greener" credit. "Grass is always greener" is often defined as people between jobs, "the mountain that looks high." However, it is precisely that we are sharp enough to new technologies. Able to do this, to meet emerging technical requirements and market demand.

In the current period of economic downturn, companies are after the economic crisis for the development of a rainy day. Therefore, the use of advanced testing equipment to improve efficiency and productivity across the enterprise demand more strongly than ever. Perhaps can say, "grass is always greener" is the pursuit and realization of a driving force of innovation, with such power can we find enough new ones for the old reasons.

"Grass is always greener" has become an indisputable reality

Ago, electronic test equipment, updated more slowly, usually ten years. Traditional scientific research through funding applications for project funding, a project must buy the latest model, the most full-featured instrument, and strive not after 8 to 10 years behind the times.

Technology updates now faster computer chips smaller and more powerful performance in 2010 could launch 4G communications technologies, these technologies are all driving the rapid development of the overall test. IT products in the field updated once every 18 months, while in the field of communications test, 2-3 years to be upgraded, although little change in the motherboard and the host, but the test software is changing every day. Equipment users have to face the harsh reality.

Only the use of advanced technology and equipment, we can get more useful data, expand their design ideas in order to enter new product areas or to create conditions for the production. However, we want to do this is not easy, because it may require significant capital reserves, there must be enough cash to buy equipment to keep up with the trend of applications.

"Grass is always greener" it will not be out of date

Today, with the acceleration of technological progress, in addition to a number of projects funded by the state, most of the scientific research and production are more pragmatic and the pursuit of returns, as long as the direction with the R & D and project management, according to the actual needs choose to use the equipment on it , without having to consider how future technology changes, how to replace old ones, or because the project brought about changes in the procurement of technical equipment out of risk. Principle enough for some users no longer need to use additional features not spend money, but will invest the money saved to build the core competitiveness.

Equipment leasing is a good solution to these problems has brought the concept of change; can meet the current needs and time requirements to use the function, the function only need to pay, but also prevent the risk of buying the wrong equipment. Moreover, all post-upgrade, maintenance, warehousing and other commitments by the third party leasing companies. In this case, the user can just buy some frequently used instrument technology refresh cycle is long.

Specializes in technology equipment leasing services to the East Branch of the Beijing Integrated Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as BOJ) equipment leasing division Jiang Yi, director of marketing, said: "Today, people are increasingly demanding high technology equipment, the use of changes in the concept of companies engaged in leasing business has brought great opportunities for growth. Now, users increasingly use lease, make full use of the instrument using the value and use of time, both to ensure their equipment will not be out of date, but also to avoid the instrument due to the risk out of technological backwardness. "

Improve efficiency, innovation

BOJ an international customers case that: the use of Oriental integrated rental services, clients to update the production line test equipment, succeeded in doing only reduces the financial pressure, but also improves the production efficiency. This has been followed by rapid development of customer communications market, a large number of equipment purchased over the years, as technology advances, several million euros worth of equipment has become obsolete. These instruments in the past played a considerable role, but over time, updated equipment needed to form a considerable financial pressure. The instrument support data show that the instruments used for more than 5 years to pay about 10% of the additional maintenance costs, including more and more old hardware damage equipment, software upgrades and maintenance and other aspects of a lot of money invested. Meanwhile, the old equipment also hampered efficiency gains, because of its outdated test function has been unable to support the 3G product testing requirements.

They also found that when the production line testing requirements increasing, the task to run on old equipment the time spent a lot more than the new system, if you use the latest high-performance test systems, both to save the equipment operating expenses, and can increase productivity and shorten production time.

However, due to the large number of old equipment, new equipment to purchase so much the report has not been approved, particularly in the current economic situation, which is tantamount to asking for even more bitter. As a result, they found integration of the East, will sell or sublet obsolete equipment to the BOJ, the latter provides some small manufacturers to make these instruments to play its due role, utilizing the fixed assets. This pattern changed

purchasing replacement equipment used, manufacturers are no longer blindly buying, but pay rent to buy, while taking advantage of sublet, sell to recover some money to buy the best equipment to buy. With the advantage of leasing technology, they quickly spend the new equipment, take advantage of higher processing speed, higher integration, smaller instrument optimization of the production line to speed up the production process. In the production line and technology development to maintain synchronization, but also the technological level of its products has improved. Test speed up, speed new products to market faster.