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CMMB patent dispute: the core developers say is a misrepresentation without authorization

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on July   10, 2011

CMMB (China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting) has not been clear licensing policy is causing a lot of speculation. Position to the outside world has not been the CMMB standard patent owners channel Century Company Thailand and MIC5209-5.0BM datasheet and the United States on June 16, said Sina science and MIC5209-5.0BM price and technology, after rumors had misunderstood the CMMB patent for commercial production is subject to authorization.

CMMB unified patent pool "is considering the preparation"

Fact, SARFT Academy of Broadcasting Science of Thailand and MIC5209-5.0BM suppliers and the United States Century Holding Company in early 2003 began to engage in terrestrial wireless digital TV transmission technology research and development, and the corresponding patent application, the patent has become the standard of todays CMMB channel basis.

In the subsequent course of development, the SARFT issued a gradual series of supporting standards CMMB, until now a total of 10, while the core part of the physical layer channel standard STiMi patent, the entire century, the company belongs to Thailand and the United States.

2005 Nian 8 months, the SARFT set up a mobile multimedia broadcasting technology research group, both inside and outside the broadcasting system research institutes, universities, related businesses and so on. According to the Working Groups strategy on intellectual property provisions, the working group members for the purpose of research, you can free use of members of the unit holders of the CMMB patents. As for the commercial operation of the patent policy is set to be introduced only after the patent pool.

Currently, CMMB construction of the patent pool had not been completed, the relevant policy has not released the CMMB licensing policy is not clear whether it be an obstacle to industrial development, Thailand and the United States century, assistant to the president of Sina science and technology, said Wang Wei, is should not be barriers, IT industry development model often are, CMMB at this early stage is not yet equipped to build a unified and promulgation of a unified patent pool licensing policy.

"Is OK to sing karaoke for 20 years, only recently about the copyright fees. Of course, CMMB preparations for a unified patent pool is also being considered, according to industry practice, a number of clear border licensing of patents related to the local strategy Company by the patent holder can also be authorized to develop their own strategies, not all patents must join the patent pool. "Wang said.

Patent policy for the introduction of time, Wang Wei, were not disclosed.

Intimex Century: The commercial production is subject to license Although the CMMB standard is dynamic

launched in the beginning of industrial development, even before the promulgation of the standard has not yet formally, some domestic enterprises to obtain permission from Thailand and the United States in chip research and development century.

However, after the enactment of the standard, CMMB industry for rapid promotion consideration, Thailand and the United States centuries the use of a standard patent for its channel demodulator chip R & D enterprises have been "unconditional support", including the acquiescence of them for commercial production.

However, this approach has recently been paid in advance to obtain a patent license Intimex century business accused of "reverse discrimination." Owned enterprises complained: "Then chip and external company can not pay the costs of any patents, so their products more price competitive."

"CMMB standard R & D is a dynamic process, as time goes on, the patent in the continuous development of a unified policy of the patent pool is not an easy thing to do." Wang said, for the views, "we authority to employ the industrys intellectual property legal experts, is to carefully study and careful development of related policies. "

The CMMB working group members had previously received free access to patents developed CMMB authority, after a time there is news that, CMMB working group members will be able to free use of patents for product production and sales of CMMB. In this regard, Wang Wei is to be a denial.

"Any development of CMMB demodulator chip and for commercial sale of the business really should get permission Intimex century, according to industry practices should be, out of respect for the patent holder at least, it should be, only free members of the Technical Working Group obtained by other members of the patent engaged in the power of standards development, independent commercial purposes. "Wang said.