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Chinese solar companies continue to rely on price war

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By the global financial crisis slow down the pace of construction of the solar energy industry, although after the first quarter of this year ushered in the price and THC63LVDF84A datasheet and order improvement of the "warming period", but the reporter from the recently held "Asian Photovoltaic Summit" learned At present both upstream and THC63LVDF84A price and downstream prices of polysilicon solar cell component prices began to experience heavy pressure. The coping strategies of Chinese enterprises is significantly lower prices. UK senior analyst at New Energy Finance, said Julia at the meeting, Chinas polysilicon feedstock production 20% cheaper than international counterparts, while the price of PV modules as low as $ 2.4 watts or less, but the disadvantages caused by the price war has begun exposure.

Prices generally lower than international counterparts

Julia said that the current international market, the latest spot price of polysilicon for the $ 69 kg, down 5.5% compared with May. According to New Energy Finance research on more than the result of raw material suppliers, 50% of the enterprises that polysilicon prices will continue to decline. Low price volatility in the international market, Chinas polysilicon materials enterprises played internationally 20% cheaper than cheap, Julia said that the prices are close to production costs of Chinese enterprises.

In addition, the reporter learned from the summit, this year, many of the worlds leading polysilicon production capacity of both new business will come into operation. Julia believes that "this will result in approximately 3 million tons of new capacity into the market, so the second half of the downward pressure on the price of polysilicon will continue to increase, while the low prices of Chinese enterprises will thus be challenged, because the decline in its current space is already small. "

Profits in the proportion of the whole industrial chain, the polysilicon industry chain of production accounted for more than 50% of profits in 2008, the international polysilicon prices have reached $ 480 kilograms of the peak.

And polysilicon consistent gross margins and THC63LVDF84A suppliers and falling prices is the solar cell component prices continue to decline in 2008, the price of solar modules in the $ 3.5 watts. With the decline in the price of polysilicon, component manufacturers are into the low profit margin to maintain state. Among them, the lowest price of SMEs in China, Jiangsu, deputy general manager Liu Ching-century solar business, said the current international price for the well-known manufacturers USD 3-3.3 watts, the price of domestic listed companies USD 2.5 watts, while the small and medium enterprises the price just for $ 2 watts.

A large production base in Ningxia PV module manufacturers in meeting the sidelines of the China Securities News, said that at the end of the year 5 the worlds largest solar exhibition and trade fairs - Germany intersolar exhibition, a total of nearly Chinese PV companies exhibiting, but it can successfully get the order of business is not much low-cost competitive strategy has not brought a corresponding increase in orders, and many downstream firms overseas can bring on such a low-cost quality assurance and how to maintain business survival skeptical.

Financing basic off Shortage of experience in product orders

the same time, ongoing business and financing cash flow situation is not very optimistic. Julia told reporters at the meeting, from 2006 to 2008 first quarter, the photovoltaic business financing through the capital market is very active in a number of overseas listed Chinese PV companies in financing, but the economic crisis in the first quarter of 2009, capital financing markets basically shut down.

In the indirect financing market, the European Investment Bank as an example 22, 6% of the banks cut lending new energy, 12% of the banks will loan into their projects, and 30% of the banks lending only short-term borrowing, rather than 15-20 years in the solar project at every turn to credit, the proposed increase in bank lending new energy only 10%. Julia said that this years solar energy project funding in Europe compared with 2007 decreased by 20% -40%.

LIU Qing said that as the solar energy industry is the largest consumer located in Europe, the major Chinese companies from overseas orders, so other than to be led in the present case, the industry is difficult to recover the short term. Closure of the financing channels of the industry increased the difficulty of recovery and expansion of domestic enterprises more difficult. Market research firm iSuppli expects the global solar power system installed this year, the amount of 32% significantly reduced compared to last year, to 2011 the global solar energy industry will recover, when the worlds total installed power generation system is expected to grow 57.8% for three consecutive years.

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