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Digi forward with the acquisition of the assets of MobiApps Satellite M2M Market

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Digi International (R) Inc. (DGII) today announced the acquisition of privately held MobiApps Ltd in the United States, India and RC4558 datasheet and Singapore offices of almost all assets. MobiApps is engaged in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications technology development company, whose main business scope include satellite, mobile and RC4558 price and hybrid satellite / mobile communication system solutions. MobiApps in India, Singapore and RC4558 suppliers and the United States a total of 63 employees, most of which are in its headquarters in Bangalore, India. The acquisition of the assets to Digi products and access to satellite technology, the area of its strategy in the wireless M2M is an important supplement. MobiApps technology and products company in the Orbcomm satellite system plays an important role. "Our wireless M2M customers are increasingly asking us to provide communications satellite as an optional way to make them more complete coverage model," Digis Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Joe Dunsmore said, "We hope the products will be introduced Digi MobiApps strong global sales and distribution network. We believe in the foreseeable future, the satellite M2M will give us a high growth opportunities will be."

MobiApps recently released its next-generation product, the product based on its custom designed and patented mixed-signal -specific integrated circuit (ASIC). Satellite M2M can significantly reduce the complexity of the system program and improve its performance. Satellite M2M applications include fleet management, ship tracking, container tracking, agricultural monitoring, energy management and remote field service application. Satellites were particularly suitable for cross-border and continental borders of the application, it can provide the context of a far connection, and wireless communication can be sufficiently covered in the case of the wireless solution to provide back-up, which is the crucial tasks important. MobiApps also contains a variety of asset tracking management service wireless communication wireless communications and mixed / satellite products, including tracking service staff, mainly for India and Southeast Asia.

MobiApps India operations to Digi in this growing international market strength has been greatly enhanced. MobiApps in India, a total of 53 employees, including sales, marketing and administrative personnel, and about 30 professionals with outstanding expertise in wireless engineers. There are many people in this division team in India and Southeast Asia has laid a solid foundation for further development.

"MobiApps satellite technology for its industry-leading products and solutions is known, and these products and solutions are based on its patented mixed-signal application specific integrated circuit (ASIC). To Digis resources, scale and market position with MobiApps expertise, will make it the worlds growing M2M market take a more favorable position. "MobiApps CEO Taroon C. Kamdar said.

"This acquisition in strategy, corporate culture and finance both its shareholders on the Digi is right," Joe Dunsmore said.

Strategic to meet the

Strategically, the acquisition of MobiApps Digi meet two strategic objectives, first to obtain the leading M2M satellite products and technologies, and then for the expansion of Digi Wireless in India and Southeast Asia, and laid a solid business plan basis for action. Digi acquisition MobiApps

strategically for the favorable factors include the following points:

- Strong satellite communications in M2M "tribal knowledge"
- can be customized in the Digi products common satellite-specific integrated circuit (ASIC)
- enhance the business in India and Southeast Asia and strength
- for Digi global sales channels, particularly in Europe and the Americas
- with Digis products share a common "personality" characteristics and strategic direction of product differentiation and ability
- and wireless solutions and a number of Digi iDigi wireless product line coordination

"The acquisition of MobiApps with our five-year goal is consistent. The goal is to 2013, the wireless business for over 60% of our revenue base, and international revenue growth exceeding 60%." Joe Dunsmore said.

Integration of corporate culture

"From the corporate culture perspective, we think we match well. We found MobiApps with an open, honest culture, where much emphasis on listening, and teamwork, and innovative ideas popular. We found that the management a pioneering spirit, but also very mature. The corporate culture with the Digis corporate culture is very fit, "Joe Dunsmore said.

Financial cooperation

MobiApps recently just released some new products, Digis experts will market these products to sell to the world, believe that even in the current difficult market environment can achieve good growth. If all the financial goals are achieved, then, Digi hope to achieve in fiscal year 2010, the acquisition of the balance of payments. Digi hope five years, every year get a good revenue growth.


Digi next few months, the management team and MobiApps Digis current CEO Taroon Kamdar the assistance of the merger, will soon realize the functional integration of MobiApps.

Details of the transaction

Transaction price of 300 million U.S. dollars, cash transactions, almost all of the assets acquired MobiApps. The end of fiscal year 2010, may pay an additional $ 500,000, provided that the realization of certain indicators.

Digi expects from the acquisition date, MobiApps will contribute more than 350,000 U.S. dollars

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