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European Watch: French workers "extreme" response to the problem of unemployment

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on July   10, 2011

Shadow of economic recession is not retreat, the French workers fear unemployment continues to rise, some extremists are desperate, and TLP531 datasheet and even has nothing on the occasion, it is a choice to strike, violence at sports, and TLP531 price and so anti-social violent means to protest.

About 250 Altis Semiconductor (Infineon and TLP531 suppliers and IBM joint venture company) from June 15 employees started the strike, union even threatened strike action will continue indefinitely, and require the company to propose an "acceptable reorganization Plan. " At the same time, ST-Ericsson, France Caen region from the staff went on strike June 10 to protest the company will end the second quarter of 2010 base operating decisions.

ILO in France CFTC (French Confederation of Christian workers) the official website of the organization for Altis Semiconductor listed several labor demonstrations in the past has made France the employers agreed to the severance terms, these workers win case In addition to passing out, "We can fight for more rights" message, but also increased the amount of severance payment threshold.

Example, Tyco Electronics announced the layoff of 620 incident, the employer agreed to pay to each dismissed employee for at least 3 million euros (about 40,000 USD 2,000) in severance pay. Another case is the base for Atmel Rousset, France announced layoffs of 180 people rallied in protest after Labour made 4,000 each 30,000 euros (about 40,000 USD 7,500) and by multiple years of 1.4 months per year salary severance payment conditions.

There are better; CFTC Web site lists another case, a tire maker Continental announced the closure of northern France Clairoix stronghold, the local refused to accept the 1,120 employees 7,000 per 1 million euros (about 2 million 4000 dollars) severance payment conditions, intense labor struggle, the employer finally agreed to provide each employee a minimum 5 million euros (about $ 70,000), and according to the maximum years to 10 million euros (about 14 million) severance payment.

Continentals Clairoix locations, many employees have been working for the company over 30 years, they will be received before October this year, the normal wage, and in 2011 continue to receive 85% of the wage and unemployment benefits, or to 2014 to receive 75% of salary.

View, once the French get angry all over the ILO, the Government and various multinational companies can not ignore their strength; but also because of past cases show, the more resistance will be to more severance pay, such industrial action appears to no end. This is a golden era for the French labor movement, the working masses of angry anti-capitalist dogma may be said to be convinced.

March this year, there is a case, part of the French workers regardless of the legality of their actions, or whether in the moral dispute, taking a rare means to force employers to consult ─ ─ they kidnapped the boss.

This is 3 months, Sonys dissatisfaction with the company because the French people out of the severance terms, the chief executive Serge Foucher under house arrest in France in the southwest Pontonx-sur-lAdour tape factory. After the French Pithiviers American 3M plant has 150 employees being laid off will get a higher severance payment only after the release of the kidnapped director of more than 24 hours. Such drastic action

not only in high-tech industry workers only see ... ... machinery and equipment manufacturers Caterpillar factory workers in Grenoble, France, to protest the companys layoff plans, will be head of house arrest 4 in the office; with Gucci, YSL PPR and other brand-name company President and CEO Francois-Henri Pinault, announced that it would lay off 1,200 people because, after the taxi in Paris, by two angry staff restrictions on movement.

Endless labor protest movement is no doubt to cast a shadow over Frances international image, especially for investors, such workers do not know what they will make the risk of violent behavior, but also allow them to put off to France. However, if there is no investor home, the French unemployment situation will only become more serious ─ ─ unless the State by the government a lot of self-closed markets to provide work opportunities.

For most of the French workers, the return to an inclusive, supporting good industrial environment should be a real help to improve the unemployment problem.

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