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Financial crisis automotive sensor technology and application trends

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Global sensor market is showing rapid growth. Market information company INTECHNOCONSULTING report, the global sensor market volume in 2008 was 50.6 billion U.S. dollars, the global sensor market in 2010 up to 600 billion U.S. dollars. Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific and XCS30-3PQ208C datasheet and Canada to become the fastest growing region sensor market, while the United States, Germany, Japan remains the largest country in the sensor market distribution. On a global scale, the sensor market is still the fastest-growing car market.

"No no modern automotive sensor technology" has become the industry consensus, which means that the more developed automotive electronics, the higher degree of automation, the greater the dependence of the sensor. In this regard, industry experts believe that the future will be the birth of new automotive applications with matching new car sensors. The biggest characteristic of the sensor is constantly developing new features to introduce new technologies, future trends in automotive sensor technology is the miniaturization of the total development, multi-functional and XCS30-3PQ208C price and intelligent.

Development trends in the world automotive sensors

Data show about an ordinary family car on the installation of dozens of sensors, sensors on the number of luxury cars can be up to 200 only. According to market research firm StrategyAnalytics expects automotive sensor revenues in 2012 of 158 billion U.S. dollars.

Automotive sensors can be divided into three categories: power systems, safety management systems and XCS30-3PQ208C suppliers and body comfort system sensors. Power system in which the largest proportion of the sensor market, reflecting the most advanced automotive sensor technology. For example, the angle of the accelerator pedal position sensor error must be less than 0.4%; throttle position sensor requires extremely high reliability, and to be able to work -50 degrees to 150 degrees.

In power systems, active sensors to lead the development trend. Cam and crank sensor because the cars "heart" of the engine is closely related to a key power system. The active cam sensor and crank sensor for the power system to provide greater protection and therefore will lead the future development trends. Expected in 2009, there will be 58.2 million active crankshaft sensor in use, and passive sensors will be reduced to 21.5 million.

In the security management system, pressure sensors achieve airbag. Automotive safety management system is also widely used sensor field. Side air bag control vehicle acceleration sensors and pressure sensors have two options. Authoritative data show that compared with the acceleration sensors, pressure sensors in the side impact test of speed, acceleration sensor than the nearly 3 times faster, and even a small probability of malfunction.

Comfort system in the body, doors, transmission, make cars more intelligent passive safety. Door modules, door handles, window controls on the use of a DC motor position sensors, door modules using a distributed architecture and is connected via LIN bus. Transmission through the use of 2-axis or 3 axis angle / linear sensor, can meet the requirements of different positions and save the cost of transmission, the specific choice of sensors will have to function under the car and gearbox design requirements to decide. Passive safety devices, including the detection of bearing seats, seat belts open / withhold monitoring, seat position adjustment of the test (to ensure the effective protection airbag system), and so, the details of these controls on the demand for automotive sensors is also very impressive.

Acceleration, vibration, speed sensor is a measurement of motor sport in the three main sensor, has remained stable and strong growth momentum. Currently, the three sensors produce more than 30 large enterprises, including the top 5 companies account for 31.3% market share. Such as Endevco accounted 13.6%, WilcoxaResearch 9.1%, Motorola accounted for 4.2%, IMI accounted for 3.0%, AnalogDevices 1.4%.

Emission regulations in Western developed countries, increasingly stringent exhaust emissions requirements of the automotive oxygen sensor to promote the development and production.

Present, practical car oxygen sensor oxygen sensor germanium oxide, titanium dioxide, some oxygen sensors.

Is worth mentioning that the miniaturization of sensors using micro-machining technology to micro-level sensor, signal conditioning, data processing device integrated on a single chip package. Because of its small size, low cost, ease of integration features, you can improve test accuracy, for example, pressure sensors and micro-miniature integrated temperature sensor, while measuring the pressure and temperature can be eliminated through the chip operation in the pressure measurement temperature. Many micro-sensors are already available, such as pressure sensors, accelerometers, silicon accelerometers for crash and so on.

In tire pressure sensor embedded micro properly inflated can be maintained to avoid over-or under inflated, which can save fuel by 10%. Multi-functional characteristics of the sensor can detect two or more than 2 parameters.

Smart sensors with a dedicated computer, it will be the rapid development of vehicle safety performance to an unprecedented height. As the microelectronics and micro-machining technology, miniaturization of the sensor is moving, multi-functional and intelligent direction. The development of the Chinese automotive sensors

technology very worried

StrategyAnalytics forecast, from 2004 to 2009, the global automotive sensors will show a growth rate of 9%.

The Chinese market is fertile ground for the development of automotive sensors. In recent years, the Chinese sensor market has continued to grow. CCW Research (CCWResearch) latest survey data show that during the period 2007 to 2010 the Chinese automotive sensors market sales compound annual growth rate of more than 35%. Sales in the Chinese market in 2009 is expected to be close to 1.05 billion U.S. dollars, the growth rate of 40.5% year on year; expected sales in the Chinese market in 2010 will exceed 1.32 billion year growth rate of 35.2%.

China has leaped to the worlds second largest auto market, according to data released by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers show that as early as 2007, Chinas auto production and sales have both more than 8.8 million, an increase of up to 22.02%, second only to Americas second largest auto consumer.

2008, the Chinese automotive sensors market of 57 million, expected in 2010 Chinas auto market would reach tens of billions of sensors, up to 15 million in 2015. Automotive ECU trend is more and more concentrated, more and more sensors. China accounted for EFI system application sensor system more than 70%, ABS (anti-lock braking system) sensors cost around 50 yuan, domestic production of 100 million units, the output value of 5,000 million; airbag sensor system cost accounting 70% of the airbag sensor is priced at 2,000 yuan, the demand of 100 million / year, then the sensor output value of up to 20 billion yuan.

Optimistic about the automotive sensor industry experts resulting in Chinas development prospects. In their view, the increase in the number of cars and each car used by the sensor increases, the decision of the Chinese automotive sensors market capacity will continue to increase, the Chinese sensor market is entering a boom period.

However, the sensor industry and abroad, the Chinese automotive sensors has not yet formed an independent industry. Since the 20th century, 80 years, Chinas automobile industry the introduction of foreign advanced technology and with the support of the sensor production technology, basically meet the domestic low-volume, low-level models support needs. Chinas auto industry, supporting the sensor itself is only some low-grade products. Parking sensors on the vehicle factory, it is a two complementary products, must be the form of systems into vehicle factories. When the engine electronic control system in China imported from abroad, the corresponding sensor package also imported to China.

Can see, the Chinese automotive sensor industry as a whole lower level, a variety of sensors, especially high level of automotive sensors still rely on imports.

Sensor market by Siemens, Bosch, Honeywell and other international giants occupy most of the country parts, and the slow development of the domestic automotive sensor industry.

Industry believes that Chinas sensor technology and production scale of production did not meet the current requirements of high-tech automotive industry, annually imports more than 50 million sets of high-performance automotive sensors. Chinas automotive sensor products with similar foreign products, the level difference of 10 years. For example, the Chinese production of crankshaft position, vehicle speed sensor or Hall many uses electromagnetic sensing means, there is the accuracy is low, decomposition of poor, the signal accuracy is not high, and weak anti-interference problem, and similar foreign photoelectric products have been used effectively to avoid the above drawbacks.

In addition, miniaturization of automotive sensors, multi-functional, integrated and intelligent use of new technology trends and development of new materials and set higher requirements. Magnetic, sensing, force-sensitive, thermal, optical, laser and other sensors came into being, the sensor material is also developed into a semiconductor from the metal, ceramics, optical fibers and other materials. In these areas, the gap between Chinese enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises is huge.

Present, the upgrading of automotive technology, domestic and foreign car companies will focus on the development of sensor technology as the high-tech. Miniaturization, intelligent, non-contact measurement and MEAS sensing technology, will gradually replace the traditional mechanical, strain gauge type, such as sliding potentiometer sensor technology, automotive sensors in a safe, energy saving, environmental protection and intelligent side will make significant breakthrough. The major sensor manufacturers in the performance of the Competition, will enhance the content of automotive sensor technology, reduce production costs and drive new technology revolution, to promote the development of automotive sensor industry.

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