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GSM Association, KT and SK Telecom South Korea Mobile Industry Focus

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on July   10, 2011

On behalf of the interests of the global GSM mobile communications industry Association (GSMA) recently held in Seoul, the most recent Council meeting. The meeting was chaired by South Korean mobile operator Korea Telecom (KT) and CY7C136-25NC datasheet and SK Telecom jointly sponsored, and CY7C136-25NC price and from the worlds leading mobile operators in 25 executives attended the meeting. The two-day event also highlights South Korea in the global information and CY7C136-25NC suppliers and communication technology (ICT) industry, an important role, from Samsung (Samsung) and LG Electronics (LG Electronics) of the executives on the future of innovative GSM Association Board explained their views.

GSM Association Rob Conway, CEO and board member, said: "SK Telecom and KT have been regarded as the most dynamic and technologically advanced markets in the worlds pioneers. We are honored to have this opportunity to visit South Korea , and to learn more about South Korea is shaping not only, but also about the future of global technology and services industry. We especially want to thank KT and SK Telecom agreed to host this in their own GSM Association Council, and they show the last few days the hospitality. "

SK Telecom and KT in the GSM Association is very active and has high visibility, respectively, since 2008 and has since 2003 held in the Council office. Both companies focus on investigating and develop a series for the global mobile industry, businesses and consumers to create greater value for the GSM Association, the technical program committees and working groups play a leading role. For example, KT and SK Telecom is engaged in the Rich Communication Suite (RCS) program, the service providing interoperability and a more extensive communication capabilities, all of which are available through the user mobile phone Contact List.

SK Telecom and KT are the GSM Association SmartSIM supporters of the project, the project aims to promote the development and adoption SmartSIM, which is a high capacity USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) card, allowing users to store personal mobile content, Switch mobile phone phone book data can also be free access or multimedia files, and can run the personalized portal site or multimedia messaging and other mobile applications. SK Telecom first to the GSM Association has SmartSIM plan, and in February 2009 successfully led the GSM Association SmartSIM the project start in order to expand cooperation in the standardization of such technologies.

In addition, KT heavily involved in the GSM Associations Mobile Embedded programs (Mobile Embedded Initiative), the program aims to develop machines for machines and other consumer devices market for mobile connectivity. KT has also been the GSM Associations Pay-Buy-Mobile (pay for the phone) the main driving force plan, which aims to provide a uniform global approach to using mobile phone contactless payments as possible. Individual customers

KT Woo-Sik Kim, president, said: "KT ahead with its participation in GSM Association, has been engaged in will add value to its customers among the major projects, while mobile services by sharing its expertise and experience, consolidating its position as a key member of the global market position. KT will continue cooperation with the GSM Association of mobile industrys blueprint for the future and become a revival of the upcoming era of ICT, a driver. "

SK Telecom Chief Executive Officer Man-Won Jung, said: "GSM Association meeting has become South Korea to the global display advanced information and communication technologies and services opportunity. In addition, we can strengthen our relationships with major global mobile telecommunications company relationship. GSM Association through active participation in promoting the development of global mobile telecommunications industry activities, SK Telecom will continue to play as a global ICT industry, the role of leader. "

This weeks Council stressed the revival and telecommunications companies in the global economy, the role of the activities related to the topic. April, GSM Association and the 24 largest mobile communications company signed a letter urging the Government to support private sector-20 strong development of the letter. According to AT Kearney (AT Kearney), said the development of the private sector can produce more than 5500 billion dollars of private capital investment and create 25 million jobs and driving the global GDP growth of 3-4%. This growth is based on the GSM family of technologies based on the construction of new mobile broadband network inferred from the. To ensure the rapid establishment of networks and network services in these successful deployment, the government must be configured with 20 time the radio spectrum necessary to build new networks and introduced a stable, predictable and invasion to the lowest degree of regulatory environment encourage the necessary investment.

GSM Association Chairman Alexander Izosimov commented: "While many people are looking forward to trying funded government when the economy recovers, the mobile industry, the private sector is able to stimulate the development of a small number of one of the industries. Can move hundreds of millions of people and the global information economy connection, and thereby creating the productivity, efficiency and prosperity of the new era. "