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Guangya Exhibition 2009: reduce the number of LED into a foreign Highlights

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2009 Nian 6 Yue 9 Ri -12 lines on the world map, the annual Lighting industry event - Guangzhou International Lighting Fair Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou opening. Experienced a financial crisis in 2008, the impact on the industry in 2009, lighting lighting industry in China is even more mature. Show the attitude of the public enterprises are starting to become rational. However, in the case of mixed internal and FDN360P datasheet and external factors, this years exhibition displays more features.

Significantly reduced the number of foreign export is still grim

Although the opening warm; the soaring Reliance Group of Fujian quite eye-catching "body painting"; the Guangdong Provincial Association of Lighting Energy Saving Week series of events; but decreased popularity of this exhibition. Another significant phenomenon is that: Foreign significantly reduced. In the midst of the crowd Sohu, one of the few number of foreign investors. By the 2008 financial crisis, foreign markets, the lighting industry was significantly affected by this exhibition of view, the recovery of the foreign market is not optimistic.

"The focus of the real estate market conditions this year, net, intuitive is: the international market plummeted, especially in America, and FDN360P price and now continues to decline. But there is a small rebound in May, especially in Europe and FDN360P suppliers and the Middle East market." At the show before the interview Sohu home lighting Channel Marketing Director Xiaoguang Fu Oriental lighting when, Mr. Shaw described to reporters that the foreign market situation. And this situation will undoubtedly be proved in the show.

LED applications into the Highlights beginning to expand

If this years Guangzhou International Lighting Fair What characteristics, then no doubt be popular LED products. From the number of exhibitors who, LED was significantly improved and even the momentum beyond the traditional lighting products. It is noteworthy that, in this exhibition alumni, LED products, applications have more outdoor landscape from the past applied to the outdoor home lighting, according to Ming Shi direction.

Popular in the South exhibition hall, the chairman Wu Jun Wei, told reporters: "South exhibition launched the accumulation of four years of independent development of LED products on the market is not a small impact." Wu Jun Wei said, "Although in some technical fields, the Chinese LED is not as foreign. But the application of LED in China is very likely to achieve." and the prospects for the development of LED products, Sogou, Dr. Wu that, LED products, the biggest obstacle is the widely used product prices.

In government and industry under the impetus of the sky as the light source base in Fujian in recent years, the rapid rise in the industry figure line world, this exhibition sky enterprise collective appearance. Reliance Group Vice President of Fujian Luoming Xiang told reporters: "the sky as a new rise of the" light all ", there are already sources more than thirty enterprises, while the visit to have more than a dozen exhibitors, co-brand the museum in the composition of 4.1 a large enterprise group sky. "In order to attract attention, Fujian, huh Reliance Group in front of the body painting booth display, from time to time through the day, body painting models to attract visitors to the eye, but added should be those who gathered.

The absence of some brands exhibiting companies and more rational

To the graph line world Philips, OSRAM has come, but the NVC, Op had disappeared, as well as the absence of a new exhibition Terri, New Century Lighting, Oriental lamps, Raymond lighting ... ... . The thought that there will be national brands, foreign brands and thus face to face with PK in the end.

Before the exhibition, the reporter learned that some of the reasons for participating enterprises. Many enterprise leaders told reporters that attend the show only one aspect of the operation of the enterprise market, and show the effect is limited, there are other markets in the focus of the case, companies would consider not participating. Explanation from the business point of view, the lighting industry rush to move from the state fair, more balanced view began to show.

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