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Guangya Exhibition Series Forum: the power sector to sustainable development together

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After nearly a year of careful preparation, the 2009 Guangzhou International Lighting Technology Forum on June 9 a success. Guangzhou International Lighting Technology Forum event as a high-end lighting industry, from the founding date, has gone through five years. Each year, organizers Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd and DAC0830LCN datasheet and Guangzhou Yangon Culture Communication Co., Ltd. organizer, are closely linked to industry trends, develop theme, and DAC0830LCN price and invited experts and DAC0830LCN suppliers and designers as the industry heavyweight speakers. The Guangzhou International Lighting Technology Forum has invited well-known designers from four continents, across time, across regions, industries and the various perspectives from lighting their sustainable development.

Exhibition event in the high-end forums

2009 Guangzhou International Lighting Technology Summit Forum held in conjunction with the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, this years Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition exhibitors up to 1,543 homes, a total of 26 countries and regions from the exhibition area of 110,000 square meters, covering 11 pavilions, which feature LED Museum 2, 3 brand shop. During the same period this year, the exhibition is also held events over the years, the largest and the largest number in order to meet the lighting industry at all levels of the different needs and trends.

In the June 9 opening of the morning, the Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co., Ltd. introduced the directors of Pan Wenbo Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition in 2009 the basic profiles and the latest features. Messe Frankfurt, Germany, Technical Director of Iris Jeglitza-Moshage show Miss China Lighting Association chairman Mr. Chen Yansheng, president of China, Mr. Wang Jinsui Illuminating Engineering Society, Yangon Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Mr. Ma Bin, director of the lighting industry such as over a hundred high-end to participate in the opening ceremony. Guangzhou Yangon Culture Communication Ltd, the organizer of the long-term cooperation body, the Director Mr. Ma Bin received at the opening ceremony of the organizers presented the souvenirs, and visit the exhibition pavilions to participate in VIP to see the lighting industrys latest products and technologies.

Forum Site - excellent lighting design from four continents collide

2009 Guangzhou International Lighting Technology Summit around "lighting of the sustainable development" as its theme, the creation of a "landscape and architectural lighting," "Interior Lighting", "Public Lighting", "LED" 4 Ge Session, 10 lectures and a field symposium, the audience of about 1,200 people, nearly 95% attendance rate for each lecture are equipped with Q & A session, speaker and audience to enhance the interaction between the sound of digging more, to achieve the purpose of communication .

Where "the landscape and architectural lighting" special invited Miss Li Li, Mr. Lin Dawei, face out and Mr. Kaoru Dr. Rong Haolei speaker. As a representative of a new generation of lighting designers, Miss Li Li from the concept of sustainable start around the "landscape lighting and urban sustainable development strategy" theme, with the value behind Lyon Festival of Lights support system, Changzhou Hongmei Park, Green Wind Park, SU Park case, discussed the feasibility of strategies for sustainable landscape lighting. Mr. Lin Dawei to "urban landscape of light and culture" in the title and share of Taiwan Yilan, Jiaotong University, Rotterdam and other lighting and light case design experience changes in the environment. Mr. Kaoru face a speech entitled "iconic city landmarks lighting / lighting design," for everyone in the forum in which he demonstrated his very favorite projects and urban landscape, a more diverse and skilled analysis of the design. Dr. Rong Haolei "night the spirit of the urban core area of the site" theme, retrospective analysis of the international development and domestic demand and design bottlenecks, and to share practice and exploration of five cases. This special by the Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Huizhou NVC as the only partner, "Interior Lighting" special invited Mr. Li Ruilin, David Bird, Mr., Mr. Zhao Muhuan was the keynote speaker. Mr. Li Ruilin its long experience of working with lighting designers, combined with coral hotel about the "interior design and lighting design with." Mr. David Birds theme, "Museums and Art Gallery Lighting", he relaxed speaking style, introduced in the natural light in the Museum of application requirements and control, and new sources of illumination in the future. Mr. Zhao Muhuan the case with a lot of pictures, full of fun, innovative, bold style, about "hotel, restaurant, club lighting - how to interpret space by light," to share with you a lot of very interesting story behind the design. This special by the ART DECO LIGHTING as the only partner.

"Public Lighting" special from the city of lights - Eindhoven City Manager Rik van Stiphout lighting, Mr. Speaker, the lighting of the Netherlands to share experiences, ideas on how to improve the urban living environment and peoples quality of life, such as Strijp-S Creative Park to re-think the perspective of the future high-tech lighting, public lighting design.

"LED special," Ms. Leni Schwendinger invited as a speaker and Mr. Chen Wencheng. Ms. Leni Schwendinger you on a "program of the United States LED lighting: color and light - humanitys urban night environment", with LED lighting of the city to explore ways of artistic expression through color effects, and how reasonable the understanding and application of LED colored light. Mr. Chen Wencheng LED Light For You, as representatives of the Forum to bring the "next generation of solid-state lighting: LEDs innovative technology and system upgrade program", a very detailed description of the LEDs technical characteristics, advantages, LED standards and application. This special by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Asia Ltd. as the sole partner.

Symposium - mining industry, all the different voices

Symposium theme of "sustainable lighting design --- from early inspiration to the projects implementation, to maintenance of late," and invited the Planning Institute of Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Light Chen Haiyan, deputy director of environmental design , and Guangzhou City street by Mr. Lin Zhengang technical director, acted as moderator, from all sectors of industry chain, including owners, architects, lighting designers, construction companies, manufacturers and academic / research representatives come together to "Early program driven by the technology-driven or creative? "," how to choose lighting products? "," when the investment is low, the designer should do? "," post-maintenance should be how to organize? "and start a positive discussion of issues, each other expressed different views, extending the depth and breadth of the theme.

2009 Guangzhou International Lighting Technology Summit from the preparation so far, won the China Illuminating Engineering Society and the community concern and support, when the occasion of the lighting industry booming, the Guangzhou International Lighting Technology Forum has put great effort for the lighting industry contribute to the development. In 2010, the Guangzhou Asian Games will mark the sixteenth in the background of the top sporting event, we look forward to the 2010 Guangzhou International Lighting Technology Summit lighting industry to bring more surprises.

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