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Guangzhou International Lighting Fair 2008 press conference held at the Guangzhou Garden Hotel

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5 26 afternoon, the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, Electrical Building Technology Guangzhou International Fair held in Guangzhou Garden Hotel press conference. Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd Managing Director, Pan Wenbo, director of Hu Zhongshun, Messe Frankfurt (HK) Limited on behalf of Huangbao Qi attended the conference to the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, Electrical Building Technology Guangzhou International Exhibition of the breeze situation, exhibitors , show the characteristics of Summit preparations to do a detailed report, and FDC6301N datasheet and the presence of the media to do a detailed answer a reporters question.

Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd, Managing Director of Pan Wenbo first to Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, Electrical Building Technology Guangzhou The basic situation of exhibition do inform the breeze. Two exhibitions will be held June 8 -11 at the Guangzhou International Convention and FDC6301N price and Exhibition Centre. Up to now, the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition in the breeze has a record: 21 countries and FDC6301N suppliers and regions from more than 1,539 exhibitors are ready to take part in this industry event. Electrical Building Technology Guangzhou, 97 companies participating in exhibitions. The exhibition area of 106,000 square meters, the highest ever; brand to three Hall Museum, the new LED thematic pavilions; lighting industry, international brands, such as PHILIPS, ORSAM, SAMSUNG and so continue to participate in Expo 2008 . Show the same period of the Guangzhou International Lighting Technology held in Summit, to "urban lighting planning, design, implementation and management" as its theme, the keynote lectures and 12 two seminars.

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Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Exhibition, Managing Director, Pan Wenbo about preparations

Followed by a media reporters question time, May 12 in Sichuans earthquake attention by the national parties, whether the earthquake in Sichuan would Lighting exhibiting companies have become concerned about the impact the problem, Pan Wenbo, general manager, said: the lighting industry base in China is mainly concentrated in the east and south are two areas in Sichuan relatively strong demand for lighting, but the proportion of production or relatively small. Therefore, lighting companies in Sichuan, more than the show. But after the earthquake, there is a disaster in Sichuan enterprises that can not come because of the 2008 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, Frankfurt Guangya immediate reply, said that the business can be a full refund of the participation fees have been prepaid, and that stands ready to provide possible publicity and promotion to help businesses affected areas to express a little something.

LED lighting is currently the most watched new light source, the exhibition also established the "LED museum professionals", LED lighting market share now issues and development prospects of the proportion of naturally concerned by the reporters, Pan Wenbo, general manager of that: LED with green energy-saving features, energy saving and environmental protection simultaneously meet both requirements of the ideal product, it was unanimously optimistic about prospects for the current LED influenced by the share of the market price ratio is not high, but with the technology, lower prices, the proportion will continue to increase. Guangzhou International Lighting Fair opened this years special theme pavilion, with the national governments policy is to promote, and follow the international trend, green is the main international large-scale enterprises development. This year there are 480 exhibitors engaged in the production of LED products, research and development, the Summit held in conjunction with the exhibition theme of positioning also highlights the concept of environmental protection.
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lighting companies in the Electrical Building Technology Guangzhou International Exhibition of the exhibitors as well as the direction of the breeze after the show, Pan Wenbo, general manager replied: Yes Many lighting companies are also engaged in large-scale electrical, electrical products, lighting products, many manufacturers produce both, but also in the intelligent building control systems manufacturing. This year 97 companies participated in the Electrical Building Technology Center project. Electrical systems and building the future electrification will be the main direction of development.

Pan Wenbo answer questions from reporters, Managing Director (left: Hu Zhongshun Directors Right: Miss Huang Baoqi)

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