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Guangzhou International Lighting Fair: Leading the Future of Philips LED

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2009 Nian 6 9, the fourteenth session of the "Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition" in Guangzhou (Pazhou) International Convention and NDS332P datasheet and Exhibition Center opened. Lighting Fair and NDS332P price and the Frankfurt famous as the top event, the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair has become the Asia-Pacific regions most important lighting event. Philips Lighting, a "streamer Phantom of the Opera" as the theme of light and NDS332P suppliers and shadow art venues in home shows, shops, offices, outdoor lighting and other areas of outstanding lighting solutions, Philips LED visitors a taste of the product to create light and shadow brigade.

Pavilion at Philips Lighting, LED products coming out in the home, shops, outdoor, office and hotel all simulation scenarios, displaying the Philips LED technology in all areas of comprehensive, flexible lighting solutions. Philips built in the "Home", LED outline for the home life of happiness and varied colors. Philips Magic Lamp - LivingColors with 16 million kinds of light and color, colorful blossoms to create a living atmosphere. Simulation candle LED candle lights for a truly romantic rhythm. There will be listed Ledino September home lighting series, which is the first one used in high-power LED home lighting overall solution. Which is more a Ledino desk light by the U.S. in January this year, Time magazine named the most innovative LED lighting products, a leading representative of the trend of fashion innovation.

Roam in Philipss "shop" where, AmbiScene scene lighting control system through flexible lighting, giving a more vivid expression of goods, to create personalized themes atmosphere, created so that consumers memorable shopping experience. In the "store" brand wall, glass wall models using the Philips LED strip II plus, creating a constantly changing color space. LED spot light is to enhance the product display of results, both to avoid the commodity by the light and heat, ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

LED outdoor lighting is also shaped the colorful charm of the city. This year, Philips pushing the city - the residents - lights (City · People · Light) concept of platform applications in various cities in China and take root. In urban lighting, Philips introduced a powerful LED flood lighting outdoor lighting ColorReach, it can meet the tall building facade lighting needs, but also dynamic color change. In addition, road lighting, Philips CosmoPolis warm white road lighting street lighting will be the next generation of high-quality programs.

Office lighting, Philips is promoting the "Green Building" to achieve the concept of green building, for people to bring comfort, energy saving, intelligent office lighting solutions. For example, energy-efficient, low power consumption, excellent quality, light color LED Downlight - LuxSpace; there was a natural wave-type LED office lighting DayWave; with DALI control system, you can create a lighting change with the natural light environment, office lighting brings moving light rhythm. In addition, Philips intelligent dimming system, such as Occuswitch, ActiLume so flexible on the regulation of office lighting, energy efficient and comfortable, while also bringing high-quality lighting environments.

Behalf of the future development trend of lighting LED, not only energy efficient but also has rich colors and dynamic changes in various fields have been widely used. Philips Lighting innovations with high-quality, lead the rapid development of LED. In recent years, through the acquisition of Philips Lumileds, TIR company, Color Kinetics, Genlyte and a series of companies to build a complete industrial chain of LED lighting. This year, Philips Ilti Luce and the Italian company has agreed to be acquired, expanding the market leader in LED solid-state lighting advantage.

Present, LED is ushering in the opportunity of rapid development, is very promising. It is reported that Chinas Ministry of Science and approved in 21 large cities as the "city of ten thousand ten" policy approved by the city, will be the development of LED lighting in the local pilot project work. Estimates that the mainland next year will reach 1,500 billion yuan LED output. LED in an increasingly hot market, Philips is leveraging its many years of lighting industry experience and technical superiority, advanced LED lighting solutions for the lighting industry in China outlined the future of streamer Phantom of the Opera!

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