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He Shifei LED lights into peoples homes? Price is the key

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4-day 14th session of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Guangzhou International Convention and MC10E016FN datasheet and Exhibition Centre at the grand opening. The exhibition gathered more than 1,500 lighting from domestic and MC10E016FN price and foreign companies, exhibition area is still up to 11 million square meters, covering 11 halls, has become the first in Asia, the worlds second annual lighting industry event. Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition


Protagonist of this year is still the energy-saving lamps

6 Yue 14 ~ 20, this years National Energy Conservation Week. Show this year, the most fashionable, cutting-edge, energy-efficient LED lights at the show in advance preview of the show called the real protagonist. In the early years, although it represents the future trend of lighting, but more difficult application, poor market development, small scale industries in the show over the years has been marginalized. "Most people think LED is only used in small electronic devices, lights, and MC10E016FN suppliers and now many of the outdoor landscape from the past, applications to the home to outdoor lighting, according to Ming Shi direction." LED this years show carried a special feature two exhibition halls, the reporter found , field erected, large or small, LED screen, playing dynamic music video, the number of products beyond the traditional types of lighting products and even the momentum.

At the scene, the reporter saw like Osram, Philips, introduced the same shape and traditional light bulbs LED bulbs, just 8 watts to 40 watts of conventional light bulbs. LED lights on, the current production of high brightness LED bulb is also more difficult. However, some foreign giants of the LED lamps to see lighting, the technology has been in the lead, not only emphasized enough brightness, also taking into account the color, that is, we often see the glare, people feel very soft, which popularity at home is a very crucial step. "However, the current compact solar lamp (commonly known as energy-saving lamps) in the next few years will remain the first choice for consumers, because the LED lamp price is too high, equal to the brightness of the traditional 40-watt light bulb LED light bulb price of more than 150 yuan." In the country 2009 "to promote efficient lighting project" Aurora Lighting winning three male Wang Jun, director of marketing, told reporters this year, 100 million national plan to promote energy-saving lamps, home users will be able to buy just half, the other 50% of the cost subsidized by the state .

The lighting as a gift to sell

See this cute baby, you do not think its just Barbie Oh. Company in a booth from Jinan, colorful dolls different lamps, hanging like a puppet show as the board, there is wear a wedding dress, there are bare Xiangjian, there with a lace cap, there are also hot on the waves hair , workmanship is very fine, let it be the shape Ka Wa Yi Guangzhou International Lighting Fair this year, one of the highlights. "Its more practical than the Barbie doll, is a lovely doll lamp." On-site staff told reporters that the lamp is to sell as gifts, the price of about two hundred dollars or so. It is said that the first day of exhibition, it attracted a lot of girls of all ages.

Bulbs than in terms of lighting, such products under the well-designed lighting in factories, become more decorative. Booth in a Ming Jiaoxia Union, the reporter saw several boxes of arms above the vertical shape of an AK-47 assault rifles in the 18K gold-plated table lamp, full masculinity. Holder with handguns, machine guns for the element, the scene also with a number of simulated firearms, ammunition and grenades pendulum jewelry, the real men are amazed by the extent known. And another from Zhejiang booth exhibitors, this lamp has become the shape light, formed by a curved piece of iron, an LED light panels mounted on it, make people feel fresh clear-cut. The lighting also added elements of fashion design, four legs, standing lamp, with a lace braid style, each with a row of buckles on three sides of the bow, but rather a wave of fashionably dressed young people, in all kinds of lighting is also very eye-catching.

Space with light carving arts

"Light is not a product, but a space for art." Show this year, even lighting products, but also tried to give a visual scenes and atmosphere. Such as lighting and OSRAM put the wallpaper, sofas and other home elements embraced by the light or a cleverly hidden, or be bold and bare it, such as furniture with a soft tube outline appearance, unique lighting effects for each space Meaningful unique.

Reporter found, to highlight the energy saving theme of many exhibitors regard their booth decorated green. Kerry called the United States as an exhibition hall, placed a transparent glass house, put a few branches above, standing a few naughty cute budgies with one of the flowers of the natural scene.

Unknown in a small booth, the reporter is a professional production is estimated that the manufacturers of outdoor landscape lights, the set design is quite distinctive. In the context of a large area of red brick walls, hanging snowflakes and icicles fly drift, a snow-covered ground, standing beside a deer, all these shapes outlined with lights, people suddenly feel to a strong Christmas atmosphere. Aurora

booth in three male, in the middle of a striking position, placing more than one square meter of a giant switch, is said to be the worlds largest at present. LED energy-saving products

growing home improvement

LED energy-saving products to market for many years but had been used in outdoor and public buildings. However, from the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair this can be seen, LED to the development of civilian a major step forward. "From the current trends, LED lighting will become the mainstream lighting product." Energy conservation technology service centers in Guangdong responsible Lexus Chao said.

Philips lighting in this show, showing from the home, shops, outdoor, office and hotel scene in various lighting solutions. Philips built in the "Home", LED outline for the home life of happiness and varied colors. Philips Magic Lamp - LivingColors with 16 million kinds of light and color, colorful blossoms to create a living atmosphere. Simulation candle LED candle lights for a truly romantic rhythm. There will be listed Ledino September home lighting series, which is the first one used in high-power LED home lighting overall solution. Which is more a Ledino desk light by the U.S. in January this year, Time magazine named the most innovative LED lighting products, a leading representative of the trend of fashion innovation.

From the bulbs, fluorescent tubes to the decorative lighting, lamps, LED has entered, such as user needs, fully buy LED products.

Price is too high a light bulb hundred dollars

Reporters in the south coast road lighting lighting market square and found, LED household light bulbs and tubes are rare. Several store salesman told reporters: "China is now the technology was not advanced LED products, high production costs, so expensive." "LED is now the bottleneck of the development price, the price is determined by technology." China Lighting Association official says, LED though low energy consumption, long service life, but if prices do not fall consistently into the homes of ordinary people can not.

Reporter compared the prices, a 3-watt LED light bulbs and tubes, priced at seventy to eighty yuan or even one or two hundred dollars, the family, can not accept five or six times higher than the energy-saving lamps, higher than more than 10 times the price of incandescent lamps. Some experts said the Ministry of Finance, introduced in 2008 "to promote efficient lighting products, financial subsidies to fund Interim Measures" Yiba semiconductor (LED) lighting products included, but the basic parts of the implementation of the method of government procurement and corporate purchasing mainly, but also not benefit the family, but, this should be promulgated this year, the national standard LED lighting products to be still has yet to introduce.

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