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Highly integrated current sensor response to power system design challenge

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Power system design engineers are faced with greater challenges than ever. More complex sensing algorithms, the latest generation of energy efficiency challenges and EPF10K100EQC240-1 datasheet and the application of advanced sensors, means power designers need to learn a wide range of skills than ever before, while continuing to absorb new design ideas and EPF10K100EQC240-1 price and solutions, the only way to to enterprises in the electricity market place. Some of these challenges

by the existing technology-driven: As components become more complex, engineers need more specialized knowledge to make the most optimized components. However, the greater the pressure comes from the different needs of various applications, especially in energy efficiency or "green" designs. A typical case is the household appliances, such as washing machines, users require high efficiency and EPF10K100EQC240-1 suppliers and ease of operation, prompting manufacturers to adopt new motor control technology, and the resulting development is the new components and applications. This dramatic change means that power engineers must constantly update their professional knowledge.

To sensors (transducers), for example, a single function of the past will be available on-board sensors signal processing and control algorithms for sensor replaced. Vice President of Lyme HansDieterHuber electronics industries, said: "There are two driving forces to promote the latest current sensors, one is the demand for comfort, the need for better and more precise regulation, such as air conditioning equipment, frequency control can more accurately control the temperature, and significantly reduce the noise; the other is the demand for energy conservation, the requirement means that more and more mechanical control of the past will change the sake of applications, electronic control, thus providing higher reliability, improved regulatory function and higher energy efficiency, for example, only 15% of the motor now has a variable frequency control, which can save the entire electronic control 50% of total energy consumption and achieve significant energy savings. "< / P>

Advances in technology make the design engineers to upgrade their capabilities, in turn, customer demand for the technology. HansDieterHuber said, LEM working with each market power designers to maintain a close partnership, including industry, public transport, energy and automation, and automotive markets, almost all of these areas for the designers, the next generation of motor The most significant trend in control is a small, high efficiency and high performance. HansDieterHuber said: "Our customers demand the best solutions to its application in the accurate measurement of current. They also look forward to bringing value-added for the final application of current measurement solutions that enable them to compete in the market unconventional. This requires a minimum accuracy of sensor to provide the best performance and can be easily integrated with other existing electronic components (such as micro-controllers) to communicate. "LEM close collaboration with customers through product improvement, Power applications will enable current and voltage sensing of the current performance parameters to achieve greater breakthroughs. These breakthroughs will form the basis for a variety of designers who can make these products according to more efficient and functional characteristics.

LEM 8 years ago, began to integrate into the sensor ASIC, this move makes the related IP has been developed in order to create the current Minisens series, a make energy-saving appliances and other applications such as sensors can be achieved products. The integrated circuit of small size, and in achieving competitive prices but also to achieve a high precision, these highly accurate sensors to help designers make persistent efforts to keep the small march. HansDieterHuber said: "We have developed a sophisticated current sensor, the sensor magnetic separator (magneticconcentrator) integrated into a SO-8 package inside. This very small device called a Minisens, can not be measured or used for diversion before (shunt ) for measurement applications, the component can be isolated current measurement DC current and provide a standard solution. The ASIC is entirely designed by our company independently, especially for current measurement, and improved electrical performance, for example, thermal compensation drifting error. we can provide some new improvements, these improvements are not usually part of current measurement methods, such as short-circuit test or standby mode faster output, in addition to our degree of integration and size reduction has also made great progress.

Because these devices are packaged in a standard chipset, so you can easily PCB surface mount technology used in the chip. "With efficient design

power broadening of the skills required to master professional knowledge and skills become critical. Carried out with customers around the world in close partnership, LEM is convinced that current and voltage measurements to share the experience to win more than 37 years of market leadership. LEM for each market and the special requirements of each application for detailed understanding, and with the rapid development of field-proven set of quality and innovative design features in one of the new products. Thus, LEM designers can provide full power applications for a variety of standard and custom products.

Is worth mentioning that all businesses currently face another important challenge is the current economic situation. When the market may take several years to completely recover when renewable energy is likely to rebound faster than other industries. Enable all government invested heavily in the rebound faster, while enabling power design prospects. "Green" products is likely to be the main beneficiaries of government support, and power through the use of cutting-edge design to reduce energy consumption or to produce electricity from renewable energy technologies such as in many countries still need government investment.

More advanced current and voltage measurement device integrated, intelligent motor control for digital design and the increasing demand for the enormous potential of renewable energy for electricity presents designers with an attractive and more challenging in the future.

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