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I see Present and Future of the embedded tools market (a)

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From simple control late 70s to todays high-end application development, embedded systems has become a complex high-tech system developed in a short time greatly enhanced the difficulty of the desired function, but also requested the product market competition quickly to market and MSP430F147IPM datasheet and must ensure the quality and MSP430F147IPM price and performance, there is a very important tool to play a role. Among these, the simulation capabilities of the tool is more demanding. How to help engineers design systems successfully to a variety of cores in the same system tools for embedded systems to work together to achieve. It can be said of embedded development tools in helping to realize the application. Of course, in turn, the development of embedded applications is also driving the development of tools.

Currently the biggest market, the fastest change is that more and MSP430F147IPM suppliers and more engineers from 4-bit and 8-bit design turned 32 design. For them, whether there is a convenient tool to help them achieve this seamless transition will be very important. This tool vendors need to provide the engineers are familiar with the interface and interface tools, in addition, generally in the 32-bit development will be used in the SDRAM, flash programming tools support a variety also becomes very important. In the 8-bit MCU market, there are many different suppliers of products in 32 markets, there are many companies in the ARM-based products, tools are able to support these products from different vendors is also very important. For example, most companies spin TRACE-ICP supports AMD, ATMEL, FREESCALE, FUJISTU, HYNIX, INFINEON, INTEL, MACRONIX, MICRON, NEC, PHILIPS, SAMSUNG, SHARP, SST, ST, TOSHIBA, WINBOND ... ARM-based processor vendors such as Online FLASH online programming, TRACE-ICP operating system debugging support, such as: ECOS, Linux, Nucleus, OSE, pSOS, QNX, symbian, uclinux, uC / OS-II, VxWorks, WinCE, etc..

Throughout the field of development tools, now more and more embedded system software provider launch personalized suite of development tools, but they come from different vendors, resulting in the universal support is not good enough, in the future this tool providers also need to work together. In addition to the standard compiler, editor, debugger, it also provides an enhanced operating system kernel-level debugging tools, and advanced system analysis tools, such as memory leak detection, real-time tracking code to run and so on. In our many customers to understand their needs and expectations of view, will be highly integrated embedded development tools, compiler optimization, a system design, visual modeling, simulation and verification capabilities direction!

There are many engineers in the design of embedded systems, it tends to select the bottom of the tool to most of the time spent on low-level details, but often overlooked innovative and system-level grasp. Engineers for their own development, whether by design or for the competitiveness of products, these two points are actually critical.

Embedded systems hardware and software development is usually the same time, its in the development process because of adverse conditions may be hardware or software, and sometimes may even be both faulty. In such a situation, in hardware requires a considerable degree of technical knowledge of personnel to the software, in software technology development but also in some degree Understand the hardware.

Currently exists in the industry to shorten the life of the final product trends, which means that every year the need to develop new products. But from the initial stages of development, the need to spend a lot of development costs and development time. Therefore, to effectively summarized the results of existing development, and effectively put to use in new development is very important. For example, to make the source code, schematics, etc. can be directly put into use, easy to understand manner in which comment is a way.

In addition, I want to talk about the quality of software testing and software testing strategy! Now let me give you a few examples to illustrate the importance of software testing!

1998 Nian United States 4 is an important data communication network emerged failure up to 24 hours, so most of the U.S. credit card transaction management system are affected. Also affected by some large banks, retailers, and government data systems, and finally found a fault in the software.

1999 Nian 10 months, the cost of 125 million NASA Mars satellite are missing, presumed this is due to simple data conversion error caused. It was discovered that the satellite software, some data using the British system, they should be converted to metric. This should serve as another satellite of Mars Polar Lander mission project communications transponder, that task has failed for unknown reasons. Some inspection teams have been formed that caused the error not been trying to figure out the steps found in terms of errors.

Here is the 2002 European Ariane 5 rocket failed to launch the first example of identification;

Double d_bh; short s_bh;

Sense_horizontal_velocity (& d_bh);

S_bh = d_bh; / / OPERAND ERROR

With large software systems software testing in the increasingly important role to play as early as the software crisis in the early 60s, people recognize the high degree of software complexity, long development cycle, reliability, development and maintenance costs of such problems. Poor reliability of which is the concentrated expression of software quality problems, and poor quality software, software maintenance costs is a large one of the main factors. In recent years, with the rapid expansion of computer applications, software quality people to put forward new and higher requirements. In the field of aerospace applications, software quality is often related to the safety of human life. The first of these is called the software security requirements with high quality, high complexity, high cost of feature development. Among them, the many security software is the first real-time and embedded systems.

Software development models to V-based model and the waterfall model, in both the development model, software testing is generally divided into: unit testing, configuration item testing and system testing. Unit testing is the developer must complete the bottom of the test, generally include: code rules checking (walkthroughs and reviews), static analysis and dynamic testing. Configuration item testing is the software configuration item refers to the functionality, performance, redundancy, and security testing; system test on the entire system, including peripheral equipment validation testing.

Here are some test methods: (if any wrong with Please exhibitions,)

Static analysis is very important

Watts S. Humphrey saying

Many software engineers believe that dynamic testing is more important than static testing - is not the case

Experienced software engineers to write 1000 lines of code every 100 errors will occur

80% of software errors attributed to errors in the language used for writing, and these errors are often not functional testing can be resolved

Thus, software engineers should be to eliminate errors, identify the root cause and prevent recurrence of the same problem

An important part of static analysis - the code rules checking

Implementation of simple, convenient

Need to perform procedures, and embedded non-contextual

Early intervention, the price of small, quick

Help to reduce the difficulty of the dynamic test

Conducive to develop good programming habits

Can perform custom specification

Dynamic testing essential

Software features dynamic test is to verify the most direct and effective means

By running the test program verify functionality, performance, checking the implementation of the code Complementarity with the static analysis

Need to advance the design details, a complete test case

Available white box, black box and other methods

Larger workload than the boring The main contents of the dynamic test

Features, performance verification, compliance with requirements definition

Code coverage. What code is executed, which is not running, the ratio of how

Complement white box into a black-box

White box and black box software testing is the most common and conventional two technologies

White box

The test object as a transparent box, testers start their logical structure, design and selection of test cases, on the path, control structures, data flow testing, etc.

Plug inspection procedures by the state, to determine whether the state consistent with the expected

Focus on the code to run the process

Static analysis is a white box

Black box

The test object as a black box, the tester does not consider the logical structure within the program, only the definition based on their needs and check the results of running

Used for functional testing and performance analysis

On the interface in the program

Need to design "drive" and "piling"

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