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Inside the mysteries of 6 major industry event held soon PRD Electronics

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ZTE and XCS40XL-4BG256C datasheet and other major system vendors on what domestic IC demand and XCS40XL-4BG256C price and suggestions? GB market, what opportunities and XCS40XL-4BG256C suppliers and challenges? Intel does not play, the cottage and the MID Internet how to do this, domestic IC Transcend MP3/MP, hold up the sky? Experts feel the pulse of the eight after the conclusion of the semiconductor industry and solutions for that? Hua Hong NEC, Founder Microelectronics BYD Microelectronics and why the development onto the three different models, who is more promising? 8 years later, the ministry set up a large IC design bases of 8 go? These allow the industry the focus of attention and focus are the upcoming June 25 to 26 in Shenzhen University Science Building Auditorium at the "2009 (seventh) of the Pan-Pearl River Delta demonstrate innovative applications of integrated circuits and Summit Forum" to be topic of discussion and answers. One of the General Assembly contractors

Semiconductor Industry Association, Shenzhen, Cai Jinjiang City, said the system benefited from the whole company gathered in the Pearl River Delta, with conference "Innovative Application" for accurate positioning, "2009 (seventh) Pan demonstrate innovative applications of integrated Pearl River Delta and Summit Forum "(the original 2009 (seventh) Pan-Pearl River Delta networking IC Industry and Market Innovative Applications Conference) has been excellent all over China semiconductor and electronics manufacturers responded enthusiastically, and South scheme design and systems are encouraged to register the representative of the whole enterprise can be regarded as an electronics event in the Pearl River Delta and China, an elite gathering of the semiconductor industry. Expected to have hundreds of domestic semiconductor manufacturer executives and agents, as well as southern China, and system design and procurement of machine technology companies to participate in the meeting in charge, the electronics industry during the economic downturn of the most popular applications and emerging growth, Chinas semiconductor industry and the opportunities and challenges.

Two-day Forum will have 36 games excellent speech, of which the first day of the meeting focused on Chinas electronics industry chain of communication and cooperation; second day of the meeting will focus for the markets and applications, especially in domestic market Top technology and applications. Participants from the current organization, presentation topics, speakers and presentations data collection perspective, this seminar will have six major industry is the focus of hot topic even worth the wait.

Hot one: TD-SCDMA, mobile TV, DTMB, ABS-S, AVS, and the six national standards to promote WAPI and other organizations gathered to discuss national standards and domestic market opportunities. Has been launched CMMB TD-SCDMA and how markets evolve? How the twists and turns of WAPI will usher in a turning point? CMMB to the world? How the joint development of a number GB, double the national standard (AVS + DTMB) to step in place, live and GB star ground (ABS-S + DTMB dual system) can perfect combination?

AVS Industry Alliance, WAPI Industrial Union, Thailand and the United States centuries, the great power of China, ZTE Microelectronics, Hangzhou Guoxin, Siano and other microelectronics and power co-GB core R & D companies and organizations will be promoting the "China Power: 2009 GB market opportunities, "Summit Forum, introduced the subject of each country the latest policies, industrial progress and market opportunities. Semiconductor Industry Association, Shenzhen, Liu Hui, senior researcher on the national standard will share his unique view of market opportunities. This is also the first country to cover all the major electronics countries cross the subject of professional seminars.

Hot Second: Domestic low-cost chip, hold high the banner of innovation, The Mainstay of portable multimedia applications. Intel does not play, the cottage and the MID Internet how to do this, domestic IC Transcend MP3/MP, hold up the sky? MP3/MP4, the low-cost smart phone and TV-Box could be the next hot spot? Low-cost multimedia applications, what new features highlight and market opportunities? Rockchip innovation and Echo control chip makers, RDA, Apexone, Duitai power technology and other peripheral chips Wuxi provider of silicon and system vendors Xing Wang electronic machine will be in the "winter warm sun : low-cost innovations to create hot spots in 2009 3C "on the Forum to bring their resounding answer. In addition, the Semiconductor Industry Association, Shenzhen Pan Jiutang head of industry research will also be "cottage: the new civilian era of the revolution of consumption and production patterns" in the title, to share in the past year to create some of his research Shanzhai ideas and experience. , Chairman of Chinas R & D Zhouhai Zhong Yi stations to be published entitled "Chinas electronics research and development management opportunities, problems and countermeasures," the speech.

Hot III: Eight experts feel the pulse of Chinas semiconductor industry. Chinas IC industry in 2008 experienced the first time in 20 years of negative growth, including IC design industry, although still increased by 4.2%, but this is the IC design industry growth rate of diving second consecutive year, corporate layoffs or even closure of some well-known exposure of the domestic IC design industrys deep problems. China IC industry go from here? China Semiconductor Industry Association, Wang Qin Sheng and Chen Xian two senior experts, "nuclear, high, base" Hao Yue, Wei Shaojun, and Professor Xu center and the other two heavyweights, as well as great health association SEMI, the global resources of Sun Changxu and iSuppi The Gu Wenjun and other industry pundits such as thinking and bring their wonderful answers.

Hot Four: Lower main agents for domestic manufacturers and system vendors IC suggestions. Lack of vertical integration (IDM) history of domestic IC design and system whole business often conflicts, weak interaction and linkage mechanism, the result is dependent on domestic IC cottage market, it is difficult to enter the mainstream market, and the first major system vendors is difficult to a time to bring cost-effective access to domestic IC and application of innovative advantages. In this symposium, an annual IC procurement needs of hundreds of billions of ZTE, will be "from the IC to the machine, industry cluster to build local innovation chain" Summit Forum on China-made ZTE introduced the future needs of IC, and ZTE of China-made ICs recommendations and expectations. The well-known components, agents, general manager of Shanghai Feng Bao Zhu Yufeng will bring him to the integration of upstream and downstream resources, increase supply chain innovation chain, to build Chinas own electronics industry empire in China. In addition, the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute in charge of project management of high-tung Army to "low-cost high-performance application chip design and industrial cooperation program" as a theme to explore how Hong Kong and China in the semiconductor industry to achieve the deepest level of cooperation and innovation.

Hot Five: Shanghai Hua Hong NEC, Founder Microelectronics BYD Microelectronics and semiconductor manufacturers to the three local major business model PK. As a pure Foundry, Founder, Senior Vice President of Microelectronics, Ruo added emphasis in the speech, "not a large scale into IDM Fabless Foundry or examples of success," insist on Foundry and Fabless business model developed separately. But the acquisition of Ningbo in the Wei semiconductors, by the Fabless turned to BYD Microelectronics IDM obviously does not think so, BYD Microelectronics Engineer Wu House will unveil "a full and open BYD vertically integrated industry chain." Mainland China IC industry leader Hua Hong NEC, in the past few years has been the face of Hua Hong Group, parent company of design and foundry business parallels in the nature of the rumors, the scene of Hua Hong NEC speech peak is also vice president of marketing how to treat this problem? PK between them exciting to look forward to.

Hot Six: How innovative public service platform, supporting Chinas IC design industry bigger and stronger. Since 2000, the ministry has approved the establishment of the eight National IC Design Industrialization Base, the eight base as eight fire, prairie fire of the Chinese IC design industry. However, with the root problem is resolved, Chinas IC design industry, the main confusion is how to enlarge and strengthen public service platform and agencies with the times, beyond the "technical service platform and incubator" position? In the "financial crisis service model of public technical service platform for discussion", Shenzhen IC Base, Shanghai Zizhu Science Park, Hong Kong Science Park, United States innovation and competition, and Shenzhen, Shenzhen Huayu Ambow and other public services, platforms and organizations will bring their exploration and practice.