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LED LCD TV performance and Foreign Competition round leader Hisense

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on July   10, 2011

This year, LED LCD televisions in the average consumers perspective, as a new high-end flat-panel TVs, it has bright colors, energy saving, ultra slim and PCM1770PWR datasheet and other outstanding technical performance advantages, LED firmly to attract consumers of attention. Currently, the only domestic brand of LED technology with independent volume Hisense has introduced a 42-inch and PCM1770PWR price and 57 inch two products, Sony, Samsung, Sharp, starting from May this year focus on the promotion in the Chinese market 40-inch, 55-inch LED LCD TV products. Faced with this new flat-panel products, how consumers choose which one is better home and PCM1770PWR suppliers and abroad LED products do?

Recently, the Ministry of digital TV standards compliance testing center devoted to the market the LED LCD TV kingpin had a "key performance indicators of diagnostic test", which is the first time the national authorities for public testing of LED products. Take the test are Hisense, Samsung, Sharp and other brands of LED TV products, accounting for models on the market more than 50% color gamut coverage of the test indicators, operating power, dynamic contrast and brightness uniformity of five key indicators . The objective of the current sampling entirely Chinese market, product performance LED TV situation.

Test results, the reporter saw two very important message, one LED LCD TVs key performance indicators as compared with ordinary CCFL LCD TV has improved so much, is the obvious upgrade products; Second, as the domestic brands only representative, Hisense 5 LED LCD TV is better than all of the key performance indicators Samsung, Sharp and other foreign brands. Chinese and foreign brands in the depth of the high-end flat-panel technology, contests, domestic brands victory.

LED LCD TV on the test results, the Chinese digital TV standards compliance test engineer with Sun Qifeng do further analysis: Hisense 47-inch LED dynamic contrast ratio, color gamut coverage and the highest energy efficiency index, Hisense 42-inch LED color gamut coverage rate and energy efficiency index is the best. Hisense 47-inch LED LCD TV 40000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, brightness of 445 cd/m2, 113.2% color gamut coverage of the average power of 139W, the energy efficiency index of 2.04, are the best indicators of product product. Samsung, Sharp 46-inch, 52 inch, 55-inch LED products in the five key indicators are worse than the Hisense LED. Hisense LED indicators in the performance of outstanding performance and objectively reflect the Hisense in LED technology has reached the international advanced level.

LED LCD TV with LED as backlight source, the principle of it, compared with the existing LCD TV, thinner body, color gamut coverage of a wider, more dynamic contrast. More importantly, the average operating power consumption can be reduced by 40%, the standby power consumption of only 0.5 degrees a year, equivalent to electricity and only two cents.

See through the test data, LED LCD TV CCFL LCD TV has a more general quality improvement. LED color gamut of 105% -113% coverage is far more than ordinary LCD TVs 75% -100% of the levels, richer colors; LED, the average operating power consumption reduced by 40%, 25000:1 dynamic contrast ratio is achieved or more, and do not contain mercury and other harmful metals, energy saving and long life. From a technical point of view, LED flat panel TV of the future trend of industrial upgrading. Hisense Electric

Dr. Liu Weidong, deputy general manager made a special statement, "The main innovation Hisense LED can be configured to show the dynamic region in the backlight control, and dynamic video processing algorithms to be tested, at present, Hisense has completed the key backlight technology development, while nearly 40 domestic and foreign patent applications, the vast majority of patents, "Dr. Liu introduced.

It is understood that Hisense from 2007 to assume the key projects of National 863 Plan, one of the LCD module technology breakthrough LED task of formally put into operation in 2008 Chinas Hisense first LED LCD module production line, the launch of the first 42-inch LED LCD TV. Dr. Liu Weidong Hisense introduced the latest in LED R & D progress: "Hisense 42,47 inch LCD TV has been available in volume, 26-inch, 32 inch, 37-inch LED has also been successfully developed, will be available in volume later this year."

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Department Director of the quality of the people at the horse said: "We strongly encourage enterprises through technological innovation, product innovation to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of products. LED is a rising phase of the development is in large industries, energy to create great social power, only this very substantial energy-saving, LED energy-saving flat-panel TVs is relatively common in a 40% reduction in the long run, LED industry will have a very good market prospects. "

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