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LED Union To break off three

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Industry-standard intellectual property rights public technical service platform

Downpour did not reduce enthusiasm.

6 Yue 16 Ri 9 am, with a burst of applause for that, "Zhongshan City, the semiconductor industry technology alliance" (the LED Industry Alliance), the government guest house in Xiaolan was proclaimed.

Zhongshan City, which is the first industry technology alliance.

After dozens of LED Democratic Alliance member companies elected, be elected as the first executive director Huo Ni Wei Er Lang long, Ruby Electric executive vice president and SN74LVTH244APWR datasheet and secretary general of the, win the ball lighting, MLS Electronics, Thailand Teng lighting, and SN74LVTH244APWR price and other enterprises have also been elected vice president; Gwangyang appliances, lighting and SN74LVTH244APWR suppliers and other products more than 20 enterprises on the elected members. Meanwhile, the Siu Lam Lighting Industry Association of Chamber of Commerce, also was proclaimed.

Executive director of the Alliance Long Deng Chaohua said it will strive to resolve the standard, platform independent intellectual property rights and public service problems, and ultimately the formation of industrial clusters, Zhongshan City, advantages of LED, and improving the overall competitiveness. The overall size of the province, Zhongshan LED


After following the electronic information and the Internet, LED industry is generally regarded as a new economic growth point. As early as 10 years ago, the United States, Japan and Europe and other regions had already started the development of LED industry, the focus of the strategy and made no small advantage.

After several years of development, China has initially formed the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Jiangxi and Fujian, Beijing and Dalian, the LED industry and other regional areas. One industry concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan and Shenzhen, with a significant market advantage. Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province plans

Deputy Director Dan Ping Yun said that the Guangdong Province will be completed in 3-5 years, the Souths largest semiconductor lighting application technology center, "as the famous Zhongshan lighting base, should stand in frontier science and technology , leading the entire industry. "

A statistical data, Zhongshan City, the number of enterprises and the overall size of the LED are ranked second in the province, lighting applications, the basic sound industrial chain, industrial chain, the upstream concentration of hundreds of packaging companies. However, in research and development, the overall research strength is weak, compared with the domestic part of the advanced cities, there is a certain gap.

Zhongshan Dong, Deputy Secretary for Science and Technology was introduced earlier this year made the top ten science and technology Science and Technology Bureau projects, the establishment of LED Industrial Technology Alliance is one of the priorities.

4 the end of the introduction of LED Technology Bureau, Zhongshan City, joined the Alliance Initiative book, as of June 16, LED Alliance, were recruited over two hundred member companies.

Standards is about to start

"Have standards in the world", in every field of emerging technologies, standards, rules of the game mean that, as important as the legislative power in social life. The view over the domestic LED industry, standards and intellectual property rights are the weakest industrial chain link.

LED industry, the newly formed Union documents also admitted that "the current standards, Zhongshan City, LED has just started, standards research, development and application of the depth and breadth are less than the whole industry is based on the lack of industry standards." In addition, intellectual property rights and the lack of public service platform, is the LED industry in Zhongshan, the other two bottlenecks.

This, Deng Chaohua said, the Union will take full advantage of collective operations, start standards, patents and strategic alliances work. Early completion of the Semiconductor Industry Association, Zhongshan City standards. Combined with the advantages and characteristics of the semiconductor, high ground occupied by the industry.

In independent innovation, Deng Chaohua said it will start production and research, to capture the market need to be resolved in the industrial technology. The next step will be to strengthen and member of the famous universities, science and technology institutions. To achieve technological breakthroughs, the formation of leading edge technology.

In the public service platform, Xiaolan Town mayor Peng Zhihui said that in Xiaolan Technology Innovation Center, a dedicated R & D center in LED technology and product exhibition center under construction, "expected to provide innovative resources for wider space. "


Lighting business: to reduce the cost

The domestic industry do not have the LED chip production capacity, the United States and Taiwan chip-chip prices, directly hindered the promotion and application of semiconductor lighting.

Rui Yang, general manager and then into the silver lighting introduced beginning in 2007, the company has applied to export products LED light source, the chips are purchased from the United States, "a power of more than ten million 3w chip prices, a slightly more complex shape Lighting, LED light source only have to spend a two or three hundred pieces, with aluminum, glass and other materials, the cost rose to a six or seven hundred. " Advanced LED light source does not mean that enhance the competitiveness of products, lamps instead of the overall cost increase of 40%. Companies also have to control the ratio of LED products.

Lighting business has been small-scale trial production of LED products, but focus on outdoor lighting products business is not easy to find a buyer.

It is understood that before 2007, Zhongshan City, many companies focus on LED outdoor lighting did not get a penny of the order, all the inputs do not see returns. In the interview, there are companies jokingly, "all these years we followed a dirt road."

Hong Kong experts: LED big future in the Pearl River Delta

LEDs industrial landscape in the world, the United States, Japan and China Taiwan are the three industries most advantageous areas. But Hong Kong Applied Science Research Institute Dr. Wu Enbo analysis, although Taiwan has become a mature industry clusters, and in the management and human resources has an absolute advantage, but the strength of the Pearl River Deltas LED industry clusters more than expected in the near future in Taiwan. Pearl River Delta facing Taiwan, at least two of the "decisive advantage":

The first is the support of the mainland at all levels of government, the ministry recently launched the "Ten City, ten thousand" as the LED provide a broad market, "This is no country or region can not match."

Secondly, from the scale of the industry point of view, especially the Pearl River Delta, Zhongshan together the worlds most active lighting manufacturers. Once resolved the key technical issues, will form a "cottage effect", like cottage as mobile phones and laptop computers cottage explosive growth occurs.

, Of course, Wu Enbo also stressed, Zhongshan City, enterprises should not evade its own LED LED chip research and development in disadvantaged areas, but should pay attention to this gap, "depend on the accumulation of time and talent to solve this problem." He suggested that the introduction of Zhongshan LED strong talent from Taiwan, focusing on the development of LED packaging industry to the domestic market as the guide and make the LED industry.

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