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Local opportunities and challenges of LED lighting market

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As governments around the world in the green consensus on energy saving, green energy future and SC1103CS datasheet and related industries bright future, current, although the global economic crisis has no clear sign of abating, but the great efforts the Chinese government, Chinas LED lighting industry is rapidly take the heat, have claimed the first year of 2009 as the LED lighting, LED lighting can be seen in the great expectations of the economic crisis broke out, here to talk about the next person on the prospects of LED lighting market view, we welcome exchanges on this topic.

First, the government in the LED lighting industry, the role of promoter

Throughout the global market, government subsidies to promote industrial development, examples abound, such as Germanys solar power spread to every family is a good success story. Today our governments 21 city ten thousand LED lights plan is a subprime mortgage crisis in stimulating domestic demand and SC1103CS price and expansion of the worlds largest market, a good way! The Chinese government to stimulate domestic demand in 2009, launching the "City of ten thousand ten" LED lighting spread and SC1103CS suppliers and energy-saving campaign, and today has a clear LED lighting in 21 cities to over ten thousand lights, street lamps and 24 hours of continuous country used to be the first replacement tunnel lights the focus of the project, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen Metro has started universal LED fluorescent energy saving projects. Therefore, the LED lighting market is to further expand and spread to the world. Promote LED lighting industry technology and production capacity to high-tech depth, creating a number of emerging LED lighting industry chain enterprises, creating new employment opportunities.

Central Government has made clear so far 21 cities across the country into the "city of ten thousand ten" program, which will drive the rapid development of Chinas LED lighting industry, the LED industry in China, the middle and lower reaches of the rapid expansion of domestic demand growth, the LED lighting industry chain have access to all relevant technology practical application of quality improvement and new development, so that people across the country can have on the personal experience of LED lighting knowledge, is conducive to walking after a few years LED lighting Massive demand into millions of households, enabling China to become the worlds largest production base for LED lighting, while China is the largest LED lighting market. This effect will last five or ten years, until the birth of the next generation of lighting technology. Currently South, East, North has shown vigorous development of the LED lighting industry, allows us to see information on the spring, LED green lighting as six or seven oclock in the morning sun rising.

In the "city of ten thousand ten" program has a LED components must meet the provisions of 6 percent, which is a good measure, we should work to have the responsibility to vigorously improve the localization rate of LED lighting systems, We should encourage Chinas national enterprises, and our engineers strive to LED lighting, LED driver IC, modern style lamps, optical design, thermal systems. . . Have done a world-class level. Taiwans LED industry, technology has been at the forefront of the world, so we should be the localization of the concept of Greater China, should include Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao products and technologies in three areas. Domestic enterprises should actively introduce advanced LED technology in Europe and America at the same time, should be promoted more use of domestic products, particularly Taiwan, Hong Kong and advanced technology, LED related products, try to use our resources, spare parts, as far as possible in the product increased localization rate, China-made LED lighting to make more contributions to global marketing.

Second, the subprime crisis have an impact on the LED lighting industry?

I think the subprime mortgage crisis on the LED lighting industry is not too great, because the global LED lighting industry is still just step into Kai, LED lighting is still further perfected various techniques, LED lighting, all kinds of lamps not yet entered mass production stage, LED light source also strive to improve the brightness, LED driver IC also working to improve the current precision and expand the range of input voltage, LED lighting system design also working to solve the heat and light efficiency. . . The Chinese government is promoting the city of ten thousand 21 program LED lights LED lighting will inevitably bring the whole industry chain of Chinas development, Chinas LED lighting technology will thus top the world, creating a large number of LED lighting industry chain enterprises, expansion of employment, there Chinas electronics industry will help bring out the financial crisis.

Third, the Chinese LED market development path

China is the worlds production base for LED lighting products, expanding Liao Chinese territory and large population, the worlds largest consumer market, LED lighting. CR PowTech to a low-voltage driver IC PT4115LED of view, this year, the monthly sales in April this year in January and February on sales of five to eight times, other companies LED Driver IC sales in the chain and an greatly increase.

LED lighting in general conformity with "the first foreign country after the first government after the people, the first company after the individual after the first indoor outdoor market principles." Great attention abroad first outdoor public lighting energy-saving, world and regional governments also actively promote the LED lights, for example, 5 years in Los Angeles also plans to set up 140,000 LED lights, three years in Taiwan declared LED lights replace 1.28 million, in countries Government policy support, Topology LED lights this years global demand forecast doubled to 2.5 million, up 178% annual growth. Mainland China in the "city of ten thousand ten," and other policy driven LED street lamp market will rise this year to 1.4 million in 2010, is expected to grow 79%, reaching 2.5 million, accounting for more than 5 worldwide demand for LED lights into, and become foreign manufacturers fight over the large cake. In fact, their 24-hour long tunnel lights out, light a few months in a row, and a large number, it is the preferred energy-saving targets. At present three to five years LED lights, tunnel lights in the national government will be driven by energy policy priorities.

Fourth, Chinas LED lighting market in the short board

, Of course, although the Chinese LED lighting market prospects for the future, but we still see the development of LED lighting, there are still some shortcomings.

1, LED lighting, standard-setting

LED lamps in China currently have national standards? Online to see the "LED road lighting draft standard," seized by the Fujian Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau in charge of drafting standards for energy-saving lamps "LED lamps for general lighting." . . Therefore not seen the Chinese national standard. Chinas LED lighting, the formulation of national standards should be based on international standards as a template, it is easy to Chinas LED lighting industry with the international access rules, to facilitate exports and marketing our international markets. Corporate standards can not be temporarily or local standards with national standards.

2, the local lighting companies lack of innovative capacity

LED lighting innovative design modeling capability is obviously insufficient, difficult to integrate with the international market trend, now more imitation and plagiarism; high-power white LED light source luminance is needed to increase the number of lumens; high-power LED light source itself, the heat and delay the lumen there are technical bottlenecks; high-power LED light source and high power LED driver IC to the physical cooling technology to be further improved. LED lighting industry, LED driver IC industry and the LED lighting industry in urgent need of international technical cooperation and to the appropriate learning to world-class technology to manufacture their own products.

Also, I noticed that some people started to phosphor white LED and white LED color mixing to compare the prospects, I think the mixture of phosphor white LED and white LED colors are very promising product, and all worlds have a variety of needs, of the white LED light source, plainer, warm white, cool white. . . Other colors have a certain market demand, as human food color, flavor and different preferences. People just starting out with in the global LED Dengju early to determine which color is more optimistic about the abyss may be a mistake, it will mislead the market to mislead the industry, let it be perhaps the most intelligent choice < / DIV>

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