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MEMS market opportunities continue to grow

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According to Yole Developpement, the worlds MEMS industry is facing the stagnation never had before, in 2008 sales fell 2% to 6.8 billion, and LT1376IS datasheet and its growth rate in 2009 is very likely less than 1%. However, when the automotive electronics, industrial pressure sensor and LT1376IS price and the print head when the market as the global economic downturn, many new MEMS applications has been effectively increased.

MEMS in consumer electronics products, such as accelerometers, gyroscopes of the market continue to be optimistic, to promote the supplier, such as STMicron (Geneva), Invensense (Sunnyvale, California), a 10-30% increase in sales. With the MEMS electronics and LT1376IS suppliers and diagnostic equipment in medical applications to expand, its market continues to increase. Endoscopic measurement of this new product (IMU) started. It integrates multi-axis accelerometer and gyro function, not only small size, and the price is less than 10 dollars, it also contributed to the game, camera vibration, and new applications such as indicator.

Large dispersion of the MEMS products with a significant decline in industry compared to IC, MEMS industry is to continue healthy growth. Yole CEO said that because of the existence of many MEMS products, market opportunities, relatively optimistic about the global MEMS market. In the global MEMS market reached 6.8 billion cases, only the leading companies, only 14 sales of more than 1,5 billion U.S. dollars, and 30 companies more than $ 28,000,000 in sales. The following picture shows the MEMS market forecast:

Global MEMS device market is not the case, with 2008 sales of only $ 200,000,000, compared with 3,3 million in 2007. Despite the global economic situation is still difficult to determine, but the MEMS device market by 2009 is estimated at best, can only achieve a similar level in 2008.

MEMS device research and development is still relatively healthy. And some specialized MEMS equipment manufacturers as orders for the completion of this year to expand the production capacity. One wafer bonding equipment for chip stacking and packaging, TSV, image sensors and nano-printing equipment, which are paid eclipse shift from semiconductor applications MEMS, and gradually become the mainstream. There is a

MEMS applications in mobile phones are attracting the attention of many people, called WiSpry tunable digital capacitors. Its advantages can reduce the carrier level of the power and phone costs. In April the company also received $ 10,000,000 in financing capital, and its products is currently a mobile phone manufacturers in the validation test, and production is expected to be the end of this year. According to Jeffery Hilbert presidents view, the rest of the five top global mobile phone manufacturers are interested in importing this technology, and the ongoing trial related to the design and the sample stage, and another two in the assessment.

The companys proposed new structure of a parallel plate capacitor, where one plate is made of 180-nanometer CMOS process, and will be placed in CMOS MEMS on top, and is mobile, using 8-inch silicon wafer process and chip scale packaging technology. However, the chip package with embedded passive components in another package with the shell. Use of these capacitors on or off a group of them arranged in an array can be achieved in various ways Unicom, including as antennas, amplifiers and filtering, filter and so on. One application is the first tunable antenna, which uses resistance to increase or decrease the power transfer is the phone in order to achieve lower power consumption of mobile phones. The next step is to use the same structure used in the lower frequencies and smaller antennas being.

Hilbert talking about the future of software adjustable arrays may be applied to many different products. Because mobile phone manufacturers in different countries to meet the various needs of the customer specified products, the use of the structure can save material costs and accelerate products to market. Lower power consumption can be converted into a carrier level of network efficiency, enable users to increase capacity from the base station and extend the use of mobile phone battery life.

In addition, MEMS in biomedical applications have also been real growth, such as the United States, Proteus Biomedical, Inc. (Redwood City, California) is the system it used in clinical care, it use sensors and intelligent control technologies for Treatment of tuberculosis and heart disease, stimulate the heart and clear implementation. The next step is a larger plan in the existing technology for implantable medical applications.

Revolutionary applications have item is implanted electrodes (implanted electrodes), it can stimulate the heart cavity in different locations so that they synchronize or re-synchronize the heartbeat of the treatment. The companys core technology is the Bian with chip-scale package technology, smaller than millimeters MEMS sensor and processor packaging system on the bodys internal use, and can maintain a good many years, to replace the need for more to stimulate cardiac catheterisation different locations. Proteus technology in a catheter equipped with two lines of 16 electrodes, the power to make use of pacemakers in the heart of the different sensor chamber movement, and stimulate contractions produce the appropriate pressure, intelligent message coming out of the end can . This revolutionary innovation, the heart of Da Bridge the past, change the way the catheter can be moved into src MEMS sensors, can greatly reduce the difficulty and risks of surgery, it is conceivable future applications stimulate the brain or spine in the oppression of the repair applications, has an extremely broad application prospects.

Same may also be the future of health care services to achieve full intelligence. Such as medical institutions can tell a patient medication by telephone. Proteus has been to create a silicon-based sensors smaller than millimeters, and this sensor can be attached together with the pills. When the pills to swallow the face of the sensor will automatically turn on the water, and to the transmission of RF signals is not issued. Receiver can be tied with a bandage on the skin surface or subcutaneous implants, and the same as a pacemaker, and then the data transmission by telephone or computer network to go out. Such patients can at home, do not have to come to the hospital every day for medical diagnosis.

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