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Mobile texts from the whole network: the network has reached most of the opening index TD

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Whole network in the current diagnostic tests, most of the citys TD network has reached or exceeded in the development of the open network movement indicators around the "TD network quality to enhance the General Assembly war" have moved into the closing stages, to varying degrees, into a more depth optimization. Next, even longer, more arduous work of TD network optimization, challenges remain.

Present, the city built 38 TD network launched in February "TD-SCDMA network quality to enhance the General Assembly war" coming to an end, the goal of this campaign is at the end of June "TD and ADG436BR datasheet and the GSM voice handover success rate and ADG436BR price and stable quality more than 90%, TD drop rate steady at 3%, quality of service to the existing network quality standards, the success rate of end-use applications with the existing network unchanged. " It is reported that China Mobiles GSM network performance cf the present, in the whole network diagnostic tests carried out on fine-tuning and ADG436BR suppliers and optimization goals, the latest target of around 96% TD over the network connection rate, call drop rate of 2%.

TD at the end of the performance comparable to 2G

Reporter has learned that most of the TD cities have had at least two pull network optimization, China Mobile Group of the Organization diagnostic test indicates that the citys TD voice services through rate reached 96% or more in some cities has reached 99%; in the network coverage area, CS domain indexes in most cities to meet and exceed the requirements of open network index (92% connection rate, call drop rate of 4%), in some cities has reached 98% -99% level, close to or reach the level of 2G network ; in the network coverage area, PS domain indexes of many cities are close to the indicator to open networks (92% completion rate, call drop rate of 7%); 2G/3G handover success rate of an average of more than 94%. TD network optimization to the next goal is to strive to close the end of the quality of 2G. China Mobile has made two specific objectives: First, business needs a data distribution system to 100% of the interior opening TD; second TD hotspots data services to 100% outdoor coverage to GSM coverage levels.

TD Industry Alliance, said Yang Hua, Secretary-General, the current difficulties TD network optimization is reflected in four aspects: first, the lack of 2000MHZ network construction experience, the lack of a large throughput of data services, network planning experience, covering the work of the existing 2G network optimization project on the basis of trial and; Secondly, TD and TD / GSM dual-mode network optimization tools lack, lack of network optimization software maturity; again, net of memory in the larger co-channel interference, network optimization work to bring about a greater degree of difficulty ; Finally, there are differences in the terminal maturation, resulting in the impact on network performance indicators.

The most difficult network optimization

Heilongjiang, Anhui, Liaoning, Yunnan and other places in the "great battle" will be focused in the TD Phase II project, TD/2G transformation of the existing network integration network, TD network construction and network optimization platform, the business test , wireless network quality improvement and routine maintenance system TD networks into seven parts. Battle of the main network from TD/2G integration, transformation of the existing network, TD network, improve support means, the network optimization platform and applications, business test, enhance the quality of the wireless network to carry out optimization of testing and other aspects, to enhance the TD network quality and service quality.

TD network optimization stage the most difficult problem is the same frequency interference problems, which affect the network quality has become the most important factor. Huaweis network planning and optimization senior experts Wang Zhenshi to the "Communications Weekly" (network), told reporters that address the main principles of co-channel interference are: planning priorities, the algorithm then. Planning more in the control area is mainly covered under the premise of pilot pollution, improve the neighborhood, frequency, scrambling code planning; and suppress co-channel interference in planning algorithms, such as TFFR need to do is open the case of verification.

In addition, the weak solution coverage, blind cover problem is also the focus of the work of the network optimization, the main principle is that hot spots, continuous coverage. TD networks excellent coverage adjustment is the basic work, by adjusting the antenna and power parameters and other indicators, so that more regional signal intensity of most low to meet the business requirements, so that as little as possible to the base station signals to other base stations, the more area coverage to achieve the best possible coverage. At the same time, with reasonable control is also important to switch, switch problems include switching and systems within the system to switch, switch the main principles of the first system to switch, after switching between systems.

Reporter has learned to move around through several rounds of tension parameter adjustment, the base station survey, drive test optimization, have been gradually completed the formulation of TD network quality evaluation index system. If the first set of Anhui Mobile developed the TD complete network quality evaluation index system, covering wireless, resource allocation, performance, and a total of more than 180 indicators in three areas, from wireless resources, access performance, maintain performance, TD/2G Internet the perspective of operating performance and other network quality to conduct a comprehensive assessment of TD.

Special focus on optimization of the scene

Strengthen the network optimization is one of the key measures to strengthen the performance of special studies to improve the network coverage, the organization of thematic research teams to speed up field tests, test results out as soon as possible, and summarize the experience gained in order to promote the whole network in the TD. In this regard, Hebei Mobile raised about the research and application of smart antenna case, Anhui Mobile proposed neighborhood planning software on the innovative use of Tianjin Mobile raised on technology, management, service management innovation integration of the three cases, and across the country.

TD appear in more than two projects highlight of the project, such as "covered bridge project" challenge the world problems, achieving the worlds longest bridge span TD on a seamless network coverage. Datang Mobile Marketing, said Wu Heng, director of technical support for these coastal areas, tunnels and other special settings, all set up a special network optimization research. The optimal rate of the HSDPA feature of the operation of the network of the basic realization of Ningbo TD steady download speeds of 1.3Mbps.

TD indoor communication accounted for more than 57%, data services accounted for a larger room. Technology of China Mobile Communications Corporation general manager Zhou Jianming out that the existing TDD frequency of 1800MHz and above all, the use of indoor and outdoor macrocell TD achieve coverage costly, should be introduced as soon as possible TDFemto base station. Shanxi Mobile network optimization engineer Guobao pointed out that TD indoor coverage, including the thorny issue of reconstruction: existing GSM indoor distribution feeder, the antenna does not support the 3G spectrum, to be completely replaced; some serious aging indoor distribution system components, mainly In the couplers, splitters, connectors, etc., active aging devices even more serious; 2G systems the active devices are not compatible with the TD, TD In the GSM radio signal must be coupled after dry place; has been found that part of the indoor coverage system in the After transformation, TD, GSM signal level is reduced to a certain extent, resulting in buildings more easily call the window to the outdoor macro base station triggers the switch, and switch the call after the poor quality of the customer normal use.

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