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Nortel to exit the wireless industry a hundred years: from prosperity and decline of just a decade

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According to foreign media reports on Friday, Nortel Networks (the "Nortel") and MC145167DW datasheet and Nokia Siemens (the "NSN") reached an agreement to sell CDMA and MC145167DW price and LTE Nokia Siemens Networks business. Nortel C114 areas immediately confirmed by calling the matter.

It is understood that sell CDMA and MC145167DW suppliers and LTE business is part of Nortels restructuring. Prior to the January 14, Nortel filed for bankruptcy protection, the business restructuring. At present the sale of other business units are making progress of negotiations. Nortel

retain only real exit the wireless business fixed-line business

Back in April there was news that an offer Nokia Siemens Networks, will acquire Nortel CDMA, LTE, including most of the business. With the release of official announcement, Nortel, tangle more than 2 months of stir-fried finally settled. However, the deal will have to wait and Canada, the United States Bankruptcy Court approval of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (the final sale hearing scheduled for July 28 in the United States held in July 30 in Canada), the third quarter of this year completed.

CDMA business is the core business of Nortel is also the most profitable sector companies; and LTE is the long-term investment in the areas of Nortel in OFDM, MIMO technology has a considerable accumulation of such, and took out close to the commercial level of the system. Comes as part of the business assets of the sale of the upset - Following the huge loss of 5.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2008, after Nortel, according to the first quarter of 2009 financial report shows that 1-March loss amounted to $ 507,000,000. Preceded by news that Nortel is planning to sell LG-Nortel joint venture, 50% plus one share stake. Nortel

these two operations in the strip, the real out of the wireless; and the current operator at the operational level, the only metropolitan area optical networks and product lines, Nortel optical network also contributed to the rise of the technical essence that year .

Sale at 19 am announcement, Nortel CEO Mai Ke Zha Fei Luo Ostrovsky (Mike Zafirovski) said the sale will be Nortels technologies, customers and employees benefit.

He said, the face of a unified global market to maximize enterprise value by Nortel of the most important priority today, while looking for Nortel to promote innovation, while ensuring the maximum level of employment is the best way to buyers. "This will ensure that the assets of Nortels strong technology and customer relationships, employees will continue to play an important role in advancing the future of communications. Nortels wireless business, recognized the value of the entire industry."

Nortel customers, through another telecommunications companies can continue to enjoy the service support; and for employees, this transaction will provide them with clear direction and potential opportunities.

Under the agreement, at least 2,500 in Canada, the United States, Mexico and China, Nortel, Nokia Siemens Networks employees have the opportunity to retain their jobs after the acquisition positions. This is compared to several major layoffs before, apparently much warmth. Nortel is currently about 3 million people worldwide, and once the figure is 90,000. Nokia Siemens Networks integration

warning: Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel M & WCDMA Nortel restructuring

split pattern of the global telecommunications equipment market is more uncertain. Reuters reported the deal said that the global telecom equipment industry, after several integration, only Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia Siemens Networks and Alcatel-Lucent (the "Alcatel-Lucent"), a few major roles.

The same time although the scale is not and the above companies, ZTE also have joined this first tier of potential. This will depend on it in Europe, North America, the performance of high-end market; Huawei received the industry, including foreign media, including the widely recognized, also in 2008, after the scale into the European and American markets.

In the wireless area, decide the future market structure will be the performance of the manufacturers in LTE. Nokia Siemens Networks CEO Simon Beresford-Wylie

(Simon Beresford-Wylie) "The transaction price is very right," the comments do not cover up feelings of pride, he believes the acquisition of its field in North America and LTE provides an important strategic opportunity . However, according to industry veteran C114 and exchange, CDMA operations and Nortels customer relationship is not the focus of legacy, LTE is the fundamental concern of Nokia Siemens Networks.

According to market research firm ABI Research recently released report shows that at least 12 carriers will deploy LTE network in 2010, among them the worlds largest CDMA operator Verizon Wireless.

Present this is the role of market leader Ericsson and Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent is also nominated this year, Verizon LTE short list of suppliers, while Nokia Siemens Networks IMS core network in addition to breakthroughs in other areas outside the present crop failure.

But even with Nortels LTE business, Nokia Siemens Networks able to demonstrate their skills in the field of LTE is not yet known. According to analysis, on the one hand as soon as possible depending on whether the seamless integration of Nokia Siemens Networks to Nortels acquisition of the business, and Alcatel-Lucent is a warning: Alcatel-Lucent, Nortels WCDMA business acquisition, and today appears to have been a classic case of failure, followed by Huawei is the network continues to be moved. The other hand, depends on the products impact - Nokia Siemens Networks Flexi base station into Nortels LTE technology, the ability to go beyond the RBS6000 Ericsson and Huawei fourth-generation base stations. Nortel

years: from its peak to just less than 10 years of debilitating Founded in 1895

Nortel, from start to peak through the centuries, from the peak to the weak but only less than 10 years. Nortel in the most peak time was as high as 267 billion U.S. dollars market, filed for bankruptcy reorganization in front of only $ 48,000,000, less than the maximum time of 1 / 5000. 19, Nortel said it will apply for its shares back from the Toronto Stock Exchange City.

However, some experts believe that Nortel will shrink but not disappear, have the opportunity to some aspect of telecommunications equipment business success. Nortel also revealed a similar message, saying it would resume normal operations through the restructuring of the economic crisis further. The deal is perhaps the result of its streamlined operations.