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Operator separately and slowly building support system

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Operation support system has been attached great importance to the three major operators, and EPM7256AEFC256-5 datasheet and become part of the core competitiveness. But in the technical, management and EPM7256AEFC256-5 price and application level operations support system on the domestic carriers with international advanced operation support system than there is still a wide gap between the business there is a big increase in space.

2009 Nian 5 months, China Telecom, China Unicom and EPM7256AEFC256-5 suppliers and China Mobiles 3G operations in full swing, the Chinese 3G licenses to the combat. However, China has just entered the era of 3G telecommunications market, one full of opportunities and challenges. In the increasingly competitive environment, the three operators all want to be able to attract and retain customers, enhance the value of other ways to increase ARPU revenue. In this context, advanced operations support systems operate has become the core competitiveness of operators to maintain an essential tool.

Recent years, the telecommunications industry, competition in the market deepens, the focus of the competition has grown from a simple user ownership, ARPU value and other indicators of the transfer to a deeper level. Network and allows operators to market operation support system in its overall strategy for increasing awareness of the importance of the deep. Currently the three major operators in the investment operation support systems after the master input.

In the past year, the operation support system has been Telecom, Mobile and China Unicom attaches great importance to the three major operators, and become part of the core competitiveness. But in the technical, management and application level operations support system on the domestic carriers with international advanced operation support system than there is still a wide gap between the business there is a big increase in space.

2008, Chinas telecom operation support system the overall size of the market was 80.8 billion yuan, up 26.8%, huge growth potential. Proportion of the investment, China Mobile accounted for 48.3% of the overall market, accounting for 20.5% of China Unicom, China Telecom accounted for 31.2%.

China Unicom: Fusion is the key

Netcom, China Unicom added to make the fixed-line business has been greatly enhanced. So in terms of the new China Unicom, China Netcom fixed full advantage of the strength, to promote integrated services is a good competitive advantage. Therefore, support system construction, the new China Unicoms principle of "promoting the building of networks and IT systems optimization, ability to support major breakthrough", BSS and MSS in order to achieve the unity of management, centralized control, centralized operation and maintenance.

China Unicom to promote a new generation of BSS systems engineering, will build customer relationship management system (CRM), partner relationship management (PRM), integrated real-time online charging and billing systems, integrated systems and services for open systems acquisition, which BSS support to enhance the ability of the company level, to meet the current needs of the whole business. After the completion of the BSS system will be able to support the development of China Unicoms value-added services to enhance the competitiveness of China Unicom and Unicom will help manage operations and monitor the operational performance of business partners to ensure unified and efficient cooperation.

To OCS building, for example, Guangdong Unicom and Shanghai Unicoms OCS pilot has achieved initial success, the new OCS to change the past, the traditional billing methods, then a single by collecting, dialogue alone to grant price, combined account, the account, etc. process to achieve the accounting treatment service users, not involved in the process of billing services by the users, the new OCS combines the traditional intelligent network and the advantages of quasi-real-time billing, voice services, data services and value-added services online accounting functions separate network element from the stripped, borne by the OCS unified voice, data services and value-added services online charging functions. OCS for online charging system for flexible tariff policy, bundling and cross benefits. OCS System and Hot-Billing systems share a common user information, account information and tariff policy, which can be achieved online charging and offline charging switch.

Should be noted that, as China Unicom, the gradual improvement of personnel changes, its business development planning is also 3G becomes clearer, its accompanying construction of the new BSS and MSS will vigorously promote the development of China Unicoms 3G business.

China Mobile: TD BOSS into the construction of key

Reorganization, Railway merged into China Mobile, China Mobile has brought to the fixed telephone and broadband services, China Unicom and China Mobile to promote competition in telecommunications must pay attention to the fixed and mobile services portfolio and integration of network construction based on support system; At the same time, TDBOSS network as an important part of TD, TD users can voice and support a full range of value-added services, China Mobile, the current support system is an important direction of the construction.

Currently, China Mobiles main operations support system CMCCBOSS since 2008 BOSS3.0, TDBOSS, BASS2.0 other sub-system construction as it unfolds. China Mobile, the upgrade operation support system, involving the integration of legacy systems. In the new network, the network infrastructure, transmission equipment, to continue to use, its operations support system can not reinvent the wheel, but to do the transformation of business-oriented management, the old business operation support system with the transformation of the business migration These will promote Chinas development of mobile operation support system.

To BOSS3.0 construction as an example, the aim is to further improve and optimize the existing system function, enhance customer service support system for planning and capacity building, strengthening and functional integration of electronic channels. At the technical level and improve the BOSS interface to the domain functions, and the establishment of BOSS with external systems (HLR, SMP, etc.) of the data synchronization mechanism, while achieving some of the features DSMP BOSS integration and strengthen their ability to support data services. The sub 2.0 in the building, because China continues to enrich mobile products, marketing model diversification, the external environment of fierce competition, urgent need to upgrade the refinement of internal management and external refined marketing capacity, so by the sub-building Shengji it is very important, and the construction of the main tasks include: expansion of enterprise data warehouse data sources, to enhance applied by sub-role of production management, data services, respectively, the depth of the construction and operation management platform applications based on industry analysis platform, and gradually improve the metadata-based data quality management system. China Mobile, through various sub-systems, the complete system optimization and process optimization, so that the level of provincial branches of the steady improvement in business support.

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