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PV companies guarding the golden rice bowl begging: To start the domestic market

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Into May, the development of new energy industry, policies to improve the sound and MIC38C45BM datasheet and intensity of a sudden, the first national senior leadership to the new strategic industries to enhance the status of energy, and MIC38C45BM price and hoped to seize the high ground of future industrial development. Financial support of the Ministry of Finance also proposed the development of new energy initiatives and MIC38C45BM suppliers and energy savings of ten, head of the National Energy Board said the new revitalization plan the forthcoming energy industry, China has a total area of new energy investment will exceed 3 trillion yuan.

And opportunities in this important context, Chinas new energy industry development status and what the main problems facing the relevant industry and enterprise policy demands of what local governments should do what work? To pulse these needs and problems, the China Economic Times reporter recently went to Jiangsu, Shandong and other investigation, interviewed wind, solar and other new energy industry representatives in the enterprise and industry veteran, the real situation in order to reflect the latest for the government, business and industry to provide valuable thought and enlightenment. New Energy and Industrial


Of solar photovoltaic, photovoltaic industry, mainly in overseas markets, products manufactured in China, so as with many foreign trade enterprises, PV companies in the financial crisis have been seriously affected. This is the China Economic Times went to press in May, "PV province," an interview with the deepest feelings of Jiangsu, related enterprises and the Government therefore launched on the domestic market has high hopes.

Photovoltaic industry hard hit

Deputy general manager in Hong Guo Lanchun PV companies as "untimely" to describe the companys experience. July 2007, the Hong photovoltaic plant, which was put into operation in August last year, the financial crisis. "From the last 8,9 month to the present, the overall PV market demand for more than 50% decline." In late May, Guolan Chun told reporters on the China Economic Times, wants the state to put more support policies start as soon as the domestic market.

In fact, in Hong PV is still more fortunate. Last year, Hong PV sales of more than 200 million yuan to complete, and received orders for 10 million. However, the Jiangsu photovoltaic industry hit hard by the financial crisis in general, "like a roller coaster ride photovoltaic business."

Example of Wuxi City, last year the city PV industry sales revenue of 30.2 billion, a quarter of this year, more than 50 billion yuan, some enterprises have been discontinued. Suntech Power Holdings of local leading enterprises in the fourth quarter of last year at a loss, the loss amounted to $ 60,000,000, and its subsequent collapse boss Shi Zhengrong worth 80%.

Outside the market, the domestic market has not yet started, PV companies can only "to foreign countries to abandon the gold rice bowl to eat." Hong

Although PV has 10 billion in orders, but the basic are the long-term agreement signed last year, according to a monthly supply of foreign customer requirements, are now actually having the "capital."

It is understood that markets are more popular when the PV market, "who has a silicon material, and who have the right to speak," one day a price of silicon, priced as much as 3,000 yuan / kg. "At that time we feel wrong, try to reduce inventory." Guo Lanchun introduction, because the materials accumulation, therefore, I can afford to lose less in Hong PV.

Not like many other Hong PV make timely adjustments in the photovoltaic companies suffered heavy losses. The market price of silicon and polysilicon fell 3,000 yuan from its peak of about 500-600 million (from $ 500 / kg down to less than 100 U.S. dollars / kg). Raw material prices fell more than 70%. Deputy general manager of energy technology companies

Dongjun Xudong told the China Economic Times, last year 8,9 months before the PV market has been in short supply, and then gradually decreased market demand. "In particular, very little demand in the first half of this year, business is very difficult, the product can not be bought out." Ups and downs of the local officials described the PV market, companies like the roller coaster ride.

Changzhou Wujin Economic and Trade Bureau, a leader told reporters before last November, the local solar companies also maintain a growth rate of 100% -200%, but due to financial crisis, foreign markets shrinking dramatically, the light V sharp decline in prices, the local three or four solar companies have been hit.

Suntech Power Company is the largest PV companies. Wuxi Development and Reform Commission, according to the responsible person to a newspaper reporter last year, sales revenue of the citys PV industry 30.2 billion, of which about 200 billion for the Suntech contribution. Photovoltaic industry is one such leading enterprises, last years fourth quarter net loss, the loss amounted to $ 60,000,000. Assistant to the President Liu Zhibo

Suntech China Economic Times in an interview that "the financial crisis is indeed serious." Above NDRC official told reporters that Wuxi city, some local businesses are now discontinued, the industry doubled in the past, it is negative growth, "may die a number of enterprises."

Key policy start the domestic market Do photovoltaic industry

Dongjun foreign origin of the solar energy technology company, "the international market situation is not good" experience deep, the companys deputy general manager Li Xudong and head of the local trade and economic cooperation will be a sharp contraction of domestic PV market attribute is subject to foreign markets, while the application of photovoltaic products, the domestic market is almost empty, which led to widespread trouble PV companies.

"Two out" - that is, photovoltaic products, raw materials (mainly high-purity silicon and its current extraction technology) and markets abroad, which makes the domestic photovoltaic enterprises sharp contraction in foreign markets when the helpless. As the global financial crisis, some countries policy adjustments on the photovoltaic industry subsidies, reduction of subsidies in some countries, and some even eliminated subsidies, tightening of bank credit at the same time, financing difficulties, foreign demand for PV products in China therefore substantially reduced.

"In fact the domestic PV market is the largest, although the companies are very good, but one can not wantonly investment promotion." Interviewed a number of PV business executives said.

For the domestic market has yet to start because the industry believe that the first is the high cost of photovoltaic power generation has not been resolved. According to an authoritative data, while the cost of solar photovoltaic power generation from close to 3 dollars / kWh  down to the current 30-50 cents / kWh  conventional power generation technology, but is still about 10 times the cost of  According to the U.S. Department of Energy solar power technology roadmap data   2050 only the cost of photovoltaic power generation is possible down to 7 cents / kilowatt-hour or so before  compete with conventional power generation technology.

Then to promote the use of photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic industry to develop at this stage only rely on government support that financial subsidies. It is understood that the Western developed countries, subsidies of photovoltaic power generation is currently the highest in Spain, the financial subsidies of up to 70%, other countries, generally between 30% -50%. Chinas economic development level is suitable for large-scale promotion of photovoltaic power generation, including solar energy technology development route (electricity or heat) the existence of controversial issues.

According to reports, in Europe, the construction of solar photovoltaic roof, if it needs 25 million, the government may subsidize 10 million, in addition to power generation to meet domestic requirements, but also enter the national grid, a one-time investment is not too large, maintenance costs also relatively low. In China, "PV strengths and core competencies are not shown, solar water heater only stay in one." PV firms can deny that, whether they possess the core technology that is of high purity silicon extraction technology, and generally reflect solar thermal technology that is contempt of solar water heaters.

March of this year, the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Construction jointly launched an important initiative, building on the solar PV subsidies, subsidies to 15 yuan per square meter per month -20. The move by the photovoltaic industry praise, but there are some problems, mainly the total subsidy is relatively small, SMEs have fewer benefits. "SMEs like us to get the subsidy policy is unlikely." Dongjun light deputy general manager Li Xudong told this reporter.

Into May, photovoltaic product prices relatively stable, Xudong judge the market is close to the bottom.

He believes that the current, a portion of the money the government should support the photovoltaic enterprises out, and other international markets improved, the development of the industry up. "Now the U.S. has been launched Shichang, Germany, Australia, France and other foreign demand gradually began to increase. May after a wave of market may Huiyou. But the market is still not optimistic, if this wave of market to get up, this year will be more PV companies difficult. "

"Great development of photovoltaic industry to really, unless the domestic market to start." A local official in Jiangsu interviewed stressed. "PV market alone will not do business, must rely on the government to promote." The other local officials also said that the photovoltaic industry become bigger and stronger, "must be pulled up from the product application, relying on domestic demand, to vigorously promote the use of their own" . Otherwise, the photovoltaic business only "to foreign countries to abandon the gold rice bowl to eat."

Reporters in Changzhou, Wuxi, interviews, regardless of local businesses, or government officials expressed the hope that countries in the application of photovoltaic products, demonstration areas to promote the introduction of a number of supportive policies and more.

It is reported that Jiangsu Province has been introduced to promote the development of photovoltaic industry related policies, Wuxi City, also plans for a similar initiative. The city plans to use three years, including the photovoltaic industry, including support for new energy industries, make it a sales income of more than hundreds of billions of pillar industries. Suntech

reporter, and Hong PV, such as photovoltaic solar energy Dongjun the responsible person, we have mentioned high cost of silicon, the photovoltaic industry herd and disorderly competition, design, Technology, Testing standards are not uniform, access and network installation specification for how to solve building problems, wants the state in developing new energy industry to be considered when planning, while local governments should increase public works photovoltaic demonstration policy support to cultivate and launch the emerging markets.

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