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Photoresists to improve quality and reduce costs to be controlled by others both

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Made color filter, may help to reduce raw material costs, but technology and SN74LV244APWR datasheet and monopoly of raw materials, color filters, and SN74LV244APWR price and also made the cost of not fully relieve the pressure. Only to break the monopoly, and SN74LV244APWR suppliers and further expansion of the supply chain upstream in order to compress the real production costs and enhance market competitiveness.

TFT-LCD (thin film transistor liquid crystal display) panel was able to produce color changes, mainly from the color filter (CF). Color filter is highly customized parts, the glass substrate size and customer substrate size must be matched with CF produce high technical requirements, 5 generation production line than both the large and thin substrates, transport risky Therefore, on behalf of more than 5 CF production line TFT-LCD panel built into the plant growing tendency within the panel increasing proportion of plant-made CF.

Built into a trend independent of CF Factory difficult

With increasing substrate size, color filters of the packaging and transportation costs also increased rapidly, the color filter panel factory-made investment has become an inevitable trend, and more and more evident. Two years ago, SVA NEC and Fujitsu are jointly invest 270 million U.S. dollars joint venture of color filter production line, opened the domestic panel makers built off CF. BOE building in Chengdu, 4.5-generation line, CF was built on its special emphasis, and in the construction of the Hefei 6 Line and the preparation of the Beijing 8th generation line will be made in color filters.

Professional manufacturer of color filters for Japans Toppan Printing (Toppan), Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) and the STI, the three companys products accounted for more than 70% of the global market. Color filter industry, there are two modes, one is made, bought, or Dai Nippon Printing, Toppan Printing technology, and TFT-LCD panel manufacturers to establish their production base of color filters; the other is the external procurement. TFT-LCD production line as the glass substrate size increases, thus increasing the difficulty of color filters with high transport costs are also increasing, so most manufacturers have chosen to home-made color filter.

Data show that in 2002, only 20% of the color filter is made, but rate of 2005 made more than 50%, color filters 2009 is expected to reach 85% self-rate. Because of the large-size TFT-LCD CF increasingly difficult to transport, so the built-in proportion continues to increase. BOE Academia Sinica, said Dr. Wang Gang, from last year, all new production line TFT-LCD CF (color filter) are basically built, nothing more than gather. From the large size is concerned, on behalf of more than 6 TFT-LCD production line itself is a built-in CF. From the current market, the construction of 5 generations before there is no built-in CF the following lines need to outsource the production of color filters, color filters other basic need of the outsourcing. Therefore, it is professional manufacturer of CF to face tough choices, is left to continue to uphold the CF market, or cooperation with the panel makers, or just pulling CF, the moment, the three kinds of circumstances. Simple and stable development of CF in order to be sure to manufacturers and panel manufacturers have a fixed relationship. Linguan Ying Hong, general manager of China on Taiwan had pointed out to CF 4.5 on behalf of the following market perspective, there is no support for the CF panel factory plant, I am afraid that future is quite optimistic. He said that even if the support of AUO, at Rainbow and external vendors still fierce price war, business is very hard, not to mention the independent panel factory support CF plant.

Ease the cost pressure is the key to solve the upstream materials

LCD color filter is in one of three key components, to the development of TFT-LCD industry, color filter technology to master the key technology. The focus of the color filter resist materials, technology development, the technology covered by the organic polymer synthesis, pigment dispersion, photochemical, paint manufacturing and optical lithography, and other professional fields. Pigments present in the photoresist master the hands of a few Japanese companies, such as JSR, Sumitomo Chemical and Toyo Ink (ToyoInk), Fuji Photo Film (FujiFilm) and so on.

Gang said that the color filter from a technical point of view, the material particular, and technology and materials they are inseparable, the color filter process has its own technology, in order to make color filters and mass production in the production line is not an easy task. The upper reaches of the color filter material is also present to see a monopoly industry, largely monopolized by the Japanese and European manufacturers. Our upstream material for the production of color filters has not, at present Chinas color filter materials used just stop at the development stage, large-scale production is still mainly rely on imports.

The LCD panel manufacturers continue to build high-generation line of investment, expand production scale of today, the LCD panel makers to face strong market competition, the profits of its LCD panel manufacturing has been greatly diluted. In competition, the market prices continue to dive under the pressure of cost reduction is the panel makers the necessary means of subsistence. Self-made color filter, may help to reduce the cost of raw materials, save transportation costs, but the basic technology and raw materials upstream monopoly by the few companies (such as high-end color photoresist from Japan JSR, ToyoInk other monopoly), color filter film made, and also the cost of not fully ease the pressure. Only to break the monopoly, and further expansion of upstream supply chain, production costs can really be compressed, increase profits and enhance market competitiveness.

Color pigments manufacturing color filter photoresists as the key raw materials, the color filter manufacturing costs accounted for 27% of great value. Wang Gang said, because the technical threshold, color photoresist almost monopolized by the Japanese manufacturers, especially high-end products. The difficulty of color filter production is very high, requiring advanced knowledge of optics and chemical knowledge, while the color filter photoresists paint manufacturers must work closely with manufacturers, vendors can now offer our continent does not use color filters Color pigments photoresist. But it is worth mentioning that, Chinas Taiwan Everlight Chemical Industrial Technology Research Institute of technology transfer from Taiwan came, though low-end CSTN color filters, but it can be said to get rid of a Japanese manufacturer of patent restrictions.

Should increase light utilization of high-quality end product requirements

In recent years for its excellent LCD picture quality, size, and environmental resistance and low power, low cost and other advantages, successfully entered the personal computer and consumer electronics products such as applications, and continue towards the color of high refinement and direction of the rapid development of large-size screen. Downstream applications into the future, one thin, light, easy to carry, and second, low-power, three high-precision, high quality. In this case, the color filter technology is bound to develop in the direction towards the following, first, to improve light utilization efficiency, and second, has a high UV transmittance, third, high saturation, fourth, uniformity, flatness.

LCD color filter is composed of key components, glass substrates used in the pigment of red, green, and blue liquid photoresist material, etching method using photolithography or other techniques to form the red, green, blue RGB strip array substrate, and its function is to give the monitor the color and increase light transmission, improve the efficiency of light is the most important function of color filter.

Rapid decline in panel prices in the current time, the cost structure for the accounting for a large proportion of color filters, how to improve quality while reducing production costs, panel makers will be the main subject of the future, all kinds of solutions, including the techniques, materials, yield, equipment utilization, equipment automation. Chief Engineer, LI Shu Shen Tianma new emphasis, in order to improve the TFT-LCD industrial chain, we need to strengthen the upstream raw materials technology and product development, localization supply; other research and development in the equipment we are still very much lacking, which the equipment technical transformation have some constraints.

Color filter with the development of the industry has always been the development of TFT-LCD development, CF is an important component of TFT-LCD one, there is no CF generation TFT-LCD with the development of TFT can not be there now -LCD development. With the size TFT-LCD panel continues to expand, CF industry also is changing and integration, from the past, the main provider of specialist CF CF products made gradually to the TFT-LCD (internal manufacturing) as the main direction. CF technology has also been rapid in recent years development, particularly in large-size TV with technology and meet the significant progress made, such as light use efficiency, transmission, saturation and so on.

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