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Qualcomm CDMA2000 performance VIA formations to look forward to

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Although China Mobile that supports the worlds largest mobile communications company, TD-SCDMA in order to be successful in China also faces enormous challenges. About TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000 and AD8522AR datasheet and WCDMA standards of technical literature on the three one thousand and AD8522AR price and pages, but which one is better with these issues in the vain effort, I would rather care about the process of industrialization. UMTS Forum and AD8522AR suppliers and the CDG, the figures on the official website, as of the end of March 2009, WCDMA (including HSPA) and CDMA2000 (including EV-DO), respectively, the global number of users has reached 355 million and 4.79 million. One particularly ferocious latter - due to enter the market late in 2006 StrategyAnalytics published report, was a total of 100 million 3G users worldwide, only 30% of CDMA2000 subscribers. CDG said that in the developed and emerging markets, driven by rapid growth, CDMA2000 users is a big step forward towards the 500 million mark. Clearly, TD-SCDMA camp to be hard.

Have one third of the worldWith the issuance of 3G licenses

, Chinas three major carriers have developed intensive development program. China Telecom CDMA release Tianyi brand and continued efforts on attracting a large number of manufacturers to enter the CDMA mobile phone. News from Qualcomm, including Chun Wah, Tak Communications, China Qin, Wen-tai, Tianyu companies, including this home in 2008, became the latest CDMA chip maker partners. According to statistics released Sino, after a brief downturn in telecommunications caused after the restructuring, CDMA mobile phone market contrarian rally in late 2008, ushered in explosive growth. December 2008, CDMA mobile phone market, sold 1.29 million units that month, an increase of 33.6%, the CDMA market since 2003, the highest value of monthly sales, the chain growth rate is as high as 183%, decline in the overall performance of the mobile phone market circumstances, the contrarian upward momentum. January 2009, CDMA terminal sales has continued to grow by 40% to 180 million units.

In the CDMA2000 business, China Telecom is also confident. The incumbent operator has developed a striving to reach 100 million CDMA users in the three-year plan, the development goals in 2009 is a net increase of 35 million users. China Telecom Tianyi Ma Daojie telecommunications terminal, said company vice president in 2009, China Telecoms CDMA end demand is expected to 50 million. Among them, the CDMA terminal with 3G capabilities will account for 40% of the number 20000000. No wonder the RF manufacturers ANADIGICS, said: "Chinas CDMA phone market has already done to prepare to take off." PrasanthPerugupalli director of the companys CDMA products, said that China Telecom has launched EV-DOA version of the deployment. "A general consensus is that 2009 will be sold in China 3,000 million CDMA mobile phones. The number of domestic and foreign mobile phone manufacturers are eager to enter this market." Perugupalli said.

From the Ministry of Industry and Telecommunications Research Institute data also make people on the 3G CDMA market in China, the performance is full of expectations. The research firm said that by 2012, CDMA2000EV-DO 3G market in China accounted for one third of the world have an important position. In fact, this argument also may be conservative - China CDMA users in the next 4 years the average annual compound growth rate of 30.6%, when the number of CDMA users will total over 160 million, accounting for 19.3% of the total number of mobile users, while CDMA2000EV-DO users are more 3G users in China accounted for 41.1% of the total - have more than one-third.

CDMA2000 Evolution Figure

not the case. CDMA2000 in the global markets are also maintained a healthy momentum. AvianResearch conducted a survey, as of November 2008, 10 in the nations most popular mobile phones, 7 CDMA2000-based smart phones. And even in the face of economic crisis, people cut spending in the context of, CDG executive director PerryLaForge still written that, CDMA2000 will continue in growth in difficult economic times. In the first row of the reason is: "CDMA is still the worlds most cost-effective broadband wireless solutions."

Firms in sharpening

Market trends and research institutions that encouraged on CDMA2000-related industrial chain began sharpening chip supplier. As this market, a dominant chip supplier Qualcomm has unity, including operators, handset manufacturers, content developers and service providers, including almost all of the relevant forces. Operator side, the company said its system architecture with China Telecom, engineering and other aspects of cooperation. "QUALCOMM is also active efforts to support accumulated over the years all over the world the experience of operators, introduced into China for the China Telecom reference. In addition, content management, data services, mobile Internet and so on, the two companies have also maintained good of communication. "

CDMA chip market, as currently the only remaining one of the two companies, from Taiwan and Taiwans VIA Technologies is also the CDMA2000 market, a force to be reckoned. In 2002, after the acquisition of LSILogicCDMA2000 sector, VIA established VIA Telecom CDMA and CDMA2000 chipsets development. Although the state had been at a loss, but with the advantage of lower costs, as early as 2004, South Korean handset maker LG will pull the arms, and gradually won the Dopod, Lenovo, Inventec, Tianyu, Guangdong International Trust and other customers. More striking is that the company will push its products into the China and India earlier this year listed in the entry-phone Nokia1508 on CDMA2000. And with the good news, VIA Telecom also turn around, ending a sustained losses since 2002. In the global downturn, the limelight The Missing Piece.

"In the low power and low efficiency, we are leading." CDMA2000 about the advantages of VIA, VIA recently Jiang Jianping, vice president of the company at the "China Telecoms mobile terminal Industry Cooperation Forum", said "In addition, although not set pieces, but our prices have been even lower than the chip set. And in the reference design, because it provides an early platform, customers can significantly reduce development costs and ultimately make the product cost of sales decreased. Therefore, a more comprehensive cost is our advantage. "

However, Qualcomm, its competition from VIA industry may not be so sensitive. In this regard, the companys attitude is more that can be described as "generous." "Qualcomm believes that there is no competition, no Qualcomm today. And not Qualcomm, and now the communication technology to just GSM. Qualcomm pioneered CDMA technology development in the mobile space, have survived in the CDMA technology in the down the rise of the industrial chain and a large number of mobile phone manufacturers. So no matter from which perspective, competition is a good thing. "the company" International Electronic Business, "said," Therefore, QUALCOMM is very welcome competition, has never been afraid of competition customers who actually choose as their products, the most important determinant is the product of technical indicators and cost performance, who can give the market operators, and ultimately provide consumers with the best cost-effective products, who can be victory. "

EV-DO the world has more than 105 million users

In fact, Qualcomm and VIA relationship between the competitors is just that simple. Because the vast majority of CDMA2000 patents are held by the worlds number one hands Fabless companies, the industry pointed out that the latter sold a chip for each person must pay a certain percentage of former royalty, and with its chips have to pay royalties to Qualcomm. In this sense, the two companies or partners. However, as this person said, VIA is also rather awkward position. "It must be less than the price of the chip high-pass, and they can not be integrated, compared with the high-pass, high pass the rest can eat, do not want the market. Fortunately, Qualcomm is now too busy for that, left market under a lot. "In addition to Qualcomm and VIA

, RF chip makers are also high hopes for Chinas CDMA2000 markets. To ANADIGICS example, Perugupalli to said it expects the end of 2009, with EV-DO operators to upgrade versions of B, CDMA system data transfer rate will be further enhanced, which will enhance its attractiveness to end users. And talking about it in this companys strategy in the Chinese CDMA market, he claimed, ANADICIS will be from low-cost phones to high-end smart phones, including CDMA and EV-DO for all market segments to provide services. "Our solution covers all CDMA frequency bands used in China - including the 800MHz, 1900MHz and 450MHz. ANADIGICS not only for the cost and size are extremely sensitive to the low-end mobile phones to provide programs, to better meet those needs the best RF performance high-end smart phone manufacturers requirements. "

" in the smart phone market, we see that customers are increasingly looking at different power levels to improve PA efficiency. This is for those smaller battery, and display and the increasing speed of the chipset and power of the mobile phone in particular is very important. "Perugupalli said, ANADIGICS the PA module HELP2 and HELP4 series offers the industrys best power-added efficiency (PAE). And its ZeroICPA is the latest breakthrough in it. "ZeroICPA very close to the cellular base station in the mobile phone provides a turn-off when the PA function, and thus the peak power level without the need for data transmission. Similarly, when the phone is in idle mode, PA and will not cause power loss, thereby significantly increase the standby time and talk time. "

Vision: EVDO version of B

About the evolution of CDMA2000, Qualcomm said it can be applied from the voice and data applications to each of the two aspects. In the speech, it was the evolution from 1x to 1xAdvanced. Qualcomm announced a new CDMA2000 network technology enhancements. 1.25MHz spectrum operators can support synchronous than the current 35 up to more than double the capacity of the telephone, and voice quality can be maintained the same level. Improve the efficiency of the new spectrum users to not only meet the growing demand for voice connectivity, but also allows operators to release bandwidth for 3G data services, enabling operators to achieve the most optimized 3G network investment to expand voice and Mobile broadband services. This flexibility will facilitate commercial deployment of next-generation network to reduce the cost, that is, operators can take advantage of optimized system-wide 3G network to provide voice and data services, but will focus on 4G technology deployment in those areas of the huge bandwidth requirements.

Applications in the data, CDMA2000 standard first step in the evolution to the evolution of standards from the 1x EV-DO Revision 0 standard; and from the EV-DO Revision 0 standard version of the evolution to EV-DO EV-DO version A and B; under Wireless data services, you can also use 2 × 2MIMO Micro and Pico base stations and better integration, deployment DOAdvanced system to provide more powerful data capabilities.

Version with EV-DO EV-DO version of A to B, the evolution of example, EV-DO version of B can support multiple carrier frequencies A base version of EV-DO upgrade to achieve, which requires base stations and base station controller software updates. According to the system upgrade is to support the different requirements of transmission mode, can upgrade the base station for the channel plate, and other devices on the system completely retained.

EV-DO version of B is fully backward compatible EV-DO Release 0 and EV-DO version of A. A mobile version and version 0 to version B can seamlessly access network for service. The introduction of multiple carrier frequencies can effectively balance the system load, improve system stability and user quality of service; through advanced multi-carrier deployment and scheduling mechanism, version B network can more effectively support real-time VoIP and video telephony, etc. business.

Version B of the main features include: 1, higher peak rates, data throughput and lower latency; 2, in the first stage, just a software upgrade version of A-channel plate and BSC, can support multi-carrier system, which makes quick service market and low-cost use of existing resources to provide high-speed low latency data services possible; 3, in the second stage, hardware upgrades, channel board, which adopts the new channel board, to provide higher data capacity such as using the former to use 64QA, the forward rate is the number of single-carrier three times, the use of IC, can significantly increase the reverse capacity.Three trends in the future

Qualcomm said that development of CDMA2000 will appear in the next three major trends.

First, the existing technology will continue to enhance the sound, and continued integration with future technologies, air interface technology, and more integration is an important trend in the future. Qualcomms LTE chip is a good example. MDM9xxx-Series LTE products will include three chip set, respectively, to support UMTS, HSPA + and LTE, MDM9200; support for EV-DO release B, UMB and LTE, MDM9800; and support UMTS, HSPA +, EV-DO release B, UMB and LTEs MDM9600. "Can see that this three MDM9xxx-series chipsets offer full backward compatibility, are multi-mode products."

Second, the chips high integration, low power consumption will also be a major theme in the development of CDMA2000. The company said the program will be the next high-end single-chip platform to spread. "Single-chip integrated baseband, RF, power management and multimedia processing, and brings a smaller board space, thinner form factor, more affordable price."A good example is the

Qualcomm recently announced the industrys first smart phone for the advanced support CDMA20001xEV-DO version of B and SV-DO (simultaneous voice and data) and multi-carrier HSPA + and LTE chipset solution MobileStationModem (MSM) MSM8960 chipset. "MSM8980 is the only one to support the industry leader in global mobile broadband standard for all fully integrated solution. The chipset and other MSM8x60 based on QUALCOMMs chipsets compatible smart phone platforms, these solutions are designed based on the most advanced terminal manufacturers bring significant economies of scale. "learned, MSM8960 is expected to be out in mid-2010 sample.

Course, with increasing integration density, chip processing power will continue to strengthen.

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